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More male idol singers for We Got Married 4th generation?


MBC variety ‘We Got Married’ is currently into its 3rd generation of make-believe celebrity couples.

Rumours have been floating around on Korean online noticeboards that we may be in for more participation from male idol singers for the upcoming 4th generation.

Take a look at the possible 4th generation couples here…

FYI, the 3 generations of of MBC ‘We Got Married’ couples:

1st generation


  • Alex and ShinAe
  • Andy and Solbi
  • Seo In Young and Crown J
  • Hwang Bo and Kim Hyun Joong

2nd generation


  • Seo In Young and Crown J
  • HwanHee and Hwayobi
  • Marco and Son DamBi
  • KangIn and Lee Yoon Ji

Current 3rd generation


  • Shin Seong Reok and Kim Shin Yeong
  • JunJin and Lee Si Yeong
  • Hyung Dong and Tae Yeon
  • Kang In and Lee Yoon Ji

News, or rather rumours, have it that the newcoming couples, (who will be appearing on the show from March) for the 4th generation are:

SHINee Jong Hyun (20) and new singer Lee Sol (23)


SS501 Kim Hyung Joon (23) and actress Jang Yeong Ran (31)


It seems that MBC is trying to ride on the popularity of young male idol singers.

Names like Big Bang leader GDragon and trot singer Park Hyun Bin has also surfaced with this topic, but don’t take my words too seriously for now since nothing much is pretty much confirmed now.

We’ll just see what MBC really plan to do with their 4th generation couple. And gosh, how many generations do they want to do??

45 Responses

  1. i miss THe Ant couple….so entertainin…..the 3rd generation i will happily skip..i can sense that they will be alot of awkard moment lol i love jaejin couple tho

    sorry to say this but 3rd… yeah is a joke….

  2. i think no one can beat Joongbo couple.they’re the best ever WGM and really hope they can be together again.

  3. SS501 Kim Hyung Joon (23) and actress Jang Yeong Ran (31 together???

    Oh Me Oh My!!! I saw them in Love Letters and somehow Baby was scared of her. Poor baby!! LOL I think it is Karma. I mean when Leader KHJ was team with Hwangbo, he kinda diss her because she was 6 years older then Leader and now KHjoon is going to be team with Jang Yeong Ran who is 8 YEARS OLDER!! I do not see it bad as in age difference, it’s just that he diss Hwangbo in “My Favorite” radio talk show about Leader and Hwangbo being together. I am sorta glad that he will get see what that is like being with an older woman. Jang Yeong Ran is very agressive and outspoken, I wonder what Baby will be like since he is outspoken and agressive too.

    I hope they do team up. If they do, I just got to watch this show again just to find out! It would be very VERY interesting!

  4. I miss Hwanhee… I wish he comes back on WGM.
    I don’t care who he will be paired with as long as he’s back.

  5. oh please……
    No male singers from Big bang or DBSK, if not sigh!!

  6. i respect the idol groups, but OH PLEASE no more idols on WGM. they just try to retain their “image” or whatever too much, sometimes their actions come out as too fake for me 😦

  7. all SHINee members are too young to be in this show! o_o~~ at least i think so! Onew and Jong Hyun are both 18, right? turning 19 this year, i believe. o_o~ lol~

    GDragon… hmmm… that would be interesting! *_*~ ~ having HyungJoon in also sounds interesting. hehehe~ i’m curious to who will be in it!! i can’t wait!

  8. Is there any chance for Choi Min Ho from SHINee to be on the show too? I’d like to see him…

  9. Wow… They’re really turning tables..
    But if Hyung Joon goes on… I’d rather
    see him with YeEun… XDD Like in
    that one Lettuce couple eppy.
    Seriously, WGM is going to go down-hill.
    Generation 1 was and will always be JJANG.

  10. I doubt any Big Bang members would have time to do WGM anytime soon. GD and Taeyang are going to the US and then they’ve got their new albums to work on, T.O.P has his up coming drama IRIS to film and Daesung has Family Outing.

    Who knows….maaaaybe Seungri might. He’s the only member who seem so be somewhat free lol Apart from his solo activities, there’s not much on his schedule.

  11. I really dont want to see jonghyun on the show… After the 2nd gen it turned into a nonsense show….

  12. NO! their just ruining the show, honestly….the show sucks now!

  13. i think they are kinda dragging this on now, just to keep up the ratings. And i thought the 2nd generation went so fast, hwanyobi and marcodambi couple didnt last that long.

