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Host Ahn Jae Hwan found dead in his car

Another artiste, famous host Ahn Jae Hwan (36) was found dead this morning in his car. His death was speculated to be suicide and investigations to his death is still in the process.

Ahn Jae Hwan left behind his 36 years old wife Jung Sun Hee.

Ahn Jae Hwan and wife Jung Sun Hee was one of the famous “celebrity couples” in the Korean entertainment industry and had just tied the knot last November after dating for just three months. His suicide is speculated to have come from his repeated failures at business ventures in 2008 or failing health.

One of his business ventures was setting up a movie production company and producing a movie called “Icing” but filming was aborted in May this year due to lack of sponsors and dispute between production staff. Some speculate that it was due to his wife Jung Sun Hee’s statement in April which was indirectly linked by netizens to the mad cow protests, leading to a torrent of abuse directed at the couple. It subsequently led to Jung Sun Hee being suspended and Ahn Jae Hwan’s business to suffer, eventually leading to bankruptcy.

He had actually left home a month ago with his whereabouts unknown and wondered around before apparently killing himself. Eye-witnesses reportedly saw his car parked in the same location without moving for the past two weeks and the body was already in a decomposition state when discovered.

A note was left behind where Ahn Jae Hwan expressed his love for his wife while two burnt charcoal briquettes was also found which probably contributed to his death. His wife Jung Sung Hee fainted upon receiving the news this morning and was admitted to hospital. What a depressing 2008.


Upon knowing the news of her husband’s death, Jung Sun Hee broke down. She could not take the news and was later hospitalised after fainting.

I am not very familiar with Ahn Jae Hwan but I do catch many variety shows with Jung Sun Hee as the MC to them.

And I am not sure what really is going on about his death but I hope that Jung Sun Hee can take it easy and RIP Ahn Jae Hwan..

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  4. netizens should all go and die

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  6. so sad fer her ): she have to face quite alot of things alone now..
    may she get over it soon.

  7. oh my god? tabah ya buat jung sun hee… ini pasti akan dialami oleh stiap manusia koq ….?

  8. my gosh.. this is so sad ;(

  9. That’s sad.

    I find it always sad to hear about people who take their lives. They should think about the impact of their decision on the lives of their family, friends, and neighbors around them. Even about the impact it will have on their fans, if they are well-known.

    You are a role model to another person(s), even if you don’t know who is watching you.

  10. she was the mc for 3CW talkshow rite ? RIP to Ahn Jae Hwan n hopefully Jung Sun Hee will be okay 😦

  11. omg i thought they were like literally the happiest couple alive O_O

    wow i saw their HUGE wedding pictures like anywhere a wedding dress shop when i was in korea this summer… ㅠ_ㅠ

    RIP AhnJaeHwan.. RIP..

  12. OH MY GOD!!
    they just got marry last year
    i rememeber seein picture from her wedding she look so beautiful….
    oh my god….. oor jung sun hee… i hope she’s okay

    R I P Ahn Jae Hwan

  13. OH he was in Vitamin? :/ my memory is failing me…

  14. RIP

    I’ve watched him in Vitamin and he’s really funny.
    Sad that this has happened.

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