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K Bites – 27.02.2009

Big Bang ‘Remember’ album to be labelled ‘No Sales Allowed For Those Under 19’


Under the Commission of Youth Protection, Big Bang‘s 2nd album ‘Remember’ has been labelled harmful for teenagers with the reason that the song ‘Strong Baby’ in the album contains inappropriate/suggestive lyrics.

From 6th March, Big Bang‘s 2nd album ‘Remember’ will have the sticker ‘No Sales Allowed For Those Under 19’ labelled on the CD.

A YG Entertainment representative said, “We did not arrange for a new recording for a clean version of the supposed problematic song ‘Strong Baby’. We will just have to sell the CD with the sticker label on.”

As to whether this order will affect SeungRi‘s solo activity, “This coming 1st March will be his last performance, hence we see that there shouldn’t be any hindrance to his solo activities.”


TaeGoon – AJOO – Lee Bul : the battle to become the next Rain/Se7en?


For the first half of this year, we are set to see solo male singers who will hit the Kpop zone with their dance song and battling to be the next ultimate dance machine.

The first will be singer TaeGoon who debuted with the song ‘Call Me’. With the catchy rhythm and dance move, he coined the term of ‘Call Me Dance’.

Singer AJOO had wanted to promote with the title song ‘Wealthy Second Generation’ but because it did not pass KBS review, he had moved on to promote the song ‘Easy For me’ instead.

On the same day when AJOO revealed his performance of ‘Easy For Me’ on M!Countdown on 26th February, singer Lee Bul also revealed his new song ‘사고치고 싶어 (I want to get into an accident’. The song originally features singer Son DamBi.

The 3 had come out with their solo dance song at almost the same time. Last year, we see the battle amongst the male idol groups, but this year for the first half of it, we will see battle to become the next Rain or Se7en.

TaeGoon ‘Call Me’ on M!Countdown 260209

AJOO ‘Easy For Me’ on M!Countdown 260209

Lee Bul ‘I want to get into an accident’ on M!Countdown 260209

(featuring After School Park Ga Hee)

My vote goes to TaeGoon. Cos I think he’s really cute LOL

31 Responses

  1. OHMYGOSH TaeGoon sounds gooooood buh not that good haha and as for the audience can they not sing along they sound horrible ~~~~~~

  2. not rain to me. but yeah 3 of them really look like Se7en -.-

  3. I like TaeGoon the most out of the three. =]

  4. LOL. that was way too late. They just noticed it now?
    The minor VIPz would have bought the album by now, and probably the legal VIPz would buy it for the minors if they want another copy of the album.
    I love YG, he’s supporting his artists and the songs without compromising its creativity. =)

  5. OKAY… that was really weird and stupid
    freaking stupid.

    TaeGoon can’t sing.
    AJOO… I do believe he’s gay
    and IDK who’s the last one
    so… none.
    Rain isnt’ that great in my opinion anyway.
    so… XD

  6. […] Those under 19th won’t be allowed to purchase Big Bang’s 2nd album Remember, due to the suggestive lyrics of Seung Ri’s solo “Strong Baby” – also known as, why I’m glad I don’t live in Korea […]

  7. Banning albums after thousands of fans have bought it!:D

    Even if nobody cares for Ajoo, I like him so much. Since the they he debuted, i have been watching over him. LOL. Thus, I don’t really like the term.. THE NEXT____,, it sets standards. Let them make their own names.

  8. Taegoon is the best!
    I’ve never heard of Lee Bul before but he is good!
    Ajoo’s been around since 2008? & still nobody cares about him.

  9. Wow isnt it kinda late for the ban? They only do it now lol. But seriously wow. lol

    When I saw the pictures chosen for the voting I was laughing because AJoo has a really hot picture and Lee Byul kinda does too and Taegoon has on his cute smile lol!
    Taegoon fighting!!!!

