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Korean-Japanese lookalike stars: DaeDae look-alike!

I had fun looking through photos of Korean stars today and I found this comparison of Korean and Japanese stars who looked alike. And I saw Big Bang DaeSung in it. He was being compared with Nakao Akiyoshi, and I was really teased by how cute they both look. ^^

Other stars compared were:

  1. Won Bin and Kimura Takuya
  2. Jung Ryeo Won and Aoi Yoo
  3. Yoon Eun Hye and Nakasawa Masami
  4. Kim Hyun Joong and Yamashita Tomohisa
  5. Bada and Ryoko Hirosue

Personally I still think Hyun Joong looks more like Yamapi than Yamashita Tomohisa ^^

11 Responses

  1. haahaahaahaaaaaa
    they do look-alike!!

  2. i think only
    Jung Ryeo Won and Aoi Yoo
    Dae Sung and Nakao Akiyoshi
    look alike
    the rest doesn’t really do look alike…

  3. they do look alike (:
    bt i stil like daesung better^^
    there will never be anyone else with his type of sunny and warm smile XD

  4. wonbin oppa does look similar with kimutaku :p eileen i have my WP blog now.. come n give a visit when u hv time :p

  5. haha!
    that’s so cute!!
    i still like dae-sung though!!
    no one will ever be a dae-sung but dae-sung!!

  6. hehe daesung so cute!
    Won Bin and Kimura Takuya : does look kinda similar o_O
    Jung Ryeo Won and Aoi Yoo : ahhh i`m still stuck in osen! i knew they look similar!
    Yoon Eun Hye and Nakasawa Masami : didn`t actually realise this! masami screencap look familiar~
    Kim Hyun Joong and Yamashita Tomohisa : hahah i always mention this around~

  7. huh… Isn’t Yamapi & Yamashita Tomohisa the same person? Yamapi is just the nick name.

  8. @Pouet²
    LOL i didn’t know.. haha..

  9. that boy eyes are bigger than Daedae though. haha

  10. I think Yamapi and Yamashita Tomohisa are the same person lol

  11. wahh~ I look at Nakasawa Masami and I thoguht it was EunHye until I look over to the left and i was whoa~ they do look alike

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