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Goo Hye Sun hospitalised after traffic accident; filming for episodes 17 & 18 incomplete


Actress Goo Hye Sun got into a traffic accident on 27th February, and because her injuries are serious, filming for ‘Boys Over Flowers’ may not be able to continue.

Goo Hye Sun‘s representative said, “She sustained from injuries around her lip region and had to undergoing sewing for her injuries. Hence it will be hard for filming to resume on 28th February since her injuries will be visible.”

Updates: It is confirmed that she will go back to filming on 1st March

Goo Hye Sun was heading Seoul on the morning of 27th February after filming in GyeongNam ChangWon on 26th February when the accident happened. Already, Goo Hye Sun had injuried her head while filming a scene at the swimming pool awhile back.

Initially it was planned that Goo Hye Sun will leave for filming again after she gets discharged from hospital on 28th February, but looking at how serious her injuries is, the filming will have to see how things go. This calls for emergency because the filming for episode 17-18 to be aired on 2nd and 3rd March are yet to be completed.

Gosh the situation sounds serious


69 Responses

  1. what goin on

  2. hello goo hye sun how are you?

  3. take care plz

  4. hi goo hye sun ihope u are okey……………………hmhmhmhmhm

  5. hi we want to see u soon take care

  6. unnie,,…saranghe

  7. hiii, Jandi ,How are You Now?

  8. hi jandi

  9. hi.

  10. hi

  11. hi my idol one of the most beautiful actress in korea shobizness take care

  12. hope u’ll be fine now.
    take care always huh!!!
    love yahh!!!!

  13. hope u recover real soon!! we will continue to support u. take care!

  14. Hope that the fliming will go on smoothly and nothing else goes wrong again…hope that goo hye sun’s injury will be better…

  15. Im so happy that she has continued filming her drama

  16. now sunny in one of the 3 evil girls acting in BOF had also suicide … gosh .. how could they replace her just like that.. its too hard ..

  17. omg!!!
    hyun joong got into an accident 2????
    wayy 2 much coincidence….
    woah~is there someone out 2 sabotage them or smtg??
    btw,BOF rox!!!
    take care goo hye sun unnie~

  18. Get well soon Goo Hye Sun and Lee Min Ho thanks for taking her to the hospital your really are my hero……….love the show……


  20. I hope you get better JanDi 😦

  21. Let’s just all be thankful that GHS is alive and well… My prayer for your speedy recovery GHS, and don’t rush filming we can all wait until you get better. God Bless And Protect You And all The Cast Of BBF..

  22. Geum Jandi!!!!
    i’ll be wait 4 u!!

    i realy love BBF!!
    i still watch the drama evnthough my exam is nxt week!!!n i dun have the spirit without jandi…
    i hope she get well soon n be more creful after diz…

  24. OMG!!!
    what happen???
    i really love BBF!!!
    btw get well soon!!!

  25. i dont believe this…..are they cursed or something…..or is this drama cursed so thats why everyone get into an accident……..it is really getting spooky ……… they have to be a bit careful…..!

  26. It’s really weird. But it reminds me that one of the actress who acted as the fiance of the dude in the Taiwanese version of this drama died in an car accident couple years ago.


  28. i hope she will get better soon. this is a really dangerous situation she has and filming alone is kinda is already but i really hope she gets well

  29. i hope she gets better soon :[ poor Goo Hye Sun!

  30. the only thing I can think of, is that whoever is driving these actors must be very careful. Don’t let them drive if they are sleepy or very tired.At least get a substitute to drive them if one is tired.At least get 3 or 4 driver in one car to replace the other if they don’t feel good. ok?
    god bless”””””” get well soon Jan Di …

  31. no no no !What’s matter of that gyus i feel so sad.I can’t wait that film will continue..Please carefull boys ..I heard ghs had an accident Lee min hoo save her and took to the hospitol is that true?ohm ohm “Never mind ”
    Please be careful lgyus specially goo jun pyo don’t be hurt anymore pls i’m your loyal fan.OK please lee min hoo be carefull be carefull.aja aja aja From:minjiimaa

  32. With all these traffic accidents, it seems like the drivers were either careless or too sleepy. I’m guessing that they had their own drivers? In an interview, weren’t the actors/actresses complaining of filming nonstop for 4 days/night? The actors & actresses should also start wearing seatbelts which might have prevented from the toe injury (Kim Bum) & lip injury (GHS). From the state of their injuries, it seems like they fell/slammed their face or toes or body to the object/seat infront of them when the car collide, causing the injury. I’m just guessing here…I could be wrong. In any ways, I really hope she’ll recover soon! >_< I like BBF & esp JanDi!!

    i wanna see more of BOF!!!
    ahh and why are all the actors gettn in accidnts??


