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Jo Kwon, “Tiffany is my ideal type of girl”


2AM member Jo Kwon confessed that his ideal type is actually So Nyeo Shi Dae Tiffany.

So Nyeo Shi Dae had came together on 13th February in Seoul JoongGoo MTV Studio for the filming of cable channel MTV ‘Class Up!’. Super Junior KangIn has posed a question to Jo Kwon, “Who in So Nyeo Shi Dae is the closest to your ideal type of girl?”

He pointed towards Tiffany and said, “I’m her fan.”

KangIn pretended to be annoyed and asked, “Really? Tiffany is your ideal type?” And Jo Kwon answered, “I like Jessica too.”


Jo Kwon and KangIn will be the MC to the show ‘Class Up!’.

Meanwhile, KangIn also posed the question to So Nyeo Shi Dae, “What if, as a guy, I have to date someone from one of you, is there anyone you would recommend?”

And Tiffany said, “The 9 of us each have different indivituality so it’s hard to say. Yuri is cute and precocious while maknae Seo Hyun is really feminine. So it depends on what kind of girl the guy will like.”



This episode of ‘Class Up!’ will be aired on 21st February on MTV at 7.50pm.

LOL.. “I like Jessica too”.. this is not something a guy should say in that situation :p

Thanks to Emma, here’s a video of Jo Kwon

23 Responses

  1. […] Or at least that what Sooyoung said on the filming for upcoming episode of ‘Hello Baby’. What interesting is, Jo Kwon also once revealed that >>his ideal type is Tiffany<<. […]

  2. @echo
    So what if he’s ugly? I love his personality!

    And when i read this new, i was smiling from ear to ear! Cos I like Tiffany the most in SNSD and Kwonnie the most in 2AM. Seems like they are made for each other. Lol.


  3. he is ugly

  4. Hm.. Interesting.
    & @ lala : I still think he’s gay.

  5. sharon why did you said that??? he didnt have to checked his eyes.. his eyes are fine if he just said he likes tiff?? tiffany is really CUTE!! =) n Sweet!! i love all of snsd!! =)

  6. omo!! i love snsd!! they are such a dorky/cutie/sweetie lil kiddss…. =) i like them… n i think all the guys will loving them.. =) 2pm/2am.. =) hahaha… happy for this good news.. =)

  7. why do antis come in my mind whenever tiffany is mentioned =.=; that guy needs to get his eyes checked

  8. Lols; i agree. He shouldn’t have added that he
    liked Jessica. Ahaha but okay. Cute.

  9. lol jo kwon and tiffany are both crazy energetic and happy
    i LOVED him in the encore of gee xd best encore perf of gee ever

  10. they look good together :3

  11. JoKwon is hilarious ❤
    I understand why guys love Tiffany… she’s actually very bubbly and fun to be around with. Very out-spoken.

  12. this boy is blind mannnn,
    sunye go buy ur BBF some glasses!!!!

  13. I thought the Wonder in Wonderboys was more -> WG…>.>
    It wouldnt be Wonderboys if they didnt do WG’s songs….. especially since every time they do a perf, WG’s songs are longer and they all have a happier expression….. *just speaking plain truth from their expressions >.<*

  14. Never thought he was gay lol. He just likes to be funny and he is ^^ Jo Kwon is hilarious.

    Gee or Pretty Girl should be next Wonder Boys performance XD

  15. haas. i will not be surprise at all. in all honesty 😛

  16. @Emma

    thanks for the link!

    I think Jo Kwon likes the two because they’re KorAm?

    I want to say more but…well…hehe…

    …Jo Kwon really enjoys performing girl groups’ songs. ^^

  17. haha xD

  18. he can their song too haha

  19. ^ HAHA! i thought he was gay too..but he’s so hilarious..he’s my fav in Wonder Boys. XD

  20. @lala


  21. ……..and here i thought he was gay.
    you learn something new each day.

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