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Happy Pepero Day!


Today, 11th November, is Pepero Day. Commonly celebrated amongst couples in Korea, the reason for 11th November is that in digits, it looked like 5 sticks of Pepero: 11/11.

Functioning almost like Valentines’ Day, on this day, you send Pepero to the someone you like.

Time to send out those beautiful candied cookie sticks to that someone special today! (Hopefully this don’t soudd like some hopeless marketing taglines :p)


7 Responses

  1. cool~

  2. Happy Pepero day! aww looks cute
    Ooh in the United States it’s Veteran’s day =]]

  3. Did you make those? I wanan learn how to make them! Happy Pepero Dayyy

  4. Happy Pepero too ^^

  5. they sell pepero at korean stores too but they were like as small as a toothpick XD~! unlike this one!~

  6. Happy Pepero Day Sookyeong!
    those are yummy. mines look dull.. and plain. T-T

    *eats pepero while typing*

  7. i didn’t know there’s a day like this in Korea
    isn’t this the stick when 2 ppl each from both ends? (SsangChoo couple is the best at eating it. keekek)

    those look REALY good hahaha
    now I want something really sweet to eat and my throat still hurt
    tempting me T_T haha

    Happy Pepero Day to you too gurl~

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