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Solbi, before surgery? What surgery?!

A netizen posted up photos of Typhoon leader Solbi and titled it “Solbi, before surgery”…

What surgery?

Why, the Korean netizens are just too obsessed with the idea of plastic surgery. Like what one of the comments to Is this really her? said, “Nowadays netizens swear everyone is plastic.”

Solbi looks the same to me if we compare her childhood pictures with her pictures now. It’s just that people have good and bad camera days.

I really wish to tell them that all this plastic talk is quite stale, give us a break and move on to something new please.


16 Responses

  1. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  2. she admitted it

  3. um, she obviously got plastic surgery. look at her eyes for example.

    and just because someone says that someone else got plastic surgery doesn’t make it an insult. it’s past that point anyway – everyone’s getting plastic surgery nowadays.

  4. No! sorry to say, SolBi got plastic surgery, last time her face was swollen becoz of it… and she couldnt mae any comeback stage becoz of her broken face…I’m apologize to all of her fans…if my comment is hurting you!

  5. Kwon Ji Ahn. wows.
    No, i don’t think she got plastic surgery
    well i kind of do & i kinda don’t.
    but maybe she just lossed her baby fat and all.
    cuz she does look that same

  6. i think she looks the same except the nose. i really think the nose is done, but could just be that it grew as she grew up.

  7. solbi’s name is actually kwon ji ahn.. not kwon sun mi -.-

  8. wow, she really looks great in the last photo. Way to go, solbi! Very obvious to me she hasn’t gone plastic. Just weight-loss, better makeup + photoshop. I hope her career takes off & is sustained till she retires. What’s this abt her joining SM Ent??

  9. she looks the same to me.. just loosing her weight that’s all :p btw, she’s in Sm Ent. now ? alone or together with typhoon ?

  10. Yeah… she looks the same. Dumb anti-fans!

  11. Ohh YESS~~ My comment got quoted by the almighty Sookyeong xDDD lmao~~ *happy*

    Ya, but seriously… her name is pretty, lol random

    And she just LOST WEIGHT… a lot of weight too >.<; It’s the same with Ahyoomi.
    As soon as she got into S.M. people started talking about plastic… scary S.M. just put her on a diet (not that she wasn’t already skinny, she is just plain scary now)

  12. i think she looks the same,
    just in those pictures, she didnt wear make up.
    Korean netizens really need to stop doing this sh*t.

  13. sun mi, same as wondergirls’ sun mi.. hehe

  14. she look the same
    her real name is Kwon Son Mi?
    that’s a pretty name

  15. i agree . its just dat last time dey do not have this thing called PhotoShop to make a picture better . netizens has have to stop all this plastic talk .

  16. […] A netizen posted up photos of Typhoon leader Solbi and titled it =93Solbi, = before surgery=94=85 What surgery? Why, the Korean netizens a= re just too obsessed with the idea of plastic surgery. Like what one= of the comments to Is this really …Posted from By sookyeong […]

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