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Big Bang TOP discharged from hospital, all suicidal rumours denied


Big Bang member TOP has been discharged 1 day after admitting into the hospital on 6th November at 2pm.

YG Entertainment said on 6th November, “After the health examination this morning, it was said that TOP‘s situation has improved, and that he will be able to be discharged from the hospital today (6th November).”

They had also apologised for not coming out soon enough to clear the rumours that were spreading around that TOP has attempted suicide.

TOP‘s elder sister Choi Hye Yoon has also denied all speculations about TOP‘s supposed suicidal attempt as rumours.

TOP has admitted into Seoul HeukSeokDong Central Hospital on 5th November at 1pm in the afternoon for overwork and exhaustion.

Big Bang will have their comeback stage on 8th November on MBC Music Core.

I’m relieved, he looks fine now. :/

21 Responses

  1. i think he is not what we think about him in this photos but i like him with his natural face and alllll my friends say me why u don’t like seung hyun he’s beautiful than him but i say i will ❤ him and TOP still mu best Korean star singer and if was like Shrek i still like him

  2. i think he is not what we are think about him in this photos but i like him with his natural face and i think he’s beauty not tirbl
    and i still like t.o.p if he is like Shrek the….. and my friend say why do u like him seung hyun is beauty than him but i will ❤ him 4 ever and he still my best Korean star singer……..


  4. Omg >.< I Was Dieing of Panic

    I Love You T.O.P Get Well And Take Some Time Off

    Your Health Comes first 😀

  5. Ohmygod, my beloved, favorite, TOP _____<‘

  6. Luckily, he was discharged, now
    Take care of youself carefully, T.O.P
    don’t make ur fans worried , ok ?

  7. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!
    hope he’s OKaY~!!!!!!

  8. Thank god he is safe >< Take ur rest ah TOP~
    Dont make urself too tired~

  9. wait so if he wasn’t suicidal it was just exhaustion right?

  10. Gosh…the moment i read this , it reminds me to hyunjoong incident.. ohhhh TOP u shud take a REST …. not only U but all the BB boys … glad that he’s leaving the hospital now 😦 he looks different without the so called eye liner …

  11. omg…he really looks tired. thank GOD he’s ok now…i was so worried when i read about that suicide rumors…

  12. oh thank god…
    this is what i wanna hear early on my birthday

    please don’t get sick again~

  13. thank god!
    TOP! i was worried sickk. opa~ rest!
    be healthyy and happy!

  14. ^ eh? did you get that off somewhere or are you saying that you are his friend?

    ANYWAY, he looks soo much like Kangin it’s weird but I am soooo freaking glad he is okay, so he does look a little pale..TOP HWAITTING!!!

  15. That good that my baby is already well and therefore the truth I never thought we tried to commit suicide if he has no reason to do so, and well, who better than me to say whether to just a few hours that he had spoken (we are friends) but if I accept that when I heard that rumor gave me a lot of courage and impotence of not being able to do anything but everything was already arranged and the most important thing is that my dear friend Seung-Hyun is already better.

    Baby you know that your friends and your fans you want and always gonna be there for you to support you and be with you in good and bad. =)

    By the way .. This will give high in a few minutes.

    Thank you for devoting your time =)

  16. […] Big Bang member TOP has been discharged 1 day after admitting into the hospital on 6th November at 2pm. Read more […]

  17. am so glad he’s okay.he sister is so caring,and i think they should get like a month or even a year of rest. i love thier music but i care for their healths more.they shouldnt come back right away.Bigbang care about their fans and dont want to dissapoint them but they should care about themselves more.hopefully we wont have another incident like this and they can get lots of rest.get better TOP,we will always support you.

    • ALL his noona does is take pics of herself does she really know whats going on w/ him does she REALLY care

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