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Wardrobe mismatch for WonderGirls SunYe at Golden Disk 2008


From that expression of WonderGirls leader SunYe, you can guess just how uncomfortable it is to be in that glittery mini dress.

The poor girl was spotted tugging and pulling at the mini dress, which seemed to be slipping down with every step she take, on the red carpet for Golden Disk 2008 …

It is not as if the winter chill is enough to stand.



But the mini dress is just not helping!






It was a good thing she changed out of this piece of fashion disaster for WonderGirls‘ performance and the prize ceremony after that.


But all in all, the girls looked gorgeous and did great tonight! ^^

20 Responses

  1. take a peek at the inside of the car in pic #4 – SO NOT GLAM! MUHAHAHAHA very contrary w/ herself and that glittery dress

  2. poor sunye she is very hot and pretty sunye ‘s best friend in the group is sohee

  3. Lol was that Sun Mi wearing the red dress??? Lol i have the same dress, i bought it at Forever 21. o_O

  4. the dress is pretty but poor sunye..its look like its going to slip off…
    just guesiing,,what if it slip down???
    thanks God it doesnt….hehehe

  5. @sadsoju

    ya ..okay!

    she;s anything but those things

  6. she so ugly yo!
    she fatty fatty bomm bomm!

  7. I love Sunye dress!
    but yeah too bad that it malfunctioned.
    I guess they got the wrong size for the bust.

  8. she really looks uncomfortable with that dress pity her
    i can’t see this pics anymore,
    pity her pity her pity her….
    but sohee’s dress is the simplest!
    hehehe even I dont like her
    but she always cute ^^

  9. it looks like as if the dress is gonna drop any second…
    but she looks gorgeous!!

  10. she must be so uncomfortable revealing all that cleavage

  11. omg sunye’s dress is too sexy.

    It’s hard to wear that kind of dress. I know how it feels.

    I wore a dress like that before.

    I think she needed a sticky tape for dress purpose…if her stylist knew it.

    Sticky tape for dress purpose is always available

  12. sunye’s dress is pretty but i just wish that the stylist provided her with a coat or something – its too revealing and HELLO, what season is it now? its winter! – the poor girl must be freezing and not to mention how uncomfortable she is in that clothes – but nevertheless, sunye looks like a goddess

  13. @Vicky, yes lol. the single osen picture just tells the whole story. too revealing.

  14. hmmm i’ve been pretty unhappy with the way the stylists have been dressing sohee and sunye lately.
    they pick pretty things but they don’t flatter either girl.
    sometimes it seems like stylists in general for kpop pick what’s “in” versus what actually looks good on the people they dress

  15. Aww, why did they make her wear that dress?
    Yeah, it’s pretty [the dress] but she doesn’t feel
    comfortable in it.
    Aha i never knew she got ‘it’ too.
    Hrm not being preverted or anything, just saying.
    they all had some sort of strap on their dress,
    except for Leader Sunye.
    All the fans were singing
    “i want nobody, nobody but you.”
    that’s all i can understand. lols

  16. i love the dress, I would so wear that
    and i gotta say, I never knew she got ‘it’ hahaha
    they all look amazing
    she even make THE coolsmurf’s nose bleed.. that’s impressive hahaha

  17. I feel sorry for Sunye, I hope their stylist learned something…

  18. LOLSSS. sunye is sexy ! ^^

  19. damn i want to see another nam gyuri slip part 2 πŸ˜›

  20. I liked their performance the most ^^
    Poor Sun Ye…it looks like she pulled it up every five seconds.

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