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Rain to start work on American album next February


Rain will start work on his American album next February.

Rain said during the press conference to his brand ‘Six to Five’ launching show on 23rd December, “I will finish my activities and promotion in Korea by 2008. Then I will do promotion for my Asian album in end-January.”

“From next February, I will be working on my American album. After which, from March I will be promoting for Hollywood film ‘Ninja Assassin’. There will also be a new concert tour next year.”

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2 Responses

  1. No. No. NO! Rain is not ready. I don’t know what his fascination is with debuting in America so early. He can barely speak English, and just because he got some burn from Speed Racer and the Colbert Report doesn’t mean anything.
    Don’t get me wrong, I like Rain…well…I like him enough but he’ just doesn’t have it right now. This will only embarrass him.

  2. Whatever…..his words and plans really mean nothing anymore after all of the cancellations and broken promises before. I would love to see the guy achieve his goals but don’t say it if you can’t do it. Action speaks louder than words is all I have to say.

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