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YG speaks up about Se7en’s American debut, “We didn’t know the debut will take so long”


YG Entertainment Yang Hyun Seok spoke up about singer Se7en‘s (25) American debut in an interview recently.

In the interview, Yang said, “We didn’t know that his debut will take this long and late. Se7en has been practising on his English and singing all this while non-stop.”

He added, “Se7en‘s American debut song ‘Girlz’ will be revealed on iTunes and he will release a 2nd single 2-3 months after that. After which, He will be promoting in Japan during July-August and then return back to Korea in October.”

“The digital single ‘Girlz’ is produced by famous producer in American and features rapper Lil Kim. Lil Kim will also appear about 40% of time in the MV. We are not hoping to see the song get into Billboard top 100. We think that to have such great people work on this single is already half of the success.”

About Se7en‘s late debut in America, “We didn’t know it will take this long and late. All this while, Se7en has only been practising on his English and singing. We are debuting Se7en 1 year later because we are being careful and constantly analyzing the American market because until now there hasn’t been a successful Asian singer in America.”

“The American market, do not have the weekly music broadcast programs like in Korea, hence MV and radio play is very important here. Would you want to make an MV that shows an imperfect language, image and music style that is influenced by other music and then all rejected by your target market? We want Se7en‘s music and MV to be an inspiration when it is broadcasted.”

We see many Asian actors making their way into the American market like Kim Yoon Jin, but many a times their success depends on the character and role they play in the movie/show and they are often chosen because of their Asian origins.

“But for singers, it is the fine line of victory or defeat. That’s why we have Lil Kim to support the acceptance of song ‘Girlz’. Se7en‘s 2nd single will also have the particiation of a famous American artiste.”

“I keep telling Se7en, ‘You are not a Korean star here, you are purely a new singer’. America is not a country made of money. You got to enter with the type of music the market wants and with the right language-grasp. You also need to strategies by working with the local music firms and talents.”

I hope all works out well.. 2 years ain’t a long period of time but it ain’t very short too ><


28 Responses

  1. Don’t worry Se7en I love your songs so far… I’m jamming to you and Lil Kim right now. Man if you can work with Eminem you IN. lol Let him hear this Your Number song and you get a hit. I’m serious.

  2. My fingers are tightly crossed that all goes well. I’m so hoping for this. If there is a Korean Artist/group besides Dong Bang Shin Ki that I would wish to make it in America it would be Se7en. He is so talented.

    Best of luck!!


  4. isn’t he a good singer? so where does he live is not important ,we only want to listen his songs,the place is not important ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. i’m a fan of Se7en and I do hope he does well in America…

    altho I think YG exaggerated a bit about Korean artistes not making it there cos Rain is very huge there…both in his music and movie career…

    Then again I do wish all the best for Se7en and I hope his debut will be worth the nail bitting wait…

  6. Oh Good luck to Se7en as well he’ll do great, he has a fresh sweet pop but different look, and Kim will definitely help push his video, and single up the charts mark my words!! i love when the haters under estimate Kim!!

    I can’t wait…..

  7. I see you’re a Kim hater, and that’s fine, just know that this video is dropping March, 10. And kim covers 40% of it, the day after her debut with DWTS, Kim is very relevant sweetie, to each it’s own, i never tend to have a strong opinion on someone that is played out, Kim is hot, and she will prove all you doubters wrong, like she always does, she is an worldwide icon, who has had a stronger movement than most guys in the game, bitch please get a life, and no response is warranted!!

    Go check her resume, and look at you’re, only person played is you

  8. i wish him the best for his career, though i miss his Korean album a lot… T_T

  9. crossing fingers for Se7en โ™ฅ hope everything turns out good ^^

  10. Aww YAY! FINALLY!
    thank you. Ahhh, i think it is so worth to wait then.
    Keep praticing. Se7en FIGHTING!

  11. YG sajangnim is very wise and strategic, I hope Se7en will be successful. But, I’m pretty sure there are at least some Se7en fans in the states..

    Se7en fighting!

  12. […] Read here when YG speaks up about Se7en’s American Debut […]

  13. well look at it this way. if se7en’s mv’s/music’s a hit, lil kim will have her career back on track again. it’s like killing two birds with one stone.

  14. Realreppin….

    Honey I wasn’t blaming anything on Lil’ Kim…but she is played out and has been for a looooong time even before she went to jail ( Everyone in the US knows that). And that can be attributed her own actions as well as the fickleness of the music business.

    Se7en just needs to pick a better artist to collaborate with or just do the song on his own. The comment about T-Pain and Lil’ Wayne was pure sarcasm because I’m tired of both ot them.

    And anyway I have the right to state my opinion like anyone else. I wasn’t bashing Se7en because his lack of success in the US really isn’t his fault. It’s all about strategy and timing when it comes to breaking into a new market.

    And this is the internet not real life so grow up and stop the lame name calling.

  15. YG must be very serious about this even though the
    song’s been leaked already. I hope they won’t push it
    back any further. But if there’s more work to be done
    that’s understandable.

  16. I love YG’s last quote…

    I’ll wait for Se7en but they’re right about the language part…
    It’s fine to have an accent when you speak English but when you sing you can’t have an accent…

  17. Lamedana chill out Lil’ kim is a World music, and fashion Icon, she still making moves, and she does make Ht songs, if ur not a fan of her fine, but you cannot deny her appeal, Kim makes you look, people are so tired of Lil’ Wayne, and T-pain on everything, u must be from over seas, don’t blame his failure on Lil’ kim, she lending a hand, they should have been dropped this video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lil’ kim is known worldwide se7en is a Local star in korea!!!

    I like se7en, but be be dissing Kim….

  18. its been so long now though the ‘girlz’ song has been leaked on the internet. Although i appreciate YG are trying to make se7en as perfect as possible so that he will be a success, a year is a bit long. Hopefully it will be a hit though, se7en YG fighting!

  19. Oh does that mean he’s not going to release a full-length eng album this yr? I read that they’ll b releasing in June but why is there a second single?…I guess YG will delay his american album to next yr and have se7en to concentrate on his korean and Japanese stuffs before flying back to the US again…LOL can’t wait for his korean comeback!!!!

  20. My thing is what did he expect? Like YG said he’s not a popular star here in America, and it’s hard to gain attention here even for an American artist much less a foreign one.

    Also I think he needs to re-think Lil’ Kim as the feature on his first song since she hasn’t made a hit in a long time. Nobody is interested in anything she has to say anymore because her appeal is played out. He needs to get Lil’ Wayne or T-Pain to guess spot because they seem to be on every damn song on the radio.

    Besides the song, the video has to be on point because it’s a huge selling point here as well.

  21. Actually right now i don’t think that his american debut is important… it took so long time !
    Let the guy come back in Korea where people are waiting for him !

  22. I really hope he makes…to make up for all the long delays… T_T

  23. ^ not necessarily inspiration, but it does fit the American trend. and after the they can experiement with other styles.

  24. okay i would like to know how a song called ‘girlz’ is ever going to be inspirational.

  25. although i don’t agree w/the way RQM is handling Se7en, i’m hoping for his success. he has very great potential to be a hit here in the states bcuz he’s versatile in his music. he just needs quality songs to sing. hopefully his debut doesn’t get pushed back any further.

  26. i hope he’ll succeed. he’s been working reaaaalllly hard.

    and korea in october!? YEAH!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  27. My hopes are still up that he’ll release a good sing. A song that will truly describe his abilities as a performer. It’s not about the preparation time.. It’s always about the quality you give to your fans. i actually wanna hear him sing in an improved english!:D

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