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Korea netizens’ newest gadget ‘MR Removed’ videos to evaluate singers


There has been recently a craze amongst netizens to post up ‘MR removed’ videos on the internet which also led to many comparing the vocal powers of various singers.

‘MR removed’ videos minimizes any MR (music recorded) in the song and maximizes the vocal of the singer – the singer’s vocal will be the only thing audible possible.

For a singer who cannot sing well, with all the sound magnification and voice companion at the chorus, the song may sound alright. But with the ‘MR removed’ version, only the vocal of the singer will be clearly audible.

Especially recently, a lot of ‘MR removed’ versions of live performances have been posted on the internet, and netizens have been comparing between singers on their vocal prowess.

Currently, the hot favourites for ‘MR removed’ clips are done mostly on popular groups  and also other singers  – but dance songs have been given especially sharp evaluations by the netizens.

While netizens felts that singers like Big Bang, Dong Bang Shin Ki, So Nyeo Shi Dae, Cheon Sang Ji Hee and BoA have good live vocal capabilities, some netizens felt that live performances by WonderGirls, KARA and TaeGoon to be disappointing.

So Nyeo Shi Dae – ‘Gee’ (MR Removed)

Big Bang – ‘Sunset Glow’

SHINee – ‘Replay’

WonderGirls ‘Tell Me’

Hyori ‘U-Go-Girl’

The rest here…

Some other ‘MR Removed’ clips….

LOL.. this MR Removed videos are really interesting.. I actually found one for Dong Bang Shin Ki‘s ‘Bolero’ MV, and OMG Dong Bang oppas’ vocals sounds superb..

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  4. OMG, DBSK’s Vocal is really good!!

  5. Can someone make/post up a MR-removed version of 2pm’s performances? Preferably Only You because they sing more in that song 😀 I am such a big fan of 2pm <33333333 and I wanna see how they sound. Although I know it’s probably not going to be AS GOOD since they do all that really good dancing, and flips and acrobatic moves. But still, it’s interesting to know. Even if they do sound bad, HOTTEST FTW

  6. I knew WG (or maybe just sohee) couldn’t sing live even without this MR thing…I mean her bit in Tell Me was always out of pitch…but she’s adorable and lots of ahjusshis will still love her….

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  8. WOW, I’m impressed with Hyori! Everytime I saw her LIVE singing on TV I’d shudder because it didn’t seem too good, but the MR removed actually sounds better!

    I love and yet hate this MR removed system. It exposes artists, and that’s good for those who are talented, bad and embarassing for those who aren’t as good.

  9. […] Korea netizens’ newest gadget ‘MR Removed’ videos to evaluate singers There has been recently a craze amongst netizens to post up ‘MR removed’ videos on the internet which also […] […]

  10. i seriously think that NOBODY can beat DBSK!they are just too good to be true!very strong vocal for an idol!

  11. felt that as long every artist give their best performance,i don’t think the antis do these.

    they cannot judge wonder girls just by ‘tell me’ ‘tell me’ is not a easy song to sing,the pitch can reach really high, i think so hee have improved in term of singing. wonder girls sure have vocal skills.please don’t judge them just by those video,they have other talent too 😀

  12. Hmm well I’m not really surprised with the results. I think SNSD did pretty well, they don’t sync perfect in the chorus, but I can forgive that, because they dance a lot.

    BB & TVXQ still sounds good. They could sing acapella and it would still sound good. Taeyang should work more on his dance/singing ability, he cracks pretty often, but he’s still good.

    SHINee’s perf is really weird too hear, too much back-up layers >.<;;; For newbie’s they’re really good, I could only tell Key to work a bit more on his control.

    Taegoon is bad ._. and so is KARA, but I already knew that from both xD
    WG really dissapointed me… I thought Sunmi, Sunye and Yeeun had better vocals. Sohee was a fact, but the other members ._.

    I still have to look at SS501. I actually love these kind of videos. Shows who REALLY has talent and who doesn’t.

  13. Thanks for sharing =D

    The ones from Daum were REALLY slow to load
    and I couldn’t find any on youtube O.o

  14. this is so interesting!!! thanks for sharing!!

