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[Highlights] 18th High1 Seoul Music Awards


The 18th HighOne Seoul Music Awards took place on 12th February in GangWonDo GoWon Stadium.

The big winner to the night will have to be group WonderGirls – they won both the DaeSang along with 3 other BonSang awards.

While some rejoiced that group Dong Bang Shin Ki bagged 2 awards home together, some fans had protested against the integrity of the music award…




DaeSang does to group WonderGirls. This is their first time winning a DaeSang awards in just the 2 years into their debut.



  1. Big Bang
  2. Dong Bang Shin Ki
  3. WonderGirls
  4. Son DamBi
  5. Brown Eyed Girls
  6. SS501
  7. Jang Yoon Jung
  8. Kim Jong Kook
  9. SG Wannabe
  10. Baek Ji Young

Group Dong Bang Shin Ki had won the BonSang award together with mobile popularity award even though they did not attend the award ceremony.

Dong Bang Shin Ki is currently busy with their promotion in Japan. There were some fans who protested against Seoul Music Awards for being unfair for Dong Bang Shin Ki‘s non-participation. One netizen said, “Seoul Music Award’s fairnesss! Request for abolition!”

Other netizens have also said, “They should understand that Dong Bang Shin Ki is promoting in Japan. It becomes a problem if they don’t give the award for no-show.”

Group Big Bang is another big winner for tonight – they also won 4 awards: BonSang, mobile popularity award, High1 award and best album award.










Newcomer award

  1. SHINee
  2. Davichi
  3. Mighty Mouth




Best album award

  1. Big Bang

Digital album award

  1. WonderGirls

Mobile popularity award

  1. Dong Bang Shin Ki
  2. Big Bang

Performance and cultural award

  1. Kim Jang Hoon

HighOne Music Award

  1. Big Bang

Adult Music Award

  1. Park Hyun Bin


  1. Baek Ji Young

HanRyu Special Award

  1. SS501



WonderGirls – DaeSang

Big Bang – Best album award

Dong Bang Shin Ki – Mobile popularity award

[Performance] – SunYe, DaeSung and other stars on trot performance

45 Responses

  1. Okay this is 2009 music awards can i just ask where was SNSD!?!?! i swear the Gee craze kicked off 2009 music?? i know wonder girls are amazing, congrats to them, but they havent been here for 2009 and newcomer award i swear theres been tons of debuts but very glad shinee and davichi got it (L) Lauren xoxo

  2. I know that people find it weird and irritated by the fans’ doing..
    but please understand…don’t everyone feel that awards should be given to those who actually deserved it and won it fair and square, instead of because of attendance and to make the show fun to watch, give the award to second best? Anyways, people who don’t like dbsk would feel that this is no big deal…
    But awards mean alot to artists. It proves that they did well and worked hard.
    Because you did not attend or could not attend, doesn’t mean that you should not receive it.
    Anyways, cassies are kind of crazy sometimes, but it just means that the fans love them a lot.
    Just beacuse the fans love them doesn’t mean that others should say that they are crazy or pathetic…there’s nothing wrong about loving them and hoping that they win..
    Its the same with every other artists.
    If the fans bother all of you so much..then just ignore them…don’t need to argue or show your dissatisfaction towards their actions..They didn’t mean to anger people anyways..

  3. damn it! i totally agree with ewww….. i loved dbsk befoe.. but now these cassies piss me off… my room mate is a die hard dbsk fan and i keep on saying she’s a cassiopean.. she hates being called that way. damn pathetic…

  4. […] Korea – 18th HighOne Seoul Music Awards [Kbites] […]

  5. i love big bang more!

  6. […] Korea – 18th HighOne Seoul Music Awards [Kbites] […]

  7. Big Bang would have deserved the Dae Sang as well. But congrats to WG!

  8. hoichu, yes . they did. they won the daesang last year.

  9. lol i dont think thats trot sunye, daesung and others’s singing
    is that kim jang hoon?
    id like to know the title song, its pretty good

  10. without a doubt TVXQ is amazing. But its heartbreaking that their name is dismantled because of few insolent people. To say it like OH YEAH WELL DONG BANG SHIN KI SHOULD HAVE JUST SHOWED UP AND THEY COULD GOT THE AWARD. Is stupid. An award is an award and isn’t it said that there shouldn’t be someone to tell you who has the best music/album/song. These award shows are stupid. We should congratulate dbsk for their amazing feats in Japan. Because not to be insanely rude towards the korean music industry , but Japans market is highly prestigious and becoming an oricon topper isn’t that easy. In itself that could have been the award in place of this one =] . I’m glad big bang got recognized for their intense work this whole year. THIS ALWAYS HAPPENs AFTER AWARD SHOWS! lol

  11. has big bang ever won the daesang before?

