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Seo In Young comes clean

Is this really for real? For real, really? From Newsen comes this story, in which ever-popular star Seo In-Yeong now defends herself from accusations that she has indeed gotten plastic surgery by actually saying, “I admit I’ve had plastic surgery on my face, but never my body!”

Ooooook. Riiiiiight. Has plastic surgery in Korea become so ubiquitous that now, instead of the dividing line being between whether you did or didn’t have it (if you’re going to bother to criticize in the first place), it’s now “just on the face, not the body.” Come on.

I mean, if one assumes that drinking alcohol is in itself bad (which is why anyone would criticize it, right), the dividing line would be whether or not you do, or do not, drink alcohol. But once you’ve crossed that line, that’s like saying, “Yeah, well, I’m a drunk, but at least I didn’t kill anyone driving.” So the line has shifted from “if” to “how much.” In-yeong — what’s the point of even defending yourself if you’re going to say silly things like this? Either say, “Yeah, I got it, and screw you — it’s none of your business” or just don’t talk about it. But this kind of argument just kind of makes you look…well, stupid. Because it doesn’t make any sense.

Credit: FeetManSeoul

She finally comes clean on it. Though I don’t think she went under the knife for body (it looks natural enough) but definitely is her nose! That dangerous-looking pointed nose (haha)

But still, I thought she shouldn’t be criticised individually on this issue, plastic surgery is the norm in the Korean society already – we’ve seen and talked enough about the numerous articles on different celebrities being exposed of their plastic surgery record. And to add on, being a celeb, she is constantly in the scrutiny of the media.

3 Responses

  1. it’s kinda normal there in korea..
    n wad’s more, she’s and artiste. bt she’s stil cute ><
    most importantly, she got very nice vocals (:

  2. Psh, those people should get a life.
    Though I always suspected her nose, but I didn’t make a fuss of it.
    Damn, just love the girl for who is now and not yesterday or tomorrow….

  3. i agree. it’s so normal there, what difference does it make?
    it really is none of our business. if their attractive people, they’re attractive. plastic or not.
    can’t go around calling people fake unless it’s so obvious and they deny it.

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