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Jung Sun Hee, “Goodbye, my love”

The departure of funeral for late Ahn Jae Hwan was held on 11th September at 8am in Seoul GangNam SeongMo hospital.

The departure was observed by Ahn Jae Hwan‘s family members also close friends. They later took a bus together to the crematory for the last departure.

His wife Jung Sun Hee was helped by Choi Jin Young and her manager during the whole departure. She has been crying and calling out for her husband until she became exhausted. She has been at the hospital where her husband’s coffin was placed since 4.30am this morning.

Ah Jae Hwan was found dead in his car on 8th September and the police is still investigating into his death.

Jung Sun Hee looking very frail and tired at the departure funeral

Park Mi Seon and Sung Yoon Ah

Singer-actress Um Jung Hwa

Sung Eun Ee and Kim Shin Yeong..

RIP Ahn Jae Hwan and hope Jung Sun Hee can tide through this soon..


8 Responses

  1. rip ahn jae hwan..
    it look so sad.. ):

  2. my deepest condolences… RIP AJH

  3. this is so sad.
    i hope she can recover soon, i no its hard but i wish her the best,
    R.I.P ahn jae hwan

  4. this is wayy too sad..

    i heard that they weren’t leagaly married cuz they didnt do a marriage report.. so i guess he was pretty depressed from the beginning? he owes so much money to where ever he borrowed money from…

  5. i’m just really sad
    i mean from now on Korea lost one of their best comedian
    JSH is always this bubbly happy person and she always put a smile on my face when i watch her shows and stuff
    she’s still young actually, she have half a life in front of her and she have to go through this
    Jung Sun Hee will never be the same Jung Sun Hee she was before.

    Kinda depressing, I remember last time Big Bang on her radio show, they were congratulating her on getting marry
    and now Big Bang will be on her radio show again this week and this event happen….

  6. Hope everything will be alright with her. it must be tough losing the ones you love.

    RIP Ahn Jae Hwan

  7. I hope she’ll be fine soon. It’s not easy to lose someone at all and I bet she’s having a really hard time with this. She’s been collapsing ever since this all started. >.< Sad.

    RIP 안재환.

  8. That is just so sad.

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