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WonderGirls YooBin feeling the stress?


A netizen posted this up, bringing attention to WonderGirls YooBin‘s recent Cyworld post.

YooBin left a post, titled ‘Please stop’, which says, “I also know it. But please stop. I feel that this is enough. Please. Now please.


Apparently, it was said that recently, there has been a lot of comparison between YooBin‘s figure to member SoHee‘s and SunMi‘s figure. There has also been a lot of talk about how YooBin had gained weight since her debut in WonderGirls. And this had put a lot of stress on YooBin.

I went up to her Cyworld to see, but apparently she had replaced the post with another post.

YooBin recently





YooBin in ‘So Hot’ days


Not sure how true is this, would be glad if any Wonderful will clear this up.

But I want to say, I really feel it is due to the different concepts that WonderGirls adopt from hits to hits. It’s the matter of the hairstyle and makeup.

And even though she did put on that little amount of weight since her debut, it’s all the more natural. These girls are still growing adults! :/

YooBin, you still rocks my socks! ^^


And seriously, the Korean netizens have a mistaken weight prospective to start with -.-

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  1. […] looks really hot now. Many of us also know that previously YooBin was under much stress when she was criticised for putting on too much weight (c: KBites). But I hope she eats more because she looks really skinny […]

  2. […] looks really hot now. Many of us also know that previously YooBin was under much stress when she was criticised for putting on too much weight. But I hope she eats more because she looks really skinny […]

  3. Wah this gets me so mad. Yoobin is beautiful. She does look like shes put on alittle more weight but why does it matter? She’s still beautiful and she should hold her head high. Little comments on the internet shouldn’t break her spirits down. Yoobin we still love you!

  4. Omana!
    if they think YooBin is fat, then they must think I’m obese!

    Yoobin shouldn’t let people tell her, what she is and isn’t. If she doesn’t accept herslef, than who is? I mean i love yoobin, she’s amazing! How many women get a succesful carrier like hers?

    And wtf? she is not fat at all! I hate to see her all sad.
    ): it makes me depressed. I will always love Yoobin whether she’s 100 pounds, 115 pounds, or heck, 1,000 pounds. She’s special in a way no one else can be.

    I love you YooBin ! :)<3

  5. dude wtf Yoobin is my favorite member from WG! She’s not fat, she’s beautiful. So fuck them for hating on her damn netizens!!

  6. i dont care if an entertainer is beautiful with a nice body or fat and ugly or a fake whom had plastic surgery. i understand that there some people out there only looks at appeal. as long as that person have talent, hardworking, and most important is beauties thats inside of them.

    i think as an entertainer, you must have high EQ, that is important. that is because that are lot of people whom likes to hurts others people feelings. you have a choice to listen to those ugly words and takes take it seriously or listen and to ignore, forget about it. also must know that you are not alone, you have friends and families who will always be there for you.

    i hope these words can reach out to her.

  7. Ahh I hate comparisons O.o. She looks perfectly fine to me, if not a bit chubbier in the cheeks, but whatever, at least she isn’t stick thin. Those bashing netizens need to get a life O.o. Woo WG <333 lol

  8. fucking netizens…they are all ugleey..yoobin your the most beautiful snow white for me..

  9. it’s okay yoobin.. we love u ^^

  10. no matter wath she ‘s beautiful
    YOOBIN fighting

  11. your chinky eyes don’t let you see strraight

  12. Fuck all you dum ass bitches
    She is a fucking perfectly beautiful girl who is skinny not even close to chubby … fuck all you and enjoy not eating you dum whores.. Yah dum bitchs stop by n.y for a quick insight FUCKING idiots…

  13. its okay yoobin. dun stress urself too much…
    we stil love u… 😀

  14. Aw it’s okay Yoobin.
    I don’t know why they are comparing her
    to 2 younger girls then her. Even though
    she did gain a LITTLE weight, she still
    looks pretty. And gaining weight is not a crime
    or something. It’s good as long as she
    doesn’t look boney skinny.
    what’s up with netizen and them commenting
    on people’s weight?
    Don’t worry Yoobin we still love you. FIGHTING!

  15. i love yoobin! she’s my favorite wonder girl… she may not be as skinny as soohee or sunmi (and yes they both look pretty as they are) but yoobin’s pretty as she is too… i don’t know why they have to be stick thin to be acceptable… it’s nice to have some meat on them to look healthy…

    yoobin, don’t feel the pressure… we love you! fighting! ^^

  16. Whether she gained weight or not, she’s still a beautiful girl. Unfortunately, Korean (and most Asian countries) are obsessed with weight…especially the weight of those in the limelight. I’m so glad when I step on a scale it’s in the privacy of my bathroom…….I can’t imagine what it’s like for these young girls having their every inch scrutinized. It’s like every kilogram or centimeter they gain, the netizens go nuts.

  17. i came to know about wondergirls recently, during the nobody release…

  18. binnie ah..its okay!! we’re here for you!! we see you as a person who warm-hearted and care for people and a walking-size-0-barbie doll..be strong!! yoobin ajja!!

  19. awhhh yoobinnn…. dont be sad…. its just the public are mean sumtimes… 😦

    btw the pics of her crying what that about? is it about her weight? or because of sumtin else. ????

  20. and i think sunmi is alright. because no matter how much she eats she also cant gain weight. thats what i heard.

  21. sigh.. yoobin looks fine just like that. does the netizens expect yoobin to go on a diet or slim down just because of their comments on her? no way!!

    yoobin hwaiting!

