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K Bites – 22.02.2009 II

It’s boy meets girl on SBS Family Outing


Members of Korea’s representative idol group So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA and Big Bang DaeSung has met for a pure and romantic ‘date’.

YoonA has appeared as guest appearance on SBS Family Outing on 22nd February. With YoonA‘s appearance, DaeSung once again cannot run away from the talk about the previously discussed ‘scandal’ where he had exchanged phone messages with member of a certain female idol group.

But when it comes to making a bean-paste soup and a certain vegetable Shepherd’s purse was needed, DaeSung had went out to dig for the plant together with YoonA.ds_ya_220209

YoonA has proclaimed to be DaeSung‘s fan. And DaeSung had said while standing in front of the stone pile and making a wise, “This type of thing is originally be done by couples.” and stole a look at YoonA, which YoonA had caught him doing so and the both had burst out laughing. And YoonA added with a praise, “I like DaeSung‘s oppa’s humorous look. Your eyes are not especially small, they are really pretty.”

Meanwhile, YoonA also presents her own version of Hyori‘s ’10 minute’ dance on this week’s Family Outing.


The truth game? Seoul police, “We did not receive any request to investigate into Kim Ah Joong’s nude photo”


Seoul Regional Police has voiced that they did not received any request to investigate into the circulation of the nude upper body photo of top star Kim Ah Joong over the internet.

This has led to many curious questioning about Kim’s management company’s claim that they had went to the police to request for an investigation.

Both Seoul regional police and cyber police had said that they did not receive any request to investigate into Kim‘s photo case even after the statement is made by Kim‘s company on the 22nd.

If that is the case, netizens have voiced their questions about Kim‘s company’s motive in making the statement when the request was not even made.

Meanwhile, Kim‘s company made a statement on 22nd February, “We did in fact made a report on this for request to investigate. We even have the case registration number with us. We have also found 3 suspected graphic designers.”

Now things are getting a little complicated here…


21 Responses

  1. @bangbang

    really? i don’t go bother about such stuff anymore.. it’s tiring.. LOL but thanks dearie for caring.. ><

    but why would anyone want to impersonate as coolsmurf?

  2. Lol yeah i swear, VIPs are the best. Not gonna say they dont bash, but atleast they dont do it really bad. &nd when it comes to Big Bang w/ female artists or male..they dont get all angry but instead they’re very supportive.

    Anywhooo, OMG DaeSung im gessing you lke SNSD? First TaeYeon, now YooNa? lol.

    But im gonna have to go for Wonder Girls for you ^^

  3. NOOOO!!!!!!!!
    bigbang are wayyyy too good for those 2 crudy girl ggroups (in my opinion people.)dont get cranky at me)
    they should stay single..
    its better off for them just untill they all turn atleast 24 ;D


    • totally agree…
      i want wonderbang
      i dont want soshibang???? weirdd
      if it was yeeun that iwill be greattttttttttt

  4. sookyeong, beware. that’s not the real coolsmurf commenting. check ip address.

  5. No offense to Yoona but I think Ye Eun and Daedae fit more.

  6. big bang fans is the best
    they are sporting & civilized towards BB
    big bang can do work anything to female artist
    without threats by VIP

  7. awww… i havent watch fo yet!! getting to it right now!! daedae && his never ending texting scandal.. lolx โค
    that would be cute if they got together.. but you-know-who is not going to be too happy about hearing this.. XD
    @@nurika— yeah.. yonna is the same age as baby soo younger by a year.. XD

  8. […] to: sookyeong@wordpress (translation) and […]

  9. about Daesung ..
    Noooooooooo ~ ><
    i don’t hate SNSD but YoonA no coz i’m kind
    of jealous ..
    the truth i want Ye Eun & Daesung it will be more
    pretty and cute ^.^
    sorry but my opinion ^^”

  10. OMG.
    is just waaaaaaaaaaay too cute!!

    waaah~ they’re so cute!

  11. Aww, DaeSung.
    โ€œI like DaeSungโ€™s oppaโ€™s humorous look. Your eyes are not especially small, they are really pretty.โ€
    Ooh, yes this is SO gonna be on the NEWs.
    && Ah,, Seungri’s gonna say something about this
    b/c him & Yoona met on the manwon happiness thing.
    Aha i want to see this.

  12. @ coolsmurf!
    wahahahaha!! yeah! what about her daesungie?!!!!

  13. they’re quite cute together actually. ^^

    blah..the kim ah joong thing..it’s fake. End of Story. Netizens are bored again and trying to make this a bigger issue.

  14. LOL wow, sounds like someone’s trying to get with Daesung… ;p

  15. lol,i nvr realised that YoonA is younger then Dae..not until I heard her called Dae ‘oppa’..
    they cute together!!

  16. that doesn’t even sound like coolsmurf ..

  17. @coolsmurf

    lol yes u can..

  18. wow!! lucky Daesung… ๐Ÿ˜€ maybe BB members are all jealous… hehehe … ๐Ÿ˜€

  19. may I use this? lol. i not sure. so i ask first. daesung, what about that someone from another group?

  20. oohhhh…EXCITED too SEE IT!!!…wahhh…cant wait!!!

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