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Rumours of Lee Min Ho and Kang Min Kyung dating? Fans say “I can’t believe it”


Female duet group Davichi member Kang Min Kyung and male lead to ongoing KBS drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’ Lee Min Ho has been rumoured to be in a love relationship.

The discussion about this has been hot topic amongst netizens lately. Photos of the 2 singing together in the noraebang (karaoke room) has been circulating on the net and netizens have been asking the question, “Are the 2 of them dating?”.


Photo showing the close relationship between the 2

Davichi‘s company stood out and voiced, “Rumours of the two’s love relationship are groundless. The 2 had known each other since young and are close to each other but their relationship is only like that of older brother and younger sister. It seems like there has been some misunderstanding.”

Loved Lee Min Ho in BOF ^^

But netizens, for one thing, can be really silly. The photo is obviously taken when Min Kyung is still probably in high school. So much for imagination.


Lee Min Ho as Goo Joon Pyo in Boys Over Flowers

20 Responses

  1. i can’t believe that . she verry ucly girls

  2. hye sun is a good match for min ho..^^

  3. i lyk lee min ho dat much…

    for me..it is better dat kang min kyung was her friend

    BUT I really lyk Koo hYe sUn for lee mIN ho

    deY r too compatible 4 each other

    unlike kang min kyung

    dey doNt Hav d chemIstry

    im very happY to see dAt min ho && hye sUn have Undeniable chemistry…

    i feel too kilig for deM…

    jan di && jun pyo 4ever!!!

  4. i dont like thiz!
    i so sad!


    why him?

  5. seen the BOF already here in the philippines…lee min-ho is HOT!…don’t know about celebrity happenings in korea but i’m sure not interested on who he is being linked to..i’d rather see him single at this moment..hope you got to visit our country..happy birthday and God bless!-xoxo

  6. ah shes adorable! so pretty. and who cares if there dating. Theey have lives. What they cant date cause hes a celeberity??? geesh theses paporatseys…😦 sorry lee Min ho for this problem. We still Love you ! dat who ever u want man!❀


  8. […] member Kang Min Kyung was earlier rumoured to be in a love relationship with Lee Min Ho after photos showing the 2 intimate were revealed. It was known that the 2 had known each other since they are young and their current […]

  9. they look good together but i prefer go hye sun lol

  10. […] member Kang Min Kyung was earlier rumoured to be in a love relationship with Lee Min Ho after photos showing the 2 intimate were revealed. It was known that the 2 had known each other since they are young and their current […]

  11. Who cares. Lee Min Ho has his personal life. I enjoy the drama more than his good-looking face.

  12. omg.. really? are they really dating..
    im soo jealous of her!!! but shes probably a very pretty and kind woman.. im happy for her.. and hIM!
    —- im still a big FAN of Lee Min Ho..

  13. although i’m heartbroken, i don’tmind him going out as long as he’s happy i’m happy. what can i do? i can only drool :p

  14. i havent seen bof yet but i’m already liking lee minho! actually, i love all of them esp lee minho and kim kibum..

  15. vicky?..bb fansite vicky?.. anywho iff you are that person..omg!! did you see YG artress (the main girl) sporting a pink colonize hoodie? lol

    yeah i cant wait for episode three..um vicky..there is english sub out for the first two episode of bof

  16. @Vick

    CANT WAIT FOR EP 3~~~~ ><

  17. OMG! I’m watch BOF right now
    and I’m freaking in love with it
    he’s so cute as the asshole but then scare of a bee
    he was so pissed off when he saw HyunJoong came over and save the day
    CAN’T WAIT FOR EP 3!!!

  18. Well i don’t if it true or not ^^!
    but they look good togtherπŸ˜›
    she looks cute in the second picture..
    what if they dating?? so what:/
    netizens are so silly ><
    I love him in Boys Over Flowers & I’m Sam ^^

  19. Kang Min Kyung is an angel, she’s sweet, cute and modest. She has a great voice and she’s also a model. Lee Min Ho actually looks older than his age.

    I’m a girl but I think the guy who has Min Kyung is lucky.

    …but it’s just the rumor between them

  20. I really like him in Boys over Flowers. I’d never heard of him until the show.

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