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Lee MinHo goes naked for W Magazine


Lee MinHo is featured (half) naked in W Magazine March issue.











I don’t know if it’s just me but my fever for BOF had died down a lot lately.. ㅠ.ㅠ



49 Responses

  1. Yummy Min ho.
    I lke you, please visit the philippines

  2. he very much look like Wonbim

  3. crazy,maaaaaaaaaaaaaad about him

  4. hai….saranghe goo juni╝}æÆ|%mæYA╜♀5}B love s yah


  6. like him soooo much…

  7. Lee min ho . He is a PERFECT BOY . Maybe , I wanna live with him in korea coz I wanna see him anytime , everyday .

  8. u not hot

  9. i hate u wers ur penis

  10. i love you lee min ho …. ur so so so HOOOOTTTT you know i hope to see you soon….. get ready….

  11. lilUfJ h1! nice site! oxyutelno

  12. HE IS SO HOT

  13. He’s is sooo fiine!! dat buff TIng=o)

  14. he looks like takuya kimura. d0nt u think so?

  15. *brain explodes*, thanks

  16. Utter weirdness. Ive been worried lately that my BOF craze dont seem to be there as much anymore. Im no longer excited to watch each episode, though I STILL do, and I dont really feel for the characters. Rarely.

    My friends told me it was just me since theyre still pretty crazy over it but IM SO GLAD YOU GUYS FEEL THE SAME WAY! It’s not just me, I’m not just emotionally disturbed!

    And it’s not that BOF got boring. My fever just……died?

  17. Bogooooooooosss!!kaydir do5a!!
    he’s making me dizzy!!

  18. i don’t know what the hype is all about i just don’t find him that attractive

  19. he is so DAMN HOT!

    i want more-more-more!

    wow! meteor garden/hana yori dango/ kkotboda namja sure is a hit! every version sure was and is a hit!~


    every one’s attention is on the cast!:]

  20. I don’t know if it’s just me but my fever for BOF had died down a lot lately.. ㅠ.ㅠ

    maybe cuz ure busy??

  21. hotness…


  22. i will not survive if i keep staring. i have no encounter such a hot person in a LONG time. the last time i remember seeing anyone this hot is like… a long long long time ago. ohmahgawdd. he is just like PERFECT, his body. he has like an anime body, those freaking long legs and gah. abs, too. he has a nice nose, deep emotional eyes, rawrr. he just scream HOTT and RAPE ME. lmao.


  23. ahhh! minho oppa! (: he looks so hot in here! ><

  24. kashfia:

    he is 6’1. man when his hair is straightened and messy. so hot!

  25. I’d love seeing him with straight hair..He looks cool and hot with that straight hairstyle..Please no more curly hair, coz i like his hairstyle in Mackerel Run, I Am Sam, and My School’s ET..I guess my love interest; Jung Il Woo (Min Ho’s best friend) and Kim Bum have the same opinion..Hahahaaa…

  26. Ohh dayumm he is gorgeou, but i feel the same way i’m not as crazy as i was for BOF’s and jandi is really getting to me. Like seriously piissing me off.

  27. wow he is hot and sexy <33333333

  28. […] from the March issue of “W” magazine featuring Lee Minho. I got these pictures at K Bites, where there are a few more. I’ll be really happy to see more pictures from this if there are […]

  29. how tall is he?

  30. omg hes got such long and skinnay legs xDDD
    well for a guy he does ;D
    hes such a cutie!!


  31. Is it just only me who felt that news about LMH is out of proportion already. It is exciting to heard/read news about him for the firs time, but after that it’s kind of boring.

  32. yeah same here…im really behind on BOF ’cause i suddenly lost interest. :X but lee minho is hot. haha really scrawny though

  33. The fever is going down?
    Well… I never really had the fever, but I still watch it xD
    I guess I just watch it for the pretty boys @.@;;;
    Minho, Kimbum, Hyunjoong X.X;;;;

  34. i agree that it has died now (maybe is the plot*episode 13 and 14) But kim bum and lee min ho:DDDD and how can i forget hyun joong(((((:

  35. aahh..my fever of BOF has gone down too…i stopped watching at ep10, and did not bother to watch it online…even after finished dl-ing the hq version, i still didnt watch it…i guess we’ll have to wait until the fever comes again…^^

  36. Haha am I the only one still obsessed? ㅋㅋㅋ But maybe it’s just for Lee Minho… he’s really too good-looking. T.T;;

  37. I agree. My BOF craze has died down too, but I continue to watch for Lee Min Ho<3

  38. don’t woory honey..i feel the same too..gosh,all this not-so-happy time is so frustrating me~ i don’t think i’m gonna watch the videos this week,just gonna read the preview of it..i need the -junpyojandi moment- right now~

  39. @vicky

    that’s the same for me too ><

  40. hmmm it’s not just you or vicky, but it’s the same for me as well. I watched until ep 9 or so, and then i didn’t feel like continuing anymore. not too sure why…

  41. i got dizzy at the first pic

    and me too gurl~
    normally i would come home every monday and tuesday and watch the unsubbed version right away
    but now, I just download it the subbed version and doesn’t watch it until saturday or sunday
    idk why.

  42. In my opinion in 9 pic he look alike like Wonbin kkk

  43. he is just damn hot >.<

  44. My fever for BOF died at episode four.

    Then I started watching the Japanese version again. > w <;

  45. don’t worry sookyeong, tomorrow’s monday..and u know what that means..it’s BOF time! 😀

  46. he resembles jerry yan in the 2nd and 5th picture….. =) well….. that’s what i think… ^^

  47. He’s got hot body n he looked high fashion in the photo.Is BOF not enjoyable?I dt think so coz the drama is getting more n more exciting each espiod n the boys have improved alot so i do hope everyone keep watching it which might enhance them.

  48. why sookyeong?is BOF not that enjoyable anymore? Or is the peak already going down?

    Thanks for these photos by the way…LMH is so HOT. ❤

  49. omg so hot. HAHA.

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