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2008 Golden Disk award and my 5cents



he 23rd Golden Disk award ceremony took place on 10th December in Seoul Olympic Hall. And this year’s big winners for Daesang awards are Dong Bang Shin Ki and Jewelry.

Award list


– Disk: Dong Bang Shin Ki
– Digital: Jewelry

– Disk: Dong Bang Shin Ki, Kim Dong Ryul, SG Wannabe, Rain, Brown Eyes, ShinHwa
– Digital: MC Mong, Brown Eyed Girls, Jewelry, WonderGirls

YEPP NewComer Award
– Disk: SHINee
– Digital: Davichi

YEPP Popularity Award
– Disk: Son Ho Young, Dong Bang Shin Ki
– Digital: FT IslandSNSD TaeYeon

Trot Award
– Digital: Jang Yoon Jeong

Rock Award
– Disk: Nell (I’m really happy they won ^^)

Special Achievement Award
Kim Changwan

New Trend Award
Kim Jong Wook

Producer Award
Lee Soo Man of SM Entertainment

c:sheena0627 @Soompi

I understand that Big Bang was not present even though they were nominated for many award categories. And fans from different artistes groups are also unhappy about how things went today in terms of the awards.

My 5 cents – different awards have different judging criteria and their purposes. Some awards serve to just hype the Kpop scene and fans up, some serves to really acknowledge achievements and the results for some, which many of us are aware, are tainted. So fans need to take their myopia off these issues.

I think it is a waste of time debating over stuff like this. Just stay true to your favourite singers, that’s more important.

So time to clean up those gun powder and the animosity in the air, and move on.


28 Responses

  1. Yay!! Maybe im late, but yes… Im totally with you yefta!! Dont worry guys, there will be no war between Cassie n VIP because we all know who’s the best, i think its nonsense if u said that “Artist who didnt come, will not get award in Golden Disk” This is is a big ceremony like Grammy n im sure there is nothing to do with it. Honestly im VIP too, its ok if bgbng didnt come, but i felt so bad that they didnt win award even just one…. But the fact : bgbng’s all sales album n minialbum this year is not much as dbsk’s mirotic. Eventough LastFarewell+HARU2+SunsetGlow < Mirotic so as a good vip i have to say, bgbng still far away from dbsk’s position now …..

  2. @cindy_rox : hey cmon! Thats the truth! I agree with yefta too. Oo my godness, tvxq really2 deservd to win. No one can beat their record of the highest selling album in korea except theirselves in the next album … I hope they can make it again ….. Over 500.000copies sold out, n still counting. Its huge ……… n one thing for sure : even im a VIP too, i have to say this that Bigbang still too far to beat dbsk in so many ways…just face the truth guys!!

  3. It’s funny..
    You’re trying to be the voice of reason and yet fans are still arguing over this silly thing.
    People are still biased and VIPs and Cassies’s hate for each other is just gonna grow. Everyone has their opinions!

  4. I agree 100% with yefta. Golden disk choose the winner based on sales album, n its not suprise 4 me if dbsk won. Even BB’s sales album is not a half of dbsk’s sales album but it less than a half.

  5. thats the truth that DBSK has the best selling album of the year…. even if u compare BB’s album ….. Mirotic sold out more than 500.000copies just for one album… Golden Disk is the best i think ….

  6. Diff award hv diff criteria. agreed on that. since gda based on physical thing mb there should be another award that based on quality. coz this year too some singer hv released some quality songs/album but not very popular.

  7. NELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. yea. i’m sad that bb didn’t win anything. but congrats to those who won!! (:

  9. hey, sookyeong, my hero ~
    ;D sorry I never commented, but guess this is my time now
    yeah , allkpop, sorry for bringing other site
    but we meet a lot of hate on bb going on there
    and I’m just sad seeing it..
    anyways, BIGBANG fighting!

  10. After the Korean Ministry of Culture announced a ban on Mirotic after its being sold over 300,000 copies, I see the light, honestly….

  11. […] c:sheena0627 @Soompi posted on: kbites […]

  12. i was very sad that BB didn’t win
    but agh
    award is over
    and yeah

    i thought WG’s performance was awesome!

  13. […] c:sheena0627 @Soompi posted on: kbites […]

  14. Congrats to all winners! ^^

  15. congrats to Shinhwa and FT Island ^^ thx 4 sharing this dear.. i’m so late about this lately T_T u know, my job n everything….

  16. wOw CONGRATS every1 who won awards!!!

    I wont deny that Im sad BB didnt win anything BUT no matter what, BB will always be NUMBER 1 for me through their UPS and DOWNS…This is the 1st time that I became a “fangirl”and I will treasure it for life and also because I know BB deserve all my LOVE and SUPPORT…kekekekk^_^

    thanks Sookyeong!!!

  17. Ahhh! i know.
    i was wondering where Big Bang was too.
    man, i was looking and couldn’t find them
    i can’t believe they did win or go.
    I can’t believe Epik High wasn’t on there too.
    But yeah i guess…. @kirana
    I’m glad they are popular 🙂
    i can’t wait to hear G-Dragon’s solo.
    i’m excited for February.
    I’m glad for Shinhwa & DBSK and all of them
    for winning a award.

  18. .. i cant wait for next year when G-Dragon debut as solo artist…
    he will rock whole Asia for sure
    they have bright future ahead them..

  19. dear vips… calm down..
    we know they all deserves win award but
    winning the award is not everything
    recognition from the public is more important

  20. @tee,i know that but Bigbang have more sales for Remember their full album(wich was nominated for bonsang) then Rain’s album and he got a bonsang.even Brown Eyes and Seo Taji have more sales then him and he still won.

  21. @ nimco, Big Bang did have many digital downloads & many people bought their mini-albums, but they only had one full album out this year. Mini-albums don’t count.
    I was actually surprised that Big Bang didn’t even win anything… I thought they would grab a few awards.
    But congrats to all 🙂

  22. um….i dont understand how BB had both high digital downloads and album sales and they didnt even win anything,and also epic high.i dont trust the GDA’s anymore.MKMF was more realistic then this.

  23. I sooo agreee wit u
    stupid war idiots
    enweys but i stil kinda confused though big bang was nominated but dey didnt win ANY awards?/ was up wit dat? mayb it was cuz dey didnt attend da stupid awards show dat y
    i mean dey won all dose imp awards at mkmf n dey did not win one here now there is somthing wrong with the judging panel in this golden disk awards

  24. AiGOO, wheres my big bang ? T.T Sighhh. I totally agree with u on the last sentences. STOP THOSE STUPID FUCKING WARS IDIOTS ! Its just a waste of time =.=

    *Didnt intend to offend any fans.

  25. I couldn’t have said it better myself. I’m sick of the bashing and pointless wars. It’s just…stupid.

    Thank you, Sookyeong.

  26. thank god for being the voice of reason. i’m tired of hearing all the bashing and complaining.

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