  15. WOw, it is unusual to listen to singers sing live without the MR. The voices sound a little too different
    But I guess it’s a nice change

  16. stop bashing other artists…i think that this thing was cool..but stop bashing them…so what if they can’t really sing live…i bet you still listen to them 24/7 as much as you hate them singing live..so don’t say that they suck because you will say that and then end up listening to them..and besides their vocal have gotten way better no anyways…music is music..

  17. […] , due to the release of MR videos , our 9+5 girls have been receiving loads of unwelcomed comments . : ( (just my 2 […]

  18. just because sohee is well known for sounding like a screeching cat, it doesn’t mean she can get over with it. This is why i don’t like her, she never improves!! ugh..other members of WG..i can see the improvement like sunmi or sunye..but sohee?? BLEH.

    wonder girls nobody w/o MR

    Stop talking about 9 girls singing less lines..when WG doesn’t even sing their nobody nobody but you chorus. That chorus is the MR.

  19. Everyone is targetting at Sohee when it’s a well known fact that she can’t really sing with or without modification. Other WG are ok. Well, SNSD all sound the same except that Hyoyeon should not be singing. She and Sohee is at the same standard but Sohee got it hard since she’s more famous… Kara, I know their voices are not that good but Honey is so catchy…it’s my favorite song at the moment.

    Hmmm well, I don’t really care about all this. Just as long as the song is nice and I like their performances, who really cares? If you want perfect pitch vocal, why don’t go listen to opera?

  20. the Big Bang sound complete normal to me
    the WG one doesn’t surprise me that much though

  21. Ya kind of unfair for tell me
    they hardly really sang much

    I heard them singing saying i love you it was so much better.

    Sorry but i really think that SNSD did not sing as well as reports claim.

    My sister was like “who is singing???!!!” with a wth face


  22. What’s with SM SM and SM? The people that work the hardest are the most successful. It doesn’t matter which entertainment business they come from.

  23. Since it’s not up there..
    DBSK’s Gayo Daejeon Perf – Wrong Number and Mirotic MR

  24. waaaahhhh… snsd are better than wg . suprised me .
    i thought wg is better bcz everyone lovee them . but seriuosly im a fan of WG toooooo . hmm kara’s vocal not really good. i think they have to improve alot cz nowdays, they r so manyy rival .

    omg , dbsk is such a good SINGERRRR ! same goes to bigbang, SHINee !

  25. Coming from a Wonderful …

    Got to admit Sohee doesn’t do live (but at least you can hear she’s trying) that well but I think the other members are perfectly fine with their live .

    And yeah . Like what Saella said , Tell Me and So Hot were songs whereby JYP didn’t want them to sing with vocal techniques . He wanted the vibrato out from those songs .

    BIG BANG ! Their live’s woots ! ❤ MR or not they still sound the same . Exactly like how they sound like in their CDs . : ) Same goes to DBSK , the kings of Asia ❤

    SNSD isn’t as bad as everyone thinks , just that they used to lip-sync so often people had the misconception they can’t sing . But somehow rather I find Hyoyeon’s technique of dragging her ending notes slightly unprofessional especially since her part’s just before Taeyeon’s . And Taengoo is a superb singer you can just hear the difference . :/

  26. WG is not that good. However, i didn’t found this group as a real singers but from their appearance. SNSD has a good vocal (at least their own song) I found of this group because their vocal and bad scandal.

  27. BIG BANG ROCKS. their live performances were GREAT. Rap’s not easy because you have to catch the beat and tune etc. but yeah they are still doing a great job! 😀
    With MR or not, they sound the same!

    Don’t care whether WG sing poor, to me they are Korea’s hottest girlgroup because of their attitude, the respect they give to others and the charm they give out naturally! Singing is not all, it’s the performance on the whole that catches the attention of people.

  28. omg big bang’s awesome!!!! yay!
    i heard wg live once and they really werent good.. but i didnt know they were THAT bad. 😦

  29. why does everyone judges wg in tell me? seriously.. they have improved ALOT!! wg forever!

  30. i don’t care snsd better than wg
    cause i love wg more
    artist is not only focus in sing..
    but performance

  31. in my opinion , snsd cheorography is harder than wg but snsd is 100% better than wg . omg seriously kara cant sing man .

