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Jung Hyung Don and TaeYeon’s make-believe marriage “may just last for 1 episode”


After news of all the anti-fans that have grown from the awfully-matched couple Jung Hyung Don and So Nyeo Shi Dae TaeYeon, now news have it that they may just be couple on the show for 1 single episode.

The production team to WGM said, “If without any other intervention, the meeting of the 2 to their make-believe marriage and to what happens after all lies in their own decisions.”

They also added that whether to do this make-believe marriage all depends on the 2 of them, “There is no individual filming before their joint filming for the show. And we are waiting for any unexpected outcomes.”

With all the criticism after seeing the failure in the make-believe marriage with Saori for Jung Hyung Don and adding on to that, there is a age difference off 11 years between Jung and TaeYeon, many are doubting this make-believe marriage would even last.

Meanwhile, the episode featuring Jung Hyung Don and TaeYeon will air on 25th January.


11 Responses

  1. […] Meanwhile, the episode featuring Jung Hyung Don and TaeYeon will air on 25th January. Credit: KBites, AsianEU ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I wouldn’t be surprised if it is really just one episode. […]

  2. We just have to wait until Jan 25.

  3. I really want to know her feeling when she pretend to date with the older man

  4. i agree w/ xenia. when that fan came on the show, she was older than taeyeon i think, but he only saw her as a cute kid. why would this situation be any different just because she’s an idol?

  5. That’s not fair -.- ELF was mature enough to let KangIn get married. I was honestly looking forward to this D: WGM has gotten so boring..

  6. its gonna air on my birthday!

  7. I dont know he was to mean to Saori what makes you think that he will be nicer. She is a lot more younger than him and i dont think that he will take her seriously, i just hope that if it does last they will try to make it funny and not spend all the time in the couch..

  8. I agree with J. I don’t really like him, but may treat Taeyeon different from Saori. I hope it does not last just one episode because I too want to see more of Taeyeon and he is kind of funny.

  9. fans should just be grateful that they get to see their idols more on tv and get to understand them better.
    i have a feeling that don don is going to be really nice to taeyeon at first but then end up treating her similar to saori haha

  10. it’s obvious…
    even though I feel sorry for both of them…

  11. I’m very curious to see how they interact together.

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