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Big Bang to publish book on their success story


I never see this coming but it’s good news anyway.

Big Bang will release a book on their success story, with the stories and experiences coming directly from each member of the group.

Publishing firm Sam And Parkers will release ‘(세상에 너를 소리쳐!) Shouting out to you in the world!’ with a subtitle ‘꿈으로의 질주, 빅뱅 13,140일의 도전 (The dash towards the dream, Big Bang 13,140 days’s Challenge) on 28th January.

There are many success stories of Big Bang out there, but this will be the first book with the stories coming from each of the 5 Big Bang members.

From their trainee days to their early days of debut and to being the representative idol group in Korea, the book will have each member’s experiences with in process of achieving their dreams, the times of failure and happiness.

The book also includes 4 pages of personal profile of each members, talking about strengths and weakness of each members and how each members have made the group such a successful group.

A YG representative said, “The truth is that there has been many proposals to publish a story about Big Bang’ success, but President Yang Hyun Seok thought that many had just wanted to take advantage of Big Bang‘s popularity on it.”

” ‘Shouting out to you in the world’ presents to everyone not the introduction to Big Bang but the collection of stories of experience from each members since last September.”

The story director to this book will be Kim Sae Ah.

LOL a book! WOW

13,140 days is the number of days from their trainee days to now ^^

26 Responses

  1. hmm i could get someone to translate it for me =/..
    but i rather have it in english? but i doubt it’ll be translated because the book is limited right? doubt it’ll be around for long ><” ..
    any news on wheres its sold or bein translated? let us know please =)

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  3. oh wow… this is when i regret not paying attention in korean school i~i freaking a… all the same, i’m getting the book.. (:

  4. I want that book too! Wondering if there will be an English version of it. Awwww I want it!!!!

  5. Korean, English, whateverrrr, I want the book! I bet there’s gonna be loads and loads of hot, new pictures!

  6. i wonder if someone’s gonna translate it!
    i so wanna read this!

  7. omg, omg i HAVE to buy this..
    DAMN i need to go learn korean now.
    WOW……….must have.
    yeah, it needs to be in English though.
    Thank You!!!!

  8. a book?!?!? wow. i agree. I’ve never seen this coming.

    however, it IS good news!~ I’ll be looking forward to it. and maybe they’ll release one in english for the oversee fans…

  9. Wow, a book? I guess fans will buy it.

  10. These is my Boys xD
    but is someone will translate it ??
    coz i want read it T___T
    or i’ll give up on their book ><
    ThanX Sookyeong 4 the nice news about
    our Boys BIG BANG is VIP ^.^

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  12. Wow… totally not an idol group. ❤

  13. I hope they also publish it in English especially for non korean fans…. I can’t wait for this to come out. =)

  14. Omg!! I hope they publish one in English too for iVIP!!! Can’t wait for Th Big Show’s concert goods too! Big Bang Hwaiting 😀

  15. a good buy this year 😀 but hopefully there’s a translated version of the book [:

  16. 13,140 days looks so long…this many days?
    amazing what they achieved ’till now…
    I can’t wait for their book to be translated!!!!! [because I can’t understand Korean…]

  17. i hope someone out there will have the intention of translating it hahah
    i absolutely adore that picture of the boys ❤ esp jiyong his head band looks so cute on him <333333

  18. ahhh~~ i so wanna read it~

    but yea i agree with lam that dun think anyone would translate a book. hahah.. hopefully they can come out w an english version sometime later..

  19. wow.. looks like its time to learn hangul.. hahaha.. XD

  20. i doubt anybody gonna translate a BOOK!!!!!

  21. HAHA of course
    our boys gotta have their own book
    not surprise

  22. Will yesAsia by any chance be shipping these? Really wanna own it since its a book, I like books lmao.. X[ but then again, even though I can read them, I wouldnt understand a word ! lol, well just wait for the translations online, then ! hahahaha ! Thanks for the news ! X3

  23. I want ittttt… No matter if it in hangul, I don’t care, ahah…

    I guess I have to find a Korean translator…how I wish I can read hangul.. >.<””’

  24. ^^ soo agree someone would need to translate for us non- koreans =/ but supppper happy that they are going to have a book out!!! did not see this coming at alll… BIGBANG FIGHTING XD

  25. o m g.
    i wanna read it~!
    But somebody would need to translate it for us non-koreans

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