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Big Bang TOP hospitalised for overworking, or not?


First article:

Big Bang member TOP (21) was admitted to Seoul HeukSeokDong Central Hospital on 5th November at 1pm in the afternoon.

It was said that it was due to overwork and exhaustion and TOP has been told to rest in the hospital.

5th November is also the day that Big Bang releases their 2nd official album ‘Remember’, they have been busy practising with the preparation for their comeback right after their Japanese concert performances throughout the whole of October.

A representative from YG Entertainment said at the hospital, “The situation is not very serious, hence their comeback performance on the 8th will still take place.”

Some said it was due to suicidal thoughts..

There has been a lot of wondering by fans on TOP‘s elder sister Choi Hye Yoon‘s minihompy if Big Bang TOP‘s admission into the hospital on 5th November was due to suicidal thoughts.

Media has also speculated about this possibility since it was discovered that TOP has taken a month’s worth of medicine on 5th November in his Seoul MaPoGoo HapJungDong home. And frantic fans have went on to TOP‘s sister’s minihompy asking if TOP‘s ‘suicidal thoughts’ were true.

What YG Entertainment has to say…

A representative of YG Entertainment said, “TOP was already down with flu on 5th November, and he was working overnight until 4am in the morning doing recording. Furthermore on his birthday on the 4th, he went out drinking even though he usually cannot hold his liquor well. And after all this, he went home after after feeling fatigue and took medicine. His body couldn’t take the stress as he didn’t have the time to sleep and rest enough, and was admitted into the hospital.”

I don’t want to believe that it was due to suicidal thoughts. >.<  This is so nasty, a day right after his birthday and on the day of their 2nd album release.

Our greatest worries for their year-end ultra-busy days start to materialise already.

19 Responses

  1. TOP really has no reason, if I might say so, to think suicidal thoughts. Maybe in his personal life, but with so many people here that love him… I can’t believe it. If he died, he would be mourned by many for a long time.

    Long Live TOP! ❤

  2. […] Big Bang member TOP has been discharged 1 day after admitting into the hospital. […]

  3. i hope he gonna get well soon**

  4. Get better soon TOP.

    I love all my boys…hope they are really really happy in real life and not only showing a smiley face in public…

    Take care boys!

  5. i reallyreally hope he’s healthy & happy.
    no suicidal thoughts!!
    …TOP oppa T_T gosh…why?!

  6. TOP haaah >-<
    I hope this is just a rumor…
    And I hope he gets better soon…
    be strong TOP oppa!!

  7. oh god~
    history is repeating itself…..
    that’s what i’ve been worried about ever since they make their comeback with Haru Haru

    i have cold, migrane and do not feel at all
    tomorrow’s my bday but i feel like crap
    then i hear this

    oh god….

  8. i really hope the media will just stop with the suicidal rumors again… it surely doesn’t help the artist under such stress and fatigue…

    all the best to top and big bang! get well soon and be back on tip top shape guys! =)

  9. Man it’s going to be hard to rest now, since they have to promote their 2nd album.
    I hope he takes all the rest he can get… arghhh get well soon!!!

  10. Oh GOSH! This is like the repeat of last year when SR hurt his ankle then Top was hospitalized due to exhausion…I seriously do not want it to happen again especially with the suicial thoughts thing…SERIOUSLY…that’s scary….I want my BigBang…Hope they’re taking really good care of themselves!

  11. awww..i hope he gets better…
    he has to get better…
    i don’t think he’s suicidal…
    he’s at the peak of his career..
    he wouldn’t be as selfish to just kill himself leaving the rest of BB to go on…

  12. OMG i hope it’s not bc of suicide thoughts!
    oh man i hope he gets better!

  13. no i don’t think he had this such of thoughts
    to suicidal he’s a nice person and funny
    why he should to kill him self just random
    rumors from some of fans i don’t know how
    they get this idea may be just because of this
    popular stars die this time they thought he will
    suicidal daaaa idon’t think so..
    may be he exhausted from overworking think about
    first the group work for Stand Up Album then they gone to Japan and they released their new 1st album
    Number 1 , they performed stand up tour concert in japan then thy back to Korea and they practice for new
    2nd album remember and yesterday it’s TOP birthday
    he drink and celibrate next day he just take a medicine
    may be because the drinking then he got tired and
    go the hospital ,
    I hope he get better soon >_<
    TOP be healthy and eat well get better T__T

  14. what’s her homepage link? can i get it please

  15. Oh God, I wish him all the best… I hope it’s not true. He is a GORGEOUS individual, and very talented. Not like it’s any better, but I hope he was just down with something ._.;

  16. omg. I wish speculations arent true at all.

    He is a wonderful guy

  17. i wish for the speculations to be false.

    he is truly loved by many, if indeed he having such thoughts, i would be quite disappointed.

    im sure it’s due to overworking plus he’s on that terrible diet, i would be shocked if he wasn’t getting weak.

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