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D-4 to WonderGirls comeback: trailer video released

With the heat response to the teaser photo revealed on their D-5, WonderGirls continues to keep the fans in anticipation with the release of a trailer video on their comeback.

A trailer video on their 4th project single was released on their homepage on 18th September.

The trailer video revealed the WonderGirls members in their glittery glamourous clothes and classic hairdo and makeup, just like those in the teaser photo released yesterday, performing on the stage for broadcast, much the 60-70’s Motown style. The video also showed a small snippet of Park Jin Young featured in the video.

Soooo exciting!! this video is so ‘Dreamgirls’ style.. ^^

And the girls looked gorgeous!!


6 Responses

  1. WHOAW!!
    very glam mv.
    bt i find it not as impact as “so hot”.

  2. it remind me so much of the movie hairspray…
    like the wig and everything

  3. […] WonderGirls is taking the Motown route with their new 4th project titled WonderGirls Nobody. In the preview the WonderGirls are shown as a 1960’s R&B group standing on an grand stage decked out in gold. Can we say the “COLOR IS GOLD” (saying from the WIZ look it up). WonderGirls doing the best imitation of The Surpremes  or DreamGirls. KBites have more info about the new 4th project. […]

  4. LOL i agree with beanpaste.

    hella Dream Girls like.

  5. haha.. first thing i thought was ‘dreams girls’ also! this is awesome!

  6. […] And the mushroom wigs are part of the MV indeed. KBites News report. […]

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