  32. dude,its not about 5 or 9 ppl . its all about VOCAL . if u say that things is the prob how come dbsk/bigbang can LIVEE very well . even boa also can LIVE well(she is singing n dancing all the way) but i think hyori cant LIVE very well cz she is out of breath . to me boa’s cheorography is harder than hyori . wg sucks all the way in singing .

    for my opinion DBSK is the best singer in the asia . thats why we can call them THE STAR OF ASIA .

    • That’s why I love BoA. She can hold it down more than half of the girlgroups…And she’s doing it alone, singing and dancing hardcore alone, with no one to help her, so I always wonder why can’t some girlgroups do the same. BoA, glad you’re a real performer, not just using looks and catchy dances to get by.

  33. SNSD was much better than I thought. I love the Wonder Girls but they do have their off perfs.

  34. This MR brings JUSTICE to SOME singers like: BB, DBSK, even Lee Hyori and SNSD. But for some singers this is not very good, because most singers know they aren’t vocally very stable but try to cover it up with stage presence and hard choreo, so we should still give credit to all singer for doing what they do. I Love Big Bang & DBSK though, Justice to their abilities!! 😛

  35. Malu
    what’s wrong with you?
    you must have personality disorder.
    please go to psychiatric
    before your condition too late.
    and clinic for hearing impairment..
    Yeeun is best singer

  36. nice discousion

  37. Wow! SS501 live skills are awesome! ^^

  38. WG, Shinee, BB suck ass. They are juts mumbling over the background music.
    WG, oh WG, all of them sound stupid, weak and off tune. The supposed-to-be-talented-but-fat-like-a-hamburger ‘YeE…something’ can’t sing to save her fat asses.

  39. snsd is good
    big bang is great
    wg kinda off tune especially sohee.. she’s like she was sucking her tummy in. her real voice is kinda rough but when she sing she seems controlling her voice to look cute and soft until her voice can rarely be heard.
    hyori lee always out of breath. u can hear her breathing when she sing.
    lots of fake in some singer
    only their look can charms us but the facts their voice is suck
    sorry tht’s only wht my opinion

  40. SHINEE sing like SHIT. They hardly sing anything…

  41. i didnt need mr to tell me who could sing and who can’t. are you people honestly surprised by those who can’t? i guess its good for those who you though couldn’t sing though. what do all those snsd haters have to say now?

    sm ftw!

  42. Do we really need this gadget to love/hate a artist ?
    I mean it’s not like we love a singer only because he sing well.

  43. true Big Bang raps most of the time, but there’s TaeYang, DaeSung and SeungRi who still do so well in singing live.

  44. DBSK Bolero was awesome! I was wondering if I could get a link for the dl if available. I could listen to it all day. It’s so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  45. Man I was on Daum…
    And I saw the “mr제거…(artist name)”
    and I was like that doesn’t make sense..
    Mr. (artist name)..Now it does…

  46. lol BB raps most of the song , and they rarely dance

  47. i knew that DBSK was really good… but this just blows my mind!
    how can they be this good? its amazingg~
    i agree…. it seems that SM Entertainment wins this round since all of their singers seem just as good with or without MR

    kudos to big bang… they were good too!

  48. should they need machine
    to prove their singer can or can’t sing?
    or they don’t have ears..
    this is funny…

  49. i’m ignored this things.
    They judge wonder Girls in tell me and so hot song
    but not in nobody & irony..
    they have powerful voices in there

  50. i have to say SS501 sounded good which i was quite surprise because from previous performances, they’ve improved ALOT.

    Big Bang, SNSD, Shinee were all quite good. I thought it was obvious but im glad they’re doing this. we can further evaluate haha.

    whoever thought of this either is REALLY bored or have alot of time on their hand. regardless, im glad they shared this.

  51. and here is where all the excuses start pouring in XD

    seriously did they really need something like this to see if singers can sing or not……….i knew from day one from the official recorded version of tell me that sohee could not sing, no amount of synthesizer/mecha work of wonderous technology is ever going to convince me that, that girl can sing, and for those who say she can; you’re tone deaf(don’t say you don’t think your tone deaf, there are a lot of tone deaf people out there who don’t know that they’re tone deaf)
    p.s. i have nothing against tone deaf people except when they start talking about music.

