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‘Boys Over Flowers’ psychopath parody?!?!


Recently, the psychopath parodies of the F4 members in drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’ have been receiving heated response by netizens online.

Most of the clips used in the parody comes from the drama episodes itself. The whole atmosphere to the parodies were made real creepy with the sounds and CG.

One of the most popular parody will be one that is named ‘The Macau Ghost’ which uses scenes from episode 14 aired last Tuesday where F4 members and Geum JanDi (Goo Hye Sun) were wearing face-mask and playing hide-and-seek in Macau.

After seeing the parody, netizens’ comments are, “I don’t realise it when until they change the background music to it and made the scenes in black-and-white”, “I think know it is this scary to play hide-and-seek with face-masks on”, “This shouldn’t be ‘The Macau Ghost’ but ‘The Macau WooBin‘” etc.

But some of the netizens also pointed out, “Scary and psychopath has no link at all. Psychopath ain’t a word you can just anyhow use. I feel that someone who follows others around and want to kill them shouldn’t be called a psychopath”.

‘The Macau Ghost’ – Kim Joon (WooBin) version of BOF psychopath parody

Lee MinHo (Goo Joon Pyo) version of BOF psychopath parody

I sorta expected such parodies to surface after eps 14. LOL.. And it’s kinda scary to watch it.. ><

But I can’t find more of these parodies, do share them if you guys find more..


10 Responses

  1. wow… those were great…
    the sweet moments suddenly became creepy.. LOL…
    love it..

  2. lol~ that was sooo weird… n quite scary too^^

  3. what a difference black/white and music can make

  4. eeek scary!!!…..

  5. wow.. its so SUPER DUPER scary especially at the pause part.. super tension!! hahaha.. overall great job!

  6. haha the mask one, my cousin and i totally thought woobin was just plain creepy and now this comes up. haha

  7. lol the macau wonbin freaked me out

  8. Example of creativity huh? Or some kinda satire for BOF? I don’t know..

  9. :\ kinda scary, should i watch.. should i not?

  10. oh man.. i kinda dont wanna watch it but it sounds pretty awesome..

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