  22. poor yoobin T.T
    sunmi’s so thin, but she’s still hot to me
    soohe’s body rocks
    but yoobin will always be the best too xD

  23. How hypocrite is this…
    You guys cover YB’s as$ when the netzines tell her she’s chubby and you guys disses SunMi for being too thin?
    What’s the differences between you guys and the netizens who harrasses YB b/c she’s FAT?

  24. still looks good to me.
    sunmi is just plan scary thin. her waist it 21 inches. that’s just sick…

  25. i like her the most in WGs ‘coz of her unique beauty 😡
    She looks even cuter with her chubby face 😡
    I have a chubby face like her, too.
    anyway, be strong gal 😡

  26. at times like these.. i wish i was in yoobin’s shoes. stressing out about being skinny. that stress is nothing compared to stress you get taking the genetics final exam!!

  27. =_= im fat but no one really cares. so people. shut up.

  28. […] WonderGirls YooBin feeling the stress? A netizen posted this up, bringing attention to WonderGirls YooBin’s recent Cyworld post. YooBin left a post, […] […]

  29. 1 thing
    SunMi creeps me out cause she is too thin
    i think she might break someday

  30. i came to know about wondergirls recently, during the nobody release…

    at first i couldn’t understand why everyone thinks she’s the sexiest as she was kinda on the weighty side. but i looked at her past fotos and tadaa…

    anyway, she seems alright still. i just think her skin tone’s way too different from the rest of the girls…so it kinda spoils the picture

  31. no doubt that she’s FAT compare to SunMi.
    That SunMi girl is like a stick which make YB look like a pig standing next to her.
    SoHee??? Oh please. I see nothing beautiful from this girl.

    YB did put on A LOT of weight though. She needs to do something or she will look like a cheap hooker with all that make up and skimpy clothes that JYP make them wear. Skinny + JYP’s style = cute sexy; fat +JYP’s style= hooker.

    I always thought YeEun is the hotdog of the pack. But YeEun always know what to dress and what not too. But now we have YB looking like a hamburger b/c she wear all the wrong clothes and heavy makeup on…

    YB, please loose weight before it’s too late…

  32. they need to stop with the celebrities need to be perfect shit
    they’re not perfect themselves so they shouldn’t expect other people to be
    I love YooBin because she’s different
    criticizing her like that is just plain un-human I must say.
    them dumbass
    excuse my language but I’m pissed off for her.

  33. ppl are crazy!
    she’s fine…don’t compare yoobin with the others..
    they’re all different…

  34. i noticed that too
    after the so hot promotion

  35. Yoobin is so pretty, she’s not fat
    I like Yoobin
    Yoobin unnie fighting!!!

  36. i think she is beautiful

  37. Aww….Yoobin is a BEAUTIFUL woman.

    All those haters are probably fatter than her….leave her alone. We don’t need more anorexic people.

  38. so ugly, fat cow

  39. MAYBE this is one of the reason y female artists sometimes r forced to do plastic surge…netizens LEAVE YooBin ALONE!!!

    HWAITING YooBin!!!

  40. No doubt her face has gotten chubby, but she’s still absolutely beautiful (I think she’s the best looking Wonder Girl). If you have no confidence, it’s gonna show on your face so I hope she cheers up soon! (Maybe she should listen to “Pretty Girl”. That song always makes me feel gorgeous lol)

  41. SHE IS NOT CHUBBY. It’s ridiculous if anyone calls her that. She looks HEALTHY. When did standards change and all of a sudden being healthy is “fat”? I will never understand.
    She just has chubby cheeks. I have chubby cheeks. It’s not a disease.

  42. she’s not fat!
    come on..
    netizens need to shut up.
    she’s a normal healthy looking girl.
    she’s still slender.
    and she goes beyond the rule of the stereotypical girl idol.
    and I love her because of it.
    She’s different.
    She’s not fair skinned. She’s not skinny.
    she has her own appeal that I love.
    and plus!..TV makes your body seems 5kgs heavier, and chubbier!
    I know about this well!
    I bet she’s slender if I see her face-to-face.

  43. her face has gotten chubbier, but she’ll always be pretty in my eyes! she’s always had a rounder face shape anyway and her cheeks are just as squishable as sohee’s xD
    unless they have the “perfect” **coughanorexiccough** that they criticize others for not having, netizens need to leave her alone.
    btw she looks adorable in that last pic.

  44. so what if she’s chubby??
    she’s still pretty in my eyes. she raps well and dances well.
    i think girls do not need to be skinny to look pretty.

    i hope yoobin cheers up soon.
    유빈 화이팅!!~

  45. I dont see a problem with the gaining weight thingy.
    She looks beautiful and gorgeous as always.
    Whats the matter with krn netizens nowadays.
    Fcked up ==

  46. UGH unno wat i dont get .. i mean do people need to be skinny to look pretty????
    i mean wat is wrong with people these days..
    wat has given the press the rights to say wat defines beauty!?!?!
    just like the others i also agree.. so wat if she has gained weight.. its probably the pressure of the netizens and others!

    unno this has inspired me for an art piece! i am so pissed rite now !

    love love love

  47. no matter what she is still beautiful!
    yoobin cheer up!

  48. it doesn’t matter if she put on weight.
    she’s still gorgeous & her rappping/dancing skills are still awesome as before.

    & there really is something wrong with netizens.
    they need to stop pressuring her.

  49. yoo bin, she still looks pretty.

    maybe she does gained weight, no matter what, her rapping still rocks ! 🙂

  50. HUH?
    i know she put on weight but still love her.

    korean netizens= critical as Fck.

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