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‘Family Outing’ members get some love


Thanks to the sharing by Vicky, it has been known that Big Bang DaeSung‘s fanclub DCDS had showered the ‘Family Outing’ crew and stars with awesome gifts.

And they are simply luxurious…

For the staff: hoodie.

And there is this Family hoodies with the Family members characters printed on them



Gift to DaeSung – loads of things to help him get out of ‘Dumb and Dumber’ – books and calculator


Present to Hyori and Yoon Jong Shin (and his son too ^^)


Present to Cheon Hee (Chunderella) and Yoo Jae Seok – calculator for him too


Gift to Kim Jong Kook and Park Ye Jin (she’s got knives haha)


Present for Kim Soo Ro and even for the PD – PD Jang


There’s even fan-written letters for each of the Family members.


Here’s the Family members wearing their hoodies


So much love in the Family.. ^^ Loved this show.


Credit: family outing thread on soompi

37 Responses

  1. OMG!!
    there r really lots,lots,lots,n lots of gifts!!
    all of it r just very2 nice!!
    even the staff get gifts~they r very determine!!!

    i wanna do it tooo!!LOL
    its just looks like a gift shop!!kkkk
    they all r awesome!!!
    congratulations to them!!
    i’m sure that dae sung felt very2 glad to have fans like them!!!

    ~kinda give inspiration for me n i’ll do it too..one day~

  2. u guys are great…..
    i hope i can do something like that toooooooo

  3. does anyone know where to get the blank hoodies, i love the design 😦

  4. really cute. which episode do they wear their hoodies?


  6. @Vannessa
    but I bet he sure loves to be touched by Dae!! 😛 TOP also does most of the touching to Dae anyways xD

    the gifts are sweeeeet !! eek, so happy for them! ^___^

  7. what episode did they weat thier hoodies??

  8. wow this is so sweet =D


  9. That’s so sweet of Dae Sung’s fans to do that….
    I’m sure the family appreciates the care.

  10. awwww … vips are the best ^^

  11. I saw family wearing some matching hoodies in the preview for Yoona episode..
    i did’t know that it was the hoodies given by Dae’s fans..
    i juz love family love so much!!!

  12. omg…thats a lot…

  13. THANK YOU!! 🙂

  14. Wow, the gifts are pretty sweet, and I love the scene of Dae jumping al over TOP! I heard TOP doesn’t like to be touched right?

  15. @swtz,I believe DC means Daum Club.am just guessing cause all BB boys have one.like DCGD and DCDS,so on.

  16. WOW! These fans are amazing. AMAZING!

  17. lol i love the last hoodie… ‘guest’ hahahaha

  18. what does DC mean?

  19. Wow Daesung’s fans are awesome!! That’s so nice of them ❤
    Those hoodies are hardcore haha~

  20. i like MC YOO’s new bullhorn the best
    that got me all excited
    hopefully he’ll use it in the next episode

  21. WAH
    that is SO SWEET of them!!!

  22. those are some generous fans…. kudos to them! I’m sure the entire cast and crew will be inspired

  23. omg…so cute!!! so sweet of them to give to all the family members and staffs…even jong shin’s cute son get something… XD

  24. wow such dedicated fans for dae, i love the hoodies

  25. OMg thats so freakin cool!
    Which episode is this??

  26. i love the DOUBLE EYELID GLASSES given to Kim Jong Kook!!!! LOL… The fans are AMAZING!!!

  27. hell yea i saw this somewhere else before KPOP!!
    i really wish that i was in korea doing all this stuff to Family Outing and bigbang!!!
    i would love to make stuff/decorate stuff for them!
    just hoping that they would like them n.n

    ahh cant wait till they wear it on the upcoming show of “FO”


  28. yeah i saw this on DCDS, the fans are so sweet! they’ll be wearing the sweaters on next week’s episode with yoona, can’t wait to see it all.

  29. AWESOME ❤

  30. wOw…O_O…

  31. That is so freakin’ amazing! The hoodies are so cute! I hope they sell in stores/online (LOL!), I really want the Daesung, MC Yoo, and Ye Jin (so funny that she got knives) hoodies! Dayummm, the VIPs be ballin’!
    The family members look sooooo happy and cute with the hoodies.

  32. Daesung has some of the best fans ever! I love that they did this for the whole family and staff! Really they are the best! DCDS FIGHTING!! ^^

  33. WOW,thats a LOT of stuff,Dae’s fans are awesome!

  34. so cute! Daesung fans love him!

  35. Awesome
    And I saw the second part for TOP’s outing
    So funny
    Especially how he acts around his hyung.

    Wow 대성’s fans are very considerate.

  36. wow. that’s so nice of daesung’s fans. they really thought of what gifts they would give. cute personalized hoodies.

  37. CUTE!

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