  12. erm yeah.. DBSK should have won the awards..next time, we’ll remind the upcoming award shows producers to give a special award to DBSK, so as to satisfy cassiopeia’s obssession and godly fandom!

    goodness gracious! other artists deserve those awards more than DBSK hence the awards were given to them. so, cassies, for once, be happy .

    You cassies are really pissing me off, and mainly the reason why i stopped liking DBSK (yes, i do favour some of their songs). And don’t say that it’s my loss, because i rather stay away and not be affliated with scary fans that juxtaposes DBSK alongside family and god. of course, that was directed to some cassies, not all. mostly maybe.

  13. ahhh..congrats to all the winners especially Big Bang,DBSK and wonder Girls!!..BB wins 4 awrds??..gosh,that’s really good..and DBSK still win even they’re not attend..=D and for WG,they deserve it..nobody is a good songs..again,congrats to all the winners!!..^^

  14. Congratulations to all and I think they all deserved it.

    Hmm I don’t like how the stockings look on WG, they look better without it.

    TVXQ deserves that award and has every right to receive it.

  15. @elaisvip

    lol.. love that pic.. thanks for sharing… leadahs love…

  16. congrats everyone XD


  17. ahh congrats to all winners esp BIGBANG!!!!!!!!!
    wooooop xDDD
    hmm no offence to any of the girls but wonder girls really shouldnt recieve ALL the daesang awrds because there are wayyyyyyyy better singers who can actually sing out there and have a lot of talent but wondergirls just butts in with their apprently cuteness~ and their good dances.
    they dont even write their own songs hello!

    (p.s and in the first pic, (the wondergirls winning a prize one), yoobin and sohhee look like they are about to kiss.)


  18. congratulate to all of the winners!!!!! ^_^
    b4 this i thought no other groups can beat dbsk cuz we all know that they come from a great entertainment company (SM Ent), the best asia group and got an ARMY of cassie (im 1 of them b4 this), who will backup their idol in any way they can. But as we can see today, wg and bb too have a great talent to compete with dbsk. and to the cassie, please be open minded and if u are truly wan dbsk win all the awards why dun u held a Cassie Music Award and give them as many awardssssssssssss as u want? please consider of my idea…..

  19. CONGRATS to all the WINNERS!!! =]
    Wonder Girls look very pretty =]
    Ah,, the boys were wearing Black & Pink.
    For Valentine’s i guess. Ooh.
    I’m surprise 2AM & 2PM and some newer groups
    weren’t in there.

  20. I’m glad that big bang and wonder girls are the big winners
    it proves that Wonder girls is the best korean girl band
    they can stand along DBSK BigBang and Rain and i haven’t heard that there’s any girl band who is as popular and successful as them
    the other girl band such as____ and ____they think that they are the big rivals to WGs must work very hard and especially ____ must have something different not recycle things to beat them and they should try to have their promotion the same time as WGs

  21. i thought big bang and dbsk didn’t get nominated?
    huh.. i’m not complaining though (:

    they totally deserve it
    lmao @ yeEun during their speech
    they seemed so surprised, they didn’t have a speech planned..
    so grateful.. love my WG. (:

  22. I agree with phatasm24.

    And yes NOBODY is still going strong.
    Just like their TELL ME before. It was so addicting, people kept doing the dance and making parodies of it. Yay WG!

  23. honestly i don’t think there is a need to be afraid of the cassies. i mean they’re just a bunch of fan girls what more can they do (other than worshipping the ground their idol walks on *roll eyes*-sheesh).

    the cassies ought to do more wordly education. wait they can’t ‘cos their views are too narrow minded [:

    of course congratulations to all the winners. after what 5 months after ‘Nobody’ debuted it has been still going strong. way to go WG πŸ˜€

  24. BB’s won the award for the album Remember. I heard it from livejournal/vicky.

  25. Dude. Daesung has a really dark tan now! Darker than Youngbae’s spray on tan!

  26. When the ‘blank’ will awards in Korea be given on talent not popularity. This is why the rest of the world has no interested in Korean music. Come on. I am getting sick of this.

  27. gosh people cheer on them atleast they got award. if they didnt then that would be a crime. lol. just because Dbsk is like the biggest stars doesnt mean they have to win certain amounts of awards. they werent that active last year and what they got is what they deserved. the fans expects TOO many things from dbsk….

    anyways…congrats to BIG BANG for winning 4 awards! love them :] they’ve done so much in just one year. ^^

    dissapointed that FT Island didnt get an award….:(

  28. I love how DBSK fans only protest when DBSK doesn’t win awards hohoho. Could it be they’re not the best group out there right now? Yes. Maybe, just maybe.
    In any case, congrats to the winners~! ❀

  29. congrats to wondergirls, big bang, dbsk and everyone else who won! the girls really did deserve the daesang! im so proud of them! i just want to point out that this is their second daesang not the first. the first one was the daesang for the 2008 mkmf. they won song of the year πŸ™‚

  30. liza: that is the KOREA Music Awards, different show =D

    wonderbang again ❀ congrats to wondergirls for taking home the big one.

    leader min and kwonleadah

  31. Oh Cassies… There’s always something they’re unsatisfied with! I agree with pretty much everything said above in regards to those crazy girls.