  35. You’d almost think that anti-fans are planning the car accidents ._.
    I hope she gets well soon and that it won’t leave big scars.

  36. Aww mann.
    I hope she really gets better,
    because I’m inlove w/ this
    series. :]

  37. What again!!feel sad…hope he ger well soon….

  38. Get well soon!!omg! pls get well soon and hope u are okay! i cant wait to watch this whole show finish!!SHE ACT SOO GOOD!!WE LOVE HER!~

  39. I felt like crying when I saw the news…
    I’m not allowed to watch any drama until the end of this year but I’m a crazy fan of BBF, so that’s y I cant stop myself from checking the news…

    Hye Sun, FIGHTING!!!
    We are always supporting you!!!
    WE LOVE YOU!!!

  40. It is really spooky…but i hope they all get well soon!!! Heard Kim Bum is heading for New York while Hyun Joong is heading for America after filming ends for a good rest…

    hey, but isn’t the only one left uninjured Song Won Bin [Kim Joon]..??? LOL, hope he will not get into one…

  41. Aww so sad :/
    What’s with all these accidents?

  42. get well soon please ! 😀

  43. Hope she will recover soon..

  44. I prayer for her

  45. oh God I really really hope that she’s fine now T____T

  46. its so scary hyunjoong got hurt twice than kimbum and now her o_o only minho and the other guy are safe this is all freaky hope this is the last incident

  47. nooo, goo hye sun i hope you will recover as soon as possible!

  48. 😦



    PS: Sookyeong why are you angry??..:(

  49. omg, now im so scared ><
    I dont think i want them to continue filimng anymore.
    what if next time its REALLY serious??!
    as much as i love BBF, i just dont think i want them to go on when its like this.


  50. wooow everyone BBF is like getting injured this is serious they should go home and get some more sleep

  51. is this remake cursed or something? too many accidents already…too abnormal. someone find an exorcist for them

    hope she gets better soon…

  52. 😦

  53. I hope she recovers soon! This Boys Before Flowers curse needs to end.

  54. o.o;;.. dam all of them keep getting into accident.
    who is driving the car ._.;;.
    Also,.. why do they film the drama a few days before it is gonna be aired >.>..

    Does that means there will be no BBF this week? 😮

    Hope she get well soon.

  55. omo, now GHS too ? omo, eileen, why i feel like the casts being sabotaged or something.. since this accidents are way too scary (read : too many and too often) to be called as an accident.. hope she’s okay though…thx 4 sharing this dear..

  56. oh my gosh! why? why her?
    huhuhu…oh no! i coudnt see boys over flowers dis week! whats with tha cast?! why do many of the cast keep getting into a car accidents?! ooooohhh…
    it’s so sad, i hope she’s okay now…get well soon GHS! i’ll pray for you! Godbless……mwahhh

  57. Oh no…they haven’t filmed that? I thought they filmed the episodes weeks back…like at least 2-3 weeks advance?

    Poor Hye Sun…hope she gets better…and all of these car accidents with the BOF casts should stop. The managers should get some rest also aside from the cast, because I think they are the ones who drive the artists, though I’m not sure.

    As a fan and a person concerned I’ll pray for their safety and recovery. We all should, right?

  58. that scared me so much. whats with the cast!? Why do they keep gettting into car accidents? this is seriously crazy. i hope she’s okay and i hope that she isn’t pushing herself to hard for the show because im sure us fans would rather wait till she feels better them rushing her while she’s not in a good condition.

  59. ah!i hope she will recover soon!

  60. OMG OMG OMG !!! i feel soo sorry for the cast , they need more then one driver cos this is getting out of hand plus every single one of the F4 actors plus geam jandi has been in a acccident.

    either the cast has someone kind of bad luck or someone is out to get them

  61. awww get well soon !

  62. Damn this is getting ridiculous, who’s driving these actors? or are they driving?

  63. totally agree w/ you lemon..
    this is by far the latest i’ve heard a drama being filmed…

    hopes of a speedy recovery to ghs…
    ugh. i wish these car accidents would stop. 😦

  64. omg, it sounds really serious. Why don’t they just postpone the episode if it’s incomplete? i know it’s bad to wait another week but filming can’t go on w/o the main character.

  65. Thats crazy!!! I hope she’s ok. I can wait a week or more if it does get post poned. As long as all the actors/actresses are safe

  66. I hope GHS gets well soon. It’s scary, all these accidents. I hope she’s okay. It sounds pretty serious.

    What happens to the drama then? Does it get postponed? Gosh this is why they should be filming way in advance!!

    I feel so bad for her! 😦

    why do all the casts have to go through accidents?
    this is odd =( but please get well soon unnie x(

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