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K Bites – 23.01.2009 (II)

So Nyeo Shi Dae 2nd consecutive #1 on KBS MusicBank despite no-performance


Group So Nyeo Shi Dae, 3 weeks into their no-performance on KBS MusicBank, has taken #1 position on the show for the 2nd consecutive week.

They were #1 on K Chart on the show this week, winning over Big Bang SeungRi‘s ‘Strong Baby’ and Gavy NJ’s ‘Love Story’. And this is their 2nd week of no-performance following their #1 position on the chart last week.

Makes me wonder how long this no-show thing will go on between SM and KBS.


Jewelry S – Date MV trailer

They kinda have the cutesy concept which reminded me of KARA.


No more celebrities-endorsement for uniforms


From start of February this year, we will no longer be able to see famous stars doing school uniform advertisements anymore.

The ministry of education, science and technology (MEST) announced this on 23rd January after having a discussion session. Prices of school uniforms were revised and were will the cases of excessive use of famous celebrities’ endorsement for their uniforms.

The decision was that endorsements by famous celebrities will be terminated by start of February.

Right now, some of the celebrities endorsing school uniforms are Big Bang for Skoolooks, WonderGirls and Kim Yeon Ah for Ivy Club, 2PM and So Nyeo Shi Dae for Elite, and SHINee for Smart.

16 Responses

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  2. awh but wait i dont even understand why these school uniforms need endorsing, i thought one school has only one type of uniform how can they pick from these lines.? can sumone tell me whats the concept of korean uniform, are they free to but what ever type of uniform they want or sumtin…

    thank you

  3. Yeeeep, i will mis Big Bang in uniforms.
    They were sooo so sexxxy in it XD
    I will treaure the old photoshoots of then in uniforms now. haha.

  4. no more big bang in uniforms šŸ˜¦

  5. shinee was on music bank
    why are they doing this to snsd
    seung ri still won no.1 on m countdown though so not completly lost
    i hope their on mb soon

    as for the uniforms they really do use the celebs excessively and it must cost for them…

  6. i saw by how many votes snsd won and it was a LOT compared to the orther artists. congrats to soshi!

    even though i don’t understand the uniform styles and cfs they’re still very cute xD
    i will miss them~ kinda feel bad for SHINee and 2PM cuz they recently just started doing the cfs

  7. I really love those school uniforms…. but why should they stop the endorsements?

  8. WHAT??
    no more Big Bang in uniform?

  9. aww no celebs for uniforms now??

  10. battle also endorses ivy club with wonder girls and kim yeon ah.

  11. thats not fair,BB look so cute in the uniforms.

  12. no more celebrities in uniforms… No way! :((
    I love seeing Big Bang in uniforms T^T

  13. awww no more celebs in school uniforms :[[[
    Although im not really into it,
    i really love them in school uniforms. tee-heee….

  14. nooooooo i don’t like Jewelry in Cuteness
    looks O__O
    it seems weird >_>
    a bout uniforms i don’t care ..
    but they looks so cool in this uniforms ^^”

  15. But why ??SHINee was in KBS MB?!
    Congrats to SNSD ..

  16. Congrats to them ~ It’s so nice they are able to have more votes than Seung Ri even though they don’t perform ~ S<3ne is such a strong fanbase ~

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