    Congrats to the WonderGirls and Big Bang. They’ve worked harder than any other groups (in Korea) this year, so they truly deserve all the awards they’ve gotten. i hope both groups take a nice break for a while! They’ve earned it.

    @ Sookyeong: this is me displaying some of my ignorance/confusion, but I thought that the idol groups weren’t nominated for the Seoul Music Awards this year and that there was a fuss over it earlier. Am I just totally wrong or have I confused this with something else? Also, what is the High1 Award? Is it a popularity thing or a sales thing?

  32. this year*

  33. I’m so glad big bang and wondergirls are the big winners of the night. they’ve worked really hard this yes. congrats to wondergirls for winning Daesung(^^), yeah i know it’s Daesang. LOOL.

    anyway – big bang forever and ever and ever.

    i was looking on the soompi and maybe people question it because in 2006 tvxq won, 2007 big bang won and 2008 wg won. i don’t know – coincidental.

    Frankly, i don’t care – as long as everyone gets something in return for the hard work and dedication .

    i love big bang.

  34. totally agree with TVXQBBLOVE. Cass are always complaining and whining this and that when DBSK doesnt win enough or get as many awards. CASSIES SCARES ME ALL THE TIME.

    I don’t get how cassies are so blinded till they can’t tell what’s appropriate and what’s not. Everytime there’s an issue on DBSK getting awards I would see cassies complaining even when they are the big winner of the night, they will still complain. -.-”

    Like what above had said, if they wanted to win, they should have gone to the award ceremony. Bargaining for the award would only make DBSK look like they are in need or lack of some awards to keep. Losing one or two awards doesn’t make a difference to the huge amount of accomplishments and awards gained.

    I think BB and WG WELL DESERVED the awards, with their hardwork and yeah they are shining brightly in korea and parts of the world too!

    U have good points there, but u noe cass will not give up. its like a child wanting candy. =) not meant to sound mean but cass scares me sometimes.

    w/e, congrats too all winners of the night

  36. wow! TVXQBBLOVE nice speech.

  37. Congrats to WG! So happy for them! They looked so gorgeous.
    As for BB, they’re amazingggggg, I am so glad they won ‘Best Album Award,’ they truly deserve it. With the pink theme, gosh they’re just too cute. I love their performances.

    With the DBSK issue, I really don’t get Cassies most of the time. They complain and complain (I mean it’s normal to be disappointed but they’re taking it out of line), if DBSK and SM wanted the awards they would surely show up. It’s just like the GDA Awards with BB, I remember Cassies saying this and that, ”BB didn’t win cause they didn’t show up…..BB should’ve went if they wanted to win…And etc.” And now it’s vice-versa and Cassies (most, NOT all) are being big hypocrites. I just don’t get it…. Hey, I love the DBSK boys too, and we all know they’re worthy of awards (and more), but it’s just an award, and like BB’s philosophy, ‘The biggest award is our fans.’ And I’m sure most/all stars feel this way. Like someone mentioned above, it’s so immature and childish to ‘bargain’ for awards. DBSK wouldn’t want to win like that.

    Damn this is long (this is why I shouldn’t be k-poppin’ at work!!! =D), but I just had to say it. I don’t care if Cassies get pissed, if they do, they know I am telling the truth.

    Thanks for posting Sookyeong, you’re quick.

  38. Goo Big Bang!!!!!!!!

  39. @luvzBabyRi

    gosh.. u’re right.. can’t believe i short-counted for the boys ><

  40. CONGRATS BIGBANG [&& everyone else that won]!!
    soo proud && of them boys!! its been soo long since we last seen them together && its going to be a long wait till we see them together again =( [until then rewatch everything!!XD]
    wait.. didnt bb win 4 awards??

    WOW!! im proud of WGs.. its been a while since girl gorups can be so popular!! way to go girls!!<3

  41. Congrats to all the artistes who won something at the 18th Seoul Music Awards ;D

    Congrats to our girls who bagged home the daesangs ❀


  42. As much as i love DBSK, i think it was immature of fans to bargain for their award.

    it is quite comman for award shows to give awards to those who attended if not it would be such a boring show right?

    To bag to awards though they were not present is already something they should be proud off. How many stars can do that.

    I’m really glad WGs won it, it was a great 2nd anniversary gift. Good luck to WGs in the future!

  43. Oh…congrats to all winners! WG is one phenomenal girl group…they beat out every guys out there… πŸ˜€

    Btw, which album BB won the best album award for? Stand Up or Remember?

  44. They should just shut up…why there’s always dissatisfaction and complains after every awards? -.-

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