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Big Bang, “One of our forfeits during games is to take off our clothes”

“One of our forfeit during games is to take off our clothes”

Big Bang participated in MC Mong‘s radio show on SBS PowerFM on 15th September in an open studio and they did a special question-and-answer section with the listeners.

One listener posed the question, “What games do you normally play?” and GDragon replied, “We play a variety of games, from ‘GongGongChilBbang (007 Bbang)’ (a type of drinking game) to ‘I am ground’, games that everyone plays.”

TOP then added, “There was this episode when we played games together which was impressionable. Before we debuted, one day after our practice has finished, we returned to our quarters and decided to play a game to show the choreography that we have learnt that day. The person who makes a mistake takes off one piece of his clothings and the one who is left with just his underwear will have to go onto the street outside the quarters to perform the dance choreography together with a song.”

And SeungRi said , “And an old lady passed by during the forfeit.” which saw many present in the studio bursting into laughters.

There was also a question posed at GDragon that SeungRi has moments when he dislikes his hyung as a maknae. And GDragon replied, “We surrender to that. Just 2 days back, SeungRi was being really cute. He was playing a fool and lying on his bed with just his underwear.”

Big Bang did live performances of the hit songs from their new album on the show that day.


7 Responses

    big bang is sooooo cheeky ^^
    and cute seungri with only his undies on his bed.
    sooo cute ><

  2. haha
    SR being cute and naive on the bed with his underwear
    GD admitted that SR was being cute!!
    G-RI love~ ❤

  3. hehe^^ how can they think about this game
    can’t say any word more
    lucky old lady!!! haha

  4. omg~
    i wanna see seungri in just his underwear…
    i would probably die though…

  5. what a lucky old lady

  6. Seungri with only underwear on…. *hmmm.


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