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Kim Bum in a car accident again


Talent Kim Bum (19) has met with another car accident.

Kim Bum met with a car accident during dawn on 9th February on his way back from filming drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’, and was sent to GangDongSeongShim hospital in GangDongGoo. He also underwent a surgery. Fortunately, Kim Bum did not sustain from any major injuries except for a small injury at his toes.

Already, on 1st February, after the car that Kim Bum was riding in when he was travelling to a filming set in GyeongGiDo bumped into another car, fans were all worried about Kim Bum after he had complained of backache.

One of the staff at GangDongSeongShim hospital said, “Kim Bum was sent in at around 12.20 am and he underwent a survery for his torn toe. After the operation ended, there are plans for him to stay hospitalised for further treatment.”

Kim Bum is currently still receiving physical theraphy at the hospital.

GOSH. How come they are ALL getting into accidents and hurting themselves?


56 Responses

  1. hi he is all right i hope that he is all right i love you

  2. hi kim bum im am worried to you because the car accident alwys tke cre ha

  3. uhh.how sad i’ll just for your safe okay….
    love you so much!♥♥

  4. ,.unni,sunbae, oppa
    ,.love you so much!♥

  5. always drive safely!!!!…love you kiss…muaaachhh!!!love u my dearestttt oppa!!!

  6. kim bum i wish you, you so verry happy im diah im a kid idol…..

  7. i luv u & u ll b alrite by gods grace &my luv.muuuuuaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…………….

  8. yi jung sunbea oppa

  9. always pray anytime when where you are so you will be always safe always drive safely
    keep your life safe everyday we love you

  10. ,.._always pray everytime if your going to work…
    God always listen to our prayers…
    _..better luck next time!

  11. ,.._always pray everytime if your going to work…




  14. OMG…!!!!!

    hope he’s feeling better^^…

    take care!!!!


  16. hey! i wish your fine. i love you

  17. hope you 🙂 you are so cute i love you

    • love you your face !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kapal ng mukha muuhhhh … daaaaahhhh

  18. hope you get well you are so cute

  19. Ahmm,hello,are you okay??,,gosh happy birthday kim,i hope you’re ok!!,,you’re my insPiratioN so please take cAre always,and may god guidE you always,love yoU!,,yoU’re nuRse23..

  20. i wanT you coMe to indoNesia ..
    becAuse i want meet yOu ..

    me ,, nice too meet you kim bum ..

    you’re the cute ..

  21. heheheh

  22. .,.,.keep up the good work.,.,.
    we love you very much.,.,.

  23. ah.,…………………….

  24. wish u recover

  25. Ohw MG,kim,u’ve got an accident AGAIN,,,twice accident in a m0nth,u make me dagdigdugdueerr, take care pliz kim…

  26. unni, sunbea, oppa

  27. sang-bum oppa…….. get well soon on your injuries. i’m worried about you. take care always and drive safely. don’t forget to ask god’s guidance on your driving.

  28. i love kim bum so much .. pakasal na tayo !!!

    • duuuuhhh … you want to marry kim sang bum ?? hahhh .. whatever .. gussshhhh … what a plan ..

  29. i watch you in the television every day in boys over flower!

  30. i hope that you are in a good health we love you very much!from the bottom of my heart.

  31. all of us was love you

  32. i love you very much


    LOVE YOU!!

  34. aaaaaaahhhhh!!!!
    gud 4 him..

  35. bwahhhhaaahhhhaaaaaaa!!!!!

  36. KIm Bum! A car accident. Hope you well soon. I will pray always for your recovery.

  37. Poor you. hpoe you well soon.

  38. ohhh, noth kim bum and goo hye sun got in car accident

  39. […] Some of the photos of ‘Boys Over Flower’ filming for episode 16 were released and fans are paying much attention to the leg cast that Kim Bum had on due to a car accident he got into on 9th February. […]

  40. this is depressing he got in a car crash on my birthday. this is very depressing. i hope he gets better. 😀

  41. Omg! I hope his alright! Torn toe, ouch. ><“

  42. omg this is really a curse.
    and eww, that mustve been painful; a torn toe..

    will he still be doing the show though?
    i dont think its any where near finishing because the Boys over Flowers manga is EXTREMELY LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG.

    get well soon kim bum

  43. omo ….why is kimbum got into several accidents in just a matter of week ? hope he’s okay ..

  44. […] Se­e­ m­ore­ he­re­:  Kim­ B­um­ in a car accid­ent­ again « K B­it­es […]

  45. ahh.. >< poor guy..

  46. Ahh man, these accidents
    have JUST got to stop O.o

    It’s getting really freaky now =S

    Wish them all well…

  47. some kind of F4 curse?



    Pray that he will take care of himself more.
    I pray there will be no more accidents happen to the casts.

    Please drive safe
    kim bum. oppa

  48. AGAIN?

  49. Another car accident? I think it’s time to give the manager an assistant because it’s the manager who stays up more than the artist themselves and is responsible for transporting the artist from location to location. For the safety of both the artist and manager, they really should consider it.

  50. why he accident again.. poor him

  51. omg! i hope he is feeling better

  52. ish… thats the gotboda namja curse 😦

    even his toes being hurt is bad

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