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K Bites – 23.01.2009

No plans for WonderGirls’  American debut yet


JYP Entertainment said in an interview on 23rd January that there are yet solid plans for WonderGirls‘ American debut. .

They said, “It is not true that WonderGirls had signed a contract with their American agency. There are yet plans for WonderGirls to advance into the American market.”

“The reason why they are going to American this January is because of their performances. Their concert performance in Korea for March is soldout.”


Se7en to enter for graduate school


Singer Se7en will enter graduate school in 2009.

Se7en, who graduated from International DaeJiTeol University last year, will enter the special graduate school Sports Industry Graduate school this March.

YG Entertainment said, “Se7en‘s application for the school was approved last November.”

Se7en is currently working on his American debut album in LA. And even though there are not plans for him to go back to Korea, he will be going back just to attend the school entrance ceremony.


SHINee to end first album activities


SHINee will end their 9-months activities to start working on their new album.

They will end their first album activities with performance on KBS Music Bank and MBC Music Core on 23rd and 24th January.

SM Entertainment said, “The boys will rest for a short period before they start working on their new album. There will be no free period for them in between. Please look forward to a new SHINee.”

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  1. Hi,how are you?can i introjuidce you?

  2. Se7en!!!! I love u. I always support u.

  3. Aww, no american album. i guess they should
    just rest and get ready then.
    Se7en…ooh, what school will he be going to?

  4. @K: Conquering Asia won’t mean anything in America. Americans could care less about that. Utada is one of the most selling artists in Japan which is 2nd the largest music industry in the world, but with poor marketing U.S. didn’t her far.

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  6. wow wondergirls first solo concert’s sold out already! congrats! 🙂 i think its a good thing that there are no definite plans for wg to debut in america yet. they should take their time and prepare for it slowly but surely.

    poor shinee they dont get to rest. ill look forward to their new album.

  7. wooooop xDD
    looking forward to shinees new album ;DDD


  8. i hope WG dont debut in US yet..
    look Seven-Bi-Rain..they all …………
    conquer Asia first
    and then move to U.S

  9. They can perform on MuBank now?

  10. It’s about damn time Shinee stop performing old aszs songs. It’s time to relax the ears from their whinneeeeeey voice.

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