  14. Like Taeyeon, there was a rumor that she would appeare on MBC WGM as a wife. So is that truth?
    In my opinion, i dont disagree since i think it’s also great when Jonghyun joins a TV show. Just 1 month passed, but to me, it’s like one , i miss Jonghyun and SHINee so much T^TMy friends are going to be crazy about this news (or rumor).
    One of them didnt wanna see Hyung Joon to get marry. Well, actually i dont know how to say to her, she really loves Hyung Joon. It’s like a storm in her heart.
    Anyway, even though it’s truth or not, i hope SHINee’s fans ‘ll be always support them in all of their activites.

  15. Generation 1 was best!
    I love Andy Solbi and Alshin couple. SO sweet and romantic! ❤

  16. jonghyun???
    i stop watching wgm after lettuce couple left..
    i might watch wgm again if jonghyun is in it..

  17. Nonononononononononononononononono…
    Being a long time supporter for the show… I dunno what to make of this…

    As much as I heart 4 D Hyunjoong and Hwangbo… Kang-bear and cute Yoonji…and Alex and Crown J and Andy…

    I can even accept Hyungdon working hard on his second marriage with Tae Yeon, coz I actually like seeing the SNSD girls pwning him… but if the upcoming generation are be true like the rumours suggest… All I can say is huh????????????

  18. Wah, I don’t know about this, seriously…


  19. Jonghyun on WGM?? Are you sure??
    NO WAY!! What is seriously going on with WGM?? -.-

  20. Cool. haha.
    Just don’t like the Shin Seong Reok and Kim Shin Yeong couple atm
    the rest are awesome atm!

  21. jonghyun?

  22. Aww, don’t forget Hyungdon + Saori and Lee Hwi-jae and Jo Yeo-Jeong :O Both couples didn’t last many episodes but they’re still part of the first generation! :]

  23. […] More male idol singers for We Got Married 4th generation? MBC variety ‘We Got Married’ is currently into its 3rd generation of make-believe celebrity […] […]

  24. I heard awhile ago Jiyongie declined the invite.

  25. I reject Big Bang being on the show. Lol. I just don’t want them too XD lol I have reasons! Anyhwo…what’s with the dongsaeng-noona pairing? Lol.

  26. jh is 20 in korean age

  27. AH!? The day JiYongie goes on WGM, I’m going to cry SO MUCH. ;(

  28. isn’t Jong Hyung too young?

  29. Sad what MBC is trying to do to get ratings. First season was the best, They can’t change that anymore.

  30. ^
    I thought the same thing. But I agree with the BB thing that Tae should be on it.

  31. agree with coolsmurf: my thoughts exactly
    it seems that part of the current and rumoured upcoming generations
    is a “We Are Dating” in disguise.

  32. WTF????


    no.. no…

    aahh, my heart breaks, Jonghyun-ah~ TT__TT

  33. OMG. the shinee boys.. always seemed so young and cute to me. MARRIED? noooooo :X

  34. Haha..HyungJun is really scared of YoungRan~~~~
    If this become reality…I wonder how HyungJun will react to that scary YoungRan^^

    Sounds fun^^

  35. NO NO To Jonghyun joining WGM. is WGM promoting teenage marriage?? (ik. that Jonghyun isn’t a teen but being young.)

    No generation will beat the first. 😀 I’ve been watching this show for almost a year now and I couldn’t get over with the original couples. Maybe they should find a way to search for couples with stronger chemistry… also, why not consider non-singers.

  36. Hi!!! First time posting!!!!
    I miss the first generation!!!!

  37. I seriously doubt any BB member will be on WGM– the only one I can imagine doing something like that is Seungri, and he’s busy with other things now. It would be surprising anyways as it would be competing with Daesung’s FO, which is at the same time.

    WGM is my least favorite of the three main Sunday variety shows. I stopped watching after the 1st generation. It’s gonna take more than a few idols to get me to watch again!

  38. looking for Jonghyun for next generation. Kangin for Current generation and hWAnhee for previous generation. All my fav.

  39. i agree with taengtaeng. i notice this before but i guess they want the ratings for the show to higher.

    i think that if any BB boy join, Tae would be a good choice lol. XD

  40. Joongbo is still the best couple… i miss hwangbo-hyunjoong so much….
    If GD is on the show I’ll watch for sure

  41. don’t like the idea of more idols joining WGM. Oh well, i gave up on WGM after the 1st generation.

  42. since when was jonghyun 20 years old already…haha…hopefully not jonghyun…
    oh my…not hyunnie!!!!

  43. really become a farce. we got married? sounds like we are dating.

  44. if they will having JiYong-giee and SoHee,I will definately gonna watch the show!!
    LOL,I’m a “Hee-Dragon couple” fans!!

  45. 1st for the first time ever?
    yeah, idk if i would watch another season if Crown J and Suh In Young were still in it. But what a funny rumor man, Jung Hyun and Lee Sol (I’d watch for him) and im so happy none of the Big Bang boys have done this ~

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