  10. i’m rooting for taegoon.. hahaha he has this se7en/rain vibes hahaha.. but he must try not to lypsynch too..

    hahaha.. and lol to his fan out there singing along so loud.. hahaha.. XD

  11. oh well .. i already buy remember .. and im 14 hhaha ^^

  12. I’m putting my money on Taegoon and Ajoo. I don’t find Lee Bul’s song nor his dance interesting. Taegoon has his own charisma, he just has to get rid of the “second Seven/Rain” tag. Ajoo, for me, he also has his own style, no reminder of Seven or Rain in him. Hopefully, these 2 will get to go far.

  13. […] kbites No Comments so far Leave a comment RSS feed for comments on this post. TrackBack URI […]

  14. lol who cares. i bet all the vips already bought it and besides you can just ask someone older ot buy it for you.

    i think taegoon focuses more on dancing but his singing is good too.

  15. taegoon cannot sing to save his life. How can he be compared to Se7en who can sing live very well?

  16. I think TaeGoon is the best from those three ^^v

  17. none ?

  18. Taegoon can’t sing live for God’s sake.. He barely sings 1o lines in call me performance, he lip-syncs too clearly! don’t need the MR to be removed to spot that.. I’m really disappointed cause I actually like the song, so if he really wants this he needs to work on his singing.. As for Ajoo, I don’t think he will go far in the music industry, so I personally think that none of them are capable of being the next Rain nor Se7en… But who knows? Maybe they just haven’t gotten the vibe yet, as mousie had mentioned x) and hm I don’t know Lee Bul, so.. hahaha

  19. TaeGoon coppy Rain’s concept like a coppycat.
    At least Ajoo has its own style.
    E Bul? I thought he sing ballad? Maybe he can’t wait and have to go against his style to earn money?

  20. i hope Taegoon will known as ‘Taegoon’ only
    not known as 2nd rain or 2nd se7en..
    i like him since i saw his performance in final stage
    battle shinhwa..
    he has a lot of potential.

  21. @ nimco: haha yeah i agree! one ban isnt enough to stop the force of big bang! ;x i’m way past 19 and i still love big bang! 😀

    and about the 3 male singers, i kinda dont think any of them has the Rain or Se7en vibe yet. I would say Tae Goon is the better one among them 3, but his standard isnt anywhere near Rain or Se7en. He doesnt even have half the charisma/stage presence/IT factor Rain does, in my opinion.

    having said that, I think if he improves on his singing and continues to work hard, he has the potential to be on par with Rain or Se7en but with his own style. I just cant imagine him being Rain #2 or Se7en #2.

  22. Lol.even if they did this earlier,it won’t effect their album sales.They have mostly noona fans,older then 19.Even moms love them and using the “crack” excuse is lame.

  23. how timely. crack crack crack crack!

  24. Lol who cares, “under aged teenager” had already bought them since its release which is umm..LAST YEAR! lol. They should know that fans doesnt let this kind of things interfere in them getting the CD still. lol.

    TaeGoon labbbu!

  25. lol at the ban. practically everyone has them anyways. plus college kids now have a way to make money by selling them to the underage kids.
    it doesnt matter anyway since they’re done promoting and SR will be done this week either way.

    umm those guys have a long way to go to meet up with standards like se7en/bi.

  26. lol taegoon all the wayy~ →→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→

  27. ridiculous… :/ at least this commission got it right… not going on about how crack refers to drugs -_____-

    i voted for ajoo- he has stage presence, or the most at least.. taegoon is owns at dancing, but he needs to improve on his singing a lot; e.bull is okay at both..

  28. loll @ the korean health ministry or whateverr. they used kbs’ lame ‘drug association’ excuse too right? whatever, seungri is done with promo.

    and TAEGOON FTW!

  29. a little too late for them.
    hundreds and thousands were already sold!
    i have mine too!
    plus! they’re the ones who were too perverted to think this things anyway.
    i still will say CRACK! CRACK! CRACK!
    till their heads CRACK!

    and the new ones…
    sorry, i don’t really feel like they got IT at the moment.

  30. for me taegoon is the best dancer from them ^^
    actually i don’t know how ajoo & e bull dance..LOL

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