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Miss Korea’s by the years, what happened?!?

From Lee Honey in 2006 to Lee Ji Sun in 2007 to NaRi in 2008 – what happened??

When 2008 Miss Korea was born on 6th August, I’m not the only one complaining, loads of netizens are puzzled and quite taken back by this. 22-year-old undergrad NaRi is also the 31st Miss Seoul.

Looking at the list of other contestants this year (51 of them all together), NaRi, at number 31, didn’t seem to stand out from the other girls, as the other girls are all so pretty…

Let’s take a look at the pictures from Honey Lee to Lee Ji Sun to NaRi at the pageants..

I used to sit with my dad and watch beauty pageants and I will start pinpointing which girls are pretty and which are not. And my dad will always remind me that they are not just looking at beauty but also wisdom and representativity at pageants.

But at this rate, if I am a Korean, I don’t know if I’d want NaRi to represent Korea at Miss Universe. Just my 5-cents.

I liked Honey Lee the best, and I am not trying to take away any credits from NaRi at all. She looks so sweet here. I have half the doubts about the make-up artiste to NaRi during the pageant, she looked so different from her normal looks.

I’m still looking for other videos to the pageant to see the Q&A section for NaRi. For now, here’s one of the videos I found..

21 Responses

  1. Hey, listen.
    At first sight I thought that Nari is unpretty, too.
    But thinking of it again …
    Look at Lee Honey. Seeing her for the first time I was absolutely sure that she was the most beautiful woman ever on earth. But actually everything issurgery and make up. If you see her real face, you get shocked …

  2. at first…i thought she looked mexican in the video.
    Her responses to the questions weren’t that…great compared to other Miss Koreans.
    seriously…i miss lee honey…she should have won Miss Universe in 2007!!!! 😡

  3. Hey, if u want to watch the Question and Answer Round go to

    you can watch the Q&A but I can’t translate it cuz I m not Korean if u are than can u translate it in the comment thanx and I really want pupils to watch it so they won’t say that she doesn’t deserve it. I think the reason Na Ri won was cuz she got more confident n gud answer ..

  4. […] poses. No more 1980’s feel. The brochure photos of the upcoming Miss Universe for Miss Korea 2008 NaRi will make Koreans feel at least a little prouder of showing their native […]

  5. #34 look like honey

  6. I think her swimsuit is sooo FUGLIY.
    I like # 34 too.
    OOHHH i heard about the second runner up, she made a VERY bad scandal.

  7. nari has ugly legs = =;
    the first time i saw her.. i thought she was some 30 year old dude.. = =;

  8. Honestly, I think all 3 look pretty bad… NOT UGLY for norma standards, but they represent S. Korea… weren’t there any other pretty girls who lie better?

  9. OMG!!!

    I think u r kidding me!!!
    How Nari is very old in violet swimming suit?
    I can’t believe that she’s 22!!!!!

    And how about her body? I know everyone’s imperfect but…this is a peageant, right?
    I don’t know Korean laguage that much so I won’t judge her from the answer……

    But I’m quite shock and disappoint for her……

    Actually her clear face is look like Sunny (SNSD) a lil bit!

  10. Omg she looks totally different in the swim suit pix

  11. you compare her to Honey Lee and like… uuuhh… seriously.. wtf???

  12. she kid u not..and am like still pondering..

    sorry sookyeong me spamming here with my ponders!!

  13. i think i just hurt my eyes

  14. lee honey is still the best~

  15. The person in the purple bathing suit is the same one as the last picture?!

    You’re kidding me! She looks totally different.

  16. how did she manage to win that?? me off to ponder now..

  17. @another 5 cents

    I liked #28 and 34 too ^^ LOL it seemed like we are buying lottery or sth now

  18. i think #2, 28, and 34 looks good.

  19. @chau
    LOL, ur dad is funny.. my dad and I will bet on who’s the winner but neither of us ever win the bet.. haha!

  20. Nari looks old in the swimming suit, as if she had married and had children already but OMG, her eyes are so pretty in the pic below.

    And my daddy, when he watches beuty pageants, he rarely says a word. he tells me ” mummy is here”. haha. that’s why he often watches the rebroadcast ones with me

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