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2008 MKMF Highlights – Big Bang ‘Best Singer’ and Dong Bang Shin Ki ‘Best Album’


mkmf_1710082008 Mnet KM Festival, into its 10th year, takes place on 15th November in Seoul Jamsil Stadium. The nominee list was announced, with much anticipation to who will walk away with the grand award on this day. Check out the nominated list.

I will take us through the whole event, from red carpet to prize ceremony, updating along with more news posted. Stay tuned.

The Award Ceremony has begun

  • Female newcomer award – Davichi
  • Male newcomer award – SHINee


  • Best Ballad and R&B – Brown Eyes


  • Auction Style Award – Dong Bang Shin Ki
  • Auction Netizen Popularity Award – Dong Bang Shin Ki (dedicating the award to Cassiopeia)
  • Overseas Viewers Award – Dong Bang Shin Ki
  • Album of the year – Dong Bang Shin Ki
  • Mobile popularity award – Dong Bang Shin Ki



  • Dance Music Award – Lee Hyori


  • OST award – Kim Jong Wook and SG Wannabe ‘East of Eden OST’ (SG Wannabe couldn’t be present today, they are in Japan for their promotion)


  • MKMF Special Award – Shin Seung Hoon


  • House and Electronic music – Jewelry


  • Hip Hop music award – Epik High


  • Rock Music Award – Nell


  • Best Male Singer – Seo Taiji
  • Best Female Singer – Lee Hyori


  • MKMF 10 anniversary commemorative award – Group HOT (Received by Moon Hee Jun)


  • Best Female Group – WonderGirls
  • Song of the Year – WonderGirls (Nobody)
  • Best MV award, Best MV director- WonderGirls (Nobody)




  • Best Male Group – Big Bang (YAY~)
  • Best Artiste of the Year – Big Bang
  • Digital Music Award – Big Bang
  • Music Portal Mnet Award – Big Bang




The Red Carpet

Even though it was raining slightly, fans waited patiently at the red carpet venue outside Jamsil stadium for their idols to arrive.


Here are the MCs for today – Ha Sang Baek, Ahn Hye Kyung and Yoo Sae Yoon.


Brown Eyed Girls were one of the early birds to arrive at the red carpet, donning the sexy black look.


Jewelry showed up shortly after, with Seo In Young in the centre of the attention as always.




2AM performed for the opening event early on as well.



Hip hop group Dynamic Duo

Dynamic Duo_151108

V.O.S (Voice of Soul) looked overdressed today. :/


Dong Bang Shin Ki. Looking all ready to bring the grand price home tonight.



The SHINee boys. In shiny clothes.


Lee Hyori. In that sexy number



Davichi looking really sweet in black overall.


WonderGirls finally turned up. They look gorgeous in white tonight! ^^




Smile of victory

Epik High.



Joo as escorted by 2PM


Big Bang looking really hot >.<




Too many boybands out there nowadays. And UKiss joins the crowd.



49 Responses

  1. yay for big bang!!!

  2. BB is the best male group ^^ thx 4 sharing the pics dear… i watch it online yet the streaming were stopped in mostly important moments like the shocking moment when TOP kissed Hyori onni T_T haha… the duet was definitely the best part of the show.. others are just too lame… i like uri wonder girls though ^^

  3. […] the winners are: (credits: sookyeong for the […]


    i think all of them have done very well dis yr!!
    i feel happy for them!!


  5. I am hating the fur theme these celebrities have going on here…I just hate when I see people wear fur, it’s disgusts me…even big bang who I love I am disapointed in at. I’m glad they changed when they did the performance though…anyway, loved everyone…they all deserved the awards they got. I’m glad you put upp the winners awards because some sites don’t

  6. DBSK looked EXTREMELY hot!!!!=D
    That’s right… they DID WIN MOST of the awards!
    Still #1!!!!!

  7. I’m glad Davichi won Best Female Newcomer; they have really fantastic voices. The thing is, Hyori is a great dancer, has a fantastic personality &c, but idk if she should have won Best Female Artist :/

  8. @Loco_Roco. Of Course Big Bang worked hard all year! Not only that they had huge tracks that made an impact. But there is a reason why someone is popular. and as to why they have a HUGE fanbase. I guess people give Cassies a bad rap blah blah blah. Cassies are devoted! It’s kinda weird to think a group winning in popularity doesn’t have talent. Every single nominee worked hard and honestly if tvxq and bb wins were switched wouldn’t it suck if someone else downplayed your favorite artist? I unlike most people only watched the shows for the performances, and honestly there should not be an award show to tell you which song/album/artist is the best. I’m a fan of all the nominees BUT FOR ME I THINK SEO TAIJI should have been there! GRR =]

  9. I love how BB’s awards were based on talent or hard work instead of popularity. It shows that they’ll go far =]

    Btw I loooooved that Tabi+Hyori kiss ahahaha ❤

  10. can someone fill me with the last award i missed out for dbsk?

  11. bb won 4 and tvxq won 5 in total

  12. @sookyeong, are you finish updating?
    BB won four awards total.