  52. -__- are netizens deaf?? cant they tell if someone is bad at singing?? really…

  53. Wow, this is really interesting!
    I’ve only seen the embedded videos and everyone’s vocals were pretty good!! The only singer I felt sang really bad was Sohee…
    DBSK singing Bolero was amazing, as expected!
    I have to check back here later and watch the rest. ^_^

  54. honestly i’m really pissed off with you lots here. just cos there this wonderful service/device/gadget called MR here that stripped down the singers to bare nothingess and only amp up their vocals and they didn’t live up to you lots expectations, you get all whiny. seriously! think! what was the reason for you lots here who supported them in the first place? aren’t you people contradicting yourself? sheesh. i don’t expect every singers to sound great even when i decided to click ‘play’ on the videos.
    and the irony when all of us were going gaga when WG won daesang a few days back. *roll eyes at ignorance*

  55. eek, Sohee! *ears bleed*

  56. i dont see why netizens are disappionted with wg
    i mean i understand sohee but everyone sounds fine

  57. BB’s lives are great, they sound really good, but their dance moves aren’t as hard hitting.

    SNSD are good.

    WG needs to improve.

    DBSK are good. They’re an acappella group so it’s pointless removing background music in their performances.

    Kara needs to improve. So does Taegoon, he hardly sings in his performance.

  58. I think BB has the best live performances, considering the upbeat song, along with the fast, upbeat dance moves. One thing that got me into BB was their live performances. They got me smitten after ‘La La La,’ especially Taeyang. =)
    TVXQ’s vocals shine through their live ballads. I don’t really like when they perform pop songs, like ‘Mirotic,’ their vocals aren’t used to their full potential but their dancing is.
    Though I don’t follow SNSD as much as WG, I enjoy watching WG more but SNSD has great vocals.

    This MR thing is pretty cool!

  59. >.< Can someone post up the link of DBSK’s MR?

  60. WG was alright I guess.I have to give credit to Yeeun and Sunye though, they sound almost the same to the mp3.
    SNSD, what can I say, Taeng and Sica’s vocals are ♥♥♥.
    SM town Hwaiting!!

  61. @above

    sorry folks.. i can’t seem to find another link to the vocal-only version of Big Bang ‘foolish love’.. 😦

  62. Lol with or without MR Big Bang sounds pretty much the same…GREAT! lol. JiYong and TOPPIE dont have to worry cuz they rap. lol. It doesnt require much good voice its just like talking fast. tee-hee ^^

  63. i wonder why WG dont do well live…
    but they sing good in recording???
    Dont they know how they sound like LIVE?
    I really love WG……
    but while a lot of you say SoHee’s voice is not good live, i dont hear it. Lol. I always thought she was good. Maybe im just too in love with WG. Maybe no, because i do pay attention to their vocals..

    SNSD’s voice is so gooood.
    But then again…its 9 girls. Kara and WG have 5 each and ofcourse WG would have trouble singing kissing you since its a 9 girls song while theres 5 of them.

  64. no doubt…SM artists are just better trained. Like srsly Kara and WG. 😡

  65. I kind of expected that kind of performance from kara TBH… and they don’t even sing the chorus, which surprised me.

    I was proud of BB’s performance, as always =) Foolish Love is my favourite song from the album too.

  66. I’m in love with DBSK’s voices music or no music.
    The Bolero MV without the music sounds freaking amazing.

  67. @KatieJ

    You do realize that most, if not all of the SNSD members sing more than Hara and Jiyoung despite the fact that Kara is a 5 member group right?

  68. Honestly, for all of the girl groups they improved a lot n the singing area. I really hate this MR thing, because it’s another way for anti-fans to bash the girl groups.

    For KARA, I’ve always watched their performances and they always sound bad their first performance for a debut single, and that perf was their first perf for Pretty Girl. Watch Honey in MR and it’s good :]

    For SNSD, they sing very well. But for 9 girls, who each sings like a 10 words, they’ll sing good.

    For Wonder girls, they all sing good, but the only person that still needs work is Sohee. I still think that JYP should of waited and let her train more. But overall the girls are still good.

