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SM Entertainment to repeal order ruling ‘MIROTIC’ harmful media for teenagers


Thanks to Ayano for clearing up, there have been some misunderstanding about this issue. Here’s another article translation.

Dong Bang Shin Ki‘s 4th album title ‘MIROTIC’ was ruled as unhealthy media content for teenagers by the Commission of Youth Protection recently. With that, SM Entertainment has filed for repeal on that on 16th December at the Seoul Administrative Court.

SM said, “The reason for ruling the song as unhealthy was that part of the lyrics have inappropriate expressions. But exactly which expressions are not appropriate it was not made clearly so. But the fact is that the lyrics only points to things like love and kiss etc. Nothing lewd was mentioned or depicted in the song.”

“Also the lyrics ‘I’ve got you’ etc are just corresponding expression we put in, hence there is the possibility that people misunderstand the song. When you look at them rationally, it is like how one’s charm and confidence to love, something that teenagers will relate much with this days.”

SM also voiced, “We understand that the measurement and punishment to the ruling of inappropriate media for teenagers should be strict. But it is also illegal rule something as harmful and inappropriate for teenagers when it does not exactly contain sexual or unhealthy content.”

SM has also appeal for suspension of administrative order by the Commission of Youth Protection to produce a clean version of ‘MIROTIC’.

Now, that’s more like the doing of SMEnt.

7 Responses

  1. i agree with tvxq&sujulove…’under my spell’ is better…XD

    ‘Under my sky’…hmm…a bit weird,rite???

  2. eileen…i need help
    do you have the pic of GD’s ex GF???? the one who owns the wine bar?

  3. You can find something dirty in anything, it depends on hwo dirty your mindset is to begin with…

  4. I know SM wouldn’t just sit there and do as they told
    they will do something for sure

    I think it’s stupid for those ppl that want to change the lyrics now
    it’s been 2~3 months since the song came out?
    and it’s not like teenagers these days are innocent, though I don’t know much about Korean teenagers, I doubt they’re any different from me haha

  5. agree agree and i totaly agree with tvxq&sujulove


  7. meaning that they agree to use the clean ver of mirotic now??
    they did they change it to “under my sky”?!?!
    it should have been like “under my spell”..
    something that actually FITS with the title -_-

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