  13. @viviana, so true, all three groups won something huge. YG, SM, and JYP!
    [Though I have other opinions….I’m happy with the results.]
    Yeppp, can’t wait for GDA. BB has three albums thats nominated!
    The performances were off the chain!

  14. hey when will we know all the results to the each category??
    cuz i was voting like crazy!!

  15. Plus for the real show without these voting/polls or whatever and mainly based on SUBSTANCE isn’t Golden Disk just around the corner?

  16. I think it was fair that the 3 biggest awards be awarded to the 3 biggest bands. Jyp Sm and Yg! =D

    @Sandy Mirotic even though only being around for two months have surpassed all album sales of any other artist in the year. Its doing extremely well beyond the border lines too @anonymous. Big Bang have worked extremely hard ALL YEAR I think a riot would start if Dbsk won something that only required them to be in korea for only 1/6 of the year.
    They all worked extremely hard and none of those three awards are larger than the other. DON’T DOWNPLAY ANY BANDS! =D

    The performances were great. !

  17. Thanks for the detail recap!
    Go Big Bang!

  18. one thing i don’t understand is that why on earth did DBSK win Album of the Year when they only performed in Korea for two months
    someone else deserves that award and for sure not them
    i bet it’s cause of cassi.

    • nope. their 4th album mirotic was sold almost 400.000 copies. they won album of the year because they got the most album sales.

  19. @tiffany80

    that’s nell? didn’t recognise them. esp the frontman, he looked so different

  20. you forgot Nell who was walking with Epik High on the carpet. congrats to both EH n Nell!

  21. if the pic dosnt show then go to this websitehttp://wondergirls.wordpress.com/2008/11/15/wonder-girls-best-female-group-award-2008-mkmf-081115/#more-7472

    its the 20th picture:)

  22. i found this pic from wonder girls wonder land and i just love it[IMG]http://i36.tinypic.com/2qjhvv6.jpg[/IMG]

  23. @Procrastinator

    s0 agree!! & n0 w0nder they’ll win 4 sure…
    but gratefully, 0ur BIG BANG w0n THE BEST MALE GR0UP & ARTIST 0F THE YEAR! i reck0n they w0n S0NG 0F THE YEAR 2,well at least 4 me…^^

  24. ARTIST OF THE YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    DBSK swiped the awards that were 100% based on online votings… no wonder, really…

  25. dbsk swiped most of the award…wow!!BB were great!!WG as well…luv their dresses!!

  26. nobody as the song of the year. hmph. yes it was addicting but not song of the year in my opinion. :c

    FUR! hahaha bigbang started it last year and now others have followed. LOL.

  27. dbsk deserve one of the award out of best male grp & artist of the yr, i agree that bb deserve artist of the yr award but male grp oso???? MNET is being unfair!!!!!!

  28. YAY!! everyone got awards =D congrats!

  29. Wonder Girls look so pretty in their white dresses!

  30. i had my fingers crossed so tightly. and i screamed and cried when they were announced as artist of the year. very well deserved. 2 yrs running!! woo! so proud of them. ^^

  31. I cried like crazy… more like bawling
    when Big Bang won artrist of the year

  32. Big Bang definitely won!!

  33. I wish I was there. I want to fly to Korea!!! Like NOW!!!

  34. BB didnt win anything did they … and how many awards were they nominated for?

  35. @ vicky

    wow. u really r hyper. and i luved the big bang + hyori perf!!
    tabi kissing hyori was priceless.

    so much furries today on the red carpet. majority of big bang wore it. yunho had some furry on. and i saw a few others too. but i noticed bong lost his furry after they performed. improvement. i did not like the furries 😡 (and his eyeliner was like…whoa) tabi looked sexy as always in a suit. (ok, i’m super biased so i’m just gonna say big bang looked nice) [omg long post!! :x]

  36. big bang ftw~
    omg they havent got anything yet 😦
    gl T__T

  37. i thougt it was on the forehead….. BUT HE WENT STRAIGHT FOR THE LIPS MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

    dude… Big Bang and Hyori stage was the most exciting thing I’ve ever watch live in my life.
    even freaking Soccer World Cup can’t compare

  38. THANKS~
    gotta find that


    can’t wait!!!

  39. ‘운명을 거슬러’ ^^

  40. what’s the title of the song from the ‘East of Eden OST’?
    i love that song yet I have NO IDEA what it called keke

  41. I’ve been awake all night ahaha
    of course I’m hyper!! !kekekeke
    I got PLENTLY of sleep during the day just to get ready for this haha

  42. @Vicky

    Vick darling, you are like the most excited one here.. haha

  43. Hyori won!!!!
    she look HOT!!!
    congrats to her

  44. wow..
    hyori lee n big bang are soo hot..
    love them both.. =)

  45. I’m not being bias here
    but I really think WonderGirls, Hyori and Big Bang look the best
    add something more to the classic black and white

  46. Whoa~~ you’re so fast thank you so much!!!!! :]
    can’t wait to see more updates!!

  47. woooow~
    l’m first ..^^..
    Big Bang really hot hehehe
    Deasung … he looks weird
    Wonder Girls so pretty
    i’m so exciting to watch it
    thanx sookyeong

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