  69. korean netizens seems doens’t have life to
    do all this things

  70. @ddalgi
    Actually, I really like Big Bang without MR. 🙂
    They sound really good with Haru Haru and Sunset Glow without MR. Maybe they were just off on that perf? :O

    SNSD was better then I thought.

    And 2PM. It’s hard for them though. They’re doing flips and everything while singing. :O

  71. @ CupCake,
    And yeah, I like to laugh at all the antis now for coming up with such unreasonable, stupid reasons to hate a group. They all have talent even if they aren’t strong in vocals.

  72. It’s no doubt that SM artists have stronger vocals.

  73. soshi has been on point since almost the beginning of their career…the first few ITNW perfs were a tiny bit shaky, but the others were great. This video only shows it more!

    This was why I was astounded at Popseoul saying they loved WG’s version of Kissing You and absolutely bashing SNSD’s TEll Me, saying it was painful. Psh!

  74. i used to have a live performance by bigbang for last farewell, and it was MR removed, & MAN…as much as i love them…it sucked! i’m sure my beloved wondergirls wouldnt be rated very high either. but for me, i dont really care.

    i guess netizens are trying to prove something with these files, but idol singers are going to be idolized & loved no matter what, so. eh.

    SM singers do well live. i wish JYP would demand the same so that netizens would freaking shut up about wondergirls & 2PM. -0-;

  75. Bolero was absolutely amazing. Thanks for putting the link up!

  76. btw i’ve heard DBSK oppas and BB oppas acapella b4..^_^ [AWESOME]

    but the rest?…mayb i just missed it?..anyone can tell me where i can find it?…tnx ^_^

  77. why dont they just ask the artists to sing live without music at all…,,acapella?..then “I” would b more convince…^_^

  78. There’s no much difference with SNSD’s vocals. However, try letting sing individually, maybe there will be something.. this goes for all artists.

  79. That’s why i love all of SM TOWN artist !!
    They have some BIg vocal !!

  80. someone uploaded some vids of SHINee, SNSD, WG, Rain, BB etc on YT..

    Just check this channel

    No doubt that people from SM are pretty good live singers.

  81. yay! as expected from SHINee, they did perfectly!~~

  82. i hope someone can put this on youtube too.. daum does take forever -_-
    && can you fix the foolish love one?? cuz that is one of my fav songs ^_^
    BB never fails to impress me with their live proformances XD
    && wow snsd did a good job!! ^_^

    >> once again thanks for sharing <3<3

  83. no matter how much i love the wonder girls, i know that yeeun and sunye are strongest vocally. and so hot isn’t even a vocally challenging song. i thought the nobody performance was on point vocally. especially sohee. `=]

    and snsd is on point in all performances. i’m disappointed in kara though.

  84. lol.. this mr thing is interesting…

  85. I hope someone puts these up on youtube. Daum loads soooo slowly for me 😦

    I like the idea of MR removal. It show’s who’s good and who needs to improve. I know Taegoon needs to improve but he just started so its ok lol. DBSK are always pro! ^^ haha and SHINee is pretty good and SNSD too.

  86. i gotta say snsd singing kissing you was really good
    i was really disappointed with kara, they were so much better when they first debuted and taegoon and wonder girls

  87. Aw, this is cool!? xD
    But Big Bang’s Foolish Love doesn’t really work. =_=;;

  88. i think that the live perf MR vids are more interesting than the MVs cause the MVs use the recorded album version, which could possibly also have some brush-up done by the machines and programs that they have. the live perfs, though, show the vocals much more clearly.

    but didn’t wonder girls say before that their latest hits, like tell me and so hot, they’re not supposed to use any vocals techniques? i read it in an interview. JYP told them not to, because the point of those songs wasn’t in the vocal prowess.

  89. woah..is there any place that i could download these videos? wanna share with my friends

  90. @Kenley

    posted it up ^^

  91. hey sookyeong you have a link of Big Bang? I wanna hear them. =)

    Not bad SNSD. =) Strong voices overall! =)

  92. oh this is cool… i really want to hear the bolero one… would it be possible to have it sent? it will be great if you could agree… ^^

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