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SM Entertainment launches ‘EverySing’

SMEntertainment has added another business to their enterprise – karaoke.

So Nyeo Shi Dae, Dong Bang Shin Ki and SHINee are amongst the ones who attended the launch of SMEntertainment‘s karaoke business ‘EverySing’ on 18th September in Seoul ApGooJungDong.

‘EverySing’ representing ‘Everyone sings’ opened its first shop in ApGooJungDong. And there are plans to open more more ‘EverySing’ branches in Korea as well as opening it in other countries.

The first branch at ApGooJungDong is an e’block where from the basement level 1 to level 4 contains not only includes the karaoke business but also a venue for holding auditions, mini showcases and for the new trainees to train, and a cafe where parties can be hosted.

Dong Bang Shin Ki were present at the opening of ‘EverySing’.

YH looked stunned here hhhh

JJ's hair looked really nice from this view

JJ's hair looks really nice from this view

Close up of Micky's weird hairstyle

Close up of Micky's hairstyle

So Nyeo Shi Dae TaeYeon, Seo Hyun, Jessica and Tiffany

TaeYeon even performed a song on the spot.

and SHINee

what's with the gold pants?

what's with the gold, silver and bronze pants?

We are once again witnessing the working of the money-mind of Big Boss LSM.


I just hope they open one in Singapore.


11 Responses

  1. I hope they open one in SIngapore, anws, what is the official webby? šŸ˜€

  2. i hope they could open one here in the philippines so that i wont buy from internet anymore. alot of filipino would like that, kpop is really spreading here in our country and shinee had their concert here already thats why filipino citizens are already prone to kpop industry. oh i hope they will grant our wishes to have branches in our country. i would go there everyday if we have one here.

  3. that’s so smartttt.
    i would soooo go to one.
    i want them to open one in new york T_T

  4. Hello fellow Singaporean~ ^^

    *Sigh* I seriously don’t think they’ll open one here too.

    The few noraebangs in Singapore are not even frequented by the younger gen, as compared to those like KBox… šŸ˜¦

  5. SHINee = SHINY PANTS! Hahaha

  6. me too~
    i want them to open one branch,just one in Singapore!!
    hmmmm…i was so shocked when i heard this news!i thought Everysing was a competition!in the end it turned out to be a karaoke business….S.M. is really a money sucker!
    psss….i can see Jaejoongie in the sunglasses of Yoochun’s closeup!!

  7. Pretty old news….
    They announced the EverySing like a year ago???
    Good that they actually made the plans reality ^^
    It sounds really good and I hope they’ll have a lot of branches overseas.
    I really want to see how the first one looks like.

    Lol the boys ahem men look so diva now xD

  8. LSM-madgenius. >.< garrr

  9. junsuuuuuu welcome home ^xxxx^ ..

  10. OH? You’re singaporean too?! HI THERE XD
    I really hope they open one here.
    LOL! but… the korean singing population’s not that big here yet. and moreover they don’t even send their singers here for concert….

    not to mention the noraebang.

  11. wow.. i just post a comment about LSM and here it is now, exhibit A.

    though that noraebang looks fun though
    wanna try karaoke korean style once haha soon… i hope

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