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Lee Min Ho made smoking cigarette a hot thing?


With shooting to fame in drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’, netizens dig further to find a more personal side of Lee Min Ho

For one, netizens are really interested in photos of Lee Min Ho smoking in his free time amidst drama and CF shooting.



Younger Lee Min Ho


Many of the netizens have thought they like the more upclose-and-personal side of him.

Some of the comments were, “He looks hotter when he is smoking”, “I wish to be the cigarrette he is smoking”, “Even though I don’t like cigarette smoking, somehow this image of him smoking looks good”.

I don’t know about that, yes he looks hot but now that Lee Min Ho has become the Goo Joon Pyo of South Korea, where everyone is looking out for and following him (look at the wannabes with the Goo Joon Pyo hairstyles below), this isn’t a really healthy image of him.





Some netizens also hope that Lee Min Ho would quit smoking for his health though. I would go with that too.


Do not take images out

109 Responses

  1. Nobody is perfect! Looks good and is talented , but he has his faults .
    This is one …Perhaps there are others that we know not the public ‘s true …Greetings from Romania! We love you and support you !

  2. oh my gosh I thought he was PERFECT too!! sigh I’m so disappointed. but I like him a lot!! Minho!!! quit smoking for your fans

  3. I admit he is soo goodlooking! one of the best good looking i have ever seen!, but that shouldn’t mean he has every right to damage his lungs! Hot or not, he shouldn’t smoke. Probably he may want to stop, but hello the nicotine can annoying as hell to get rid of, I just wish for the sake of his health he gets better! we love you LEE MIN HO! don’t die of cancer!

  4. Ahhahah! People who want to look like Lee min ho!! Hahahaha! That made me crack up! & Lee Min Ho is smoking! *Gasp* thats very unhealthy! But he still hot! Lol now im being too asian! 😦

  5. I love you so much you ever know “lee min ho”.

  6. why are you smoking?
    Smoking is indure for your health.
    And you are adimired person for all audience.
    So you should avoid this manner.
    I think that is a rumour.
    I don’t want to believe that.

    your lovely audience.

  7. i love min ho team minsun

  8. i dont expect it when i saw the picture,but it ok he is handsome too i forgive him joke now

  9. hi lee min ho….cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health….so stop smoking……..i love you im ur number 1 fan…..muah……

  10. EEEWWW!

    he smokes????

    can’t believe ..but it’s better so

    he should die as soon as possible!

  11. it doesnt matter…

  12. he is handsome but i don’t he’s when he smoks

  13. seeing him smoking makes some girls loose more interest in him x_x

  14. Lee Min Ho please stop smoking please. It’s not good for your health.It’s can destroy your future.I ‘m very disappionted at you because I wish that one day I ‘ll meet you but you smoke which I hate and I can’t accept guys who do that.Bye Min Ho and please stop it…love Min Ho…

  15. oh gosh…
    min ho
    pls stop smoking…

  16. i am so proud of u Lee Min Ho.PLEASE DON’T DESTROY UR
    FUTURE AND UR HEALTH.U see i am aiready married.i did
    choose a husband who doesnt smoke.keep ur good image.ok?

  17. I like that….

  18. hey u nerds out there, pls get a life. smoking is not wrong at all. its up to de smoker himself to care about his health or wadever. i think he look really cool smoking!

  19. Lee Min Ho,i am a great fans of yours..just one words,,,perfecT.!! don’t mind if you’re smoking… you look so gentle man and cooL Man…!!

    upss,, i’m forget…. your smile hahhh,,,so cuTe…

    two thumbs 4 You Lee Min Ho….!!

  20. i love you

  21. can somebody please tell LEE MIN-HO to stop cigarette smoking coz it will affect his health,us fans don’t want lee min-ho to harm his health. so please do say that to him.
    We’re just concern about his health.

  22. watz up! smoking is fatal..better quit if one wants to prolong his lyf..hope Ji hoo is not smoking..at least there would be someone from the F4 hu wud be credible to advocate Korea’s No Smoking Campaign.. LMH could be a good ambassador of that campaign being a famous celebrity..but sad to say he don’t have the credibility anymore………

  23. Smoking ? what’s wrong with Min Ho smoking?? hundred million people do this in this world, maybe your father, mother, brother, sister did too. Nobody perfect, right ???! do your job the best you can like Mi ho had done. He can be like now because he do his job very well. profesional ! I think this is very important think in this world right ??? how about You ??? Have you do like Min Ho Do ?

  24. Lee min ho , I am a great fan of yours but look don’t you think is unhealthy…i guess because u smoke many fans that like you still like you but not as much when they find out…
    Please STOP! i am saying this for your own good to protect ur health..maybe ur exgirlfriend break up with you must be because you keep smoking…do you want that to happen again?

    No?then stop…honestly,i admire your acting but one thing i hate about you is you smoke…why do u want to destroy yourself when u earn great money,good looking and other things i may not know?

    Up to you Lee min ho, but you disappointed me alot because i have been dreaming of meeting you in the future but u smoke which i hate and can’t accept guys who does that..hope you stop..
    All the best ,

  25. OMG!!!
    i didn’t expeCt that min ho is like this!!
    i thought he’s cOOl buT uGh.,,
    i hate people who smoke!! it iriitates me.!!

  26. belated happy birthday…………….my amore……..please will you stop smoking?its bad for you lungs hmmm not only for your lungs but for your whole being.i admire you a lot coz your a great actor you made me smile.god bless you……

  27. oh my gu jun pyo…
    stop that one coz maybe it can affect your carrer…
    thats bad…
    we’re verry concern with you…

  28. i wish to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY and hey ! do not give up and leave the bad habits behind your back

  29. smoking is bad thing . i dont want him to smoke as others will follow him. cos he is famous and i want him to be a ideal person for others

  30. i feel bad please quit smoking now while your still young.its bad for health.try to consult the doctor now a days theres already a medicine that can help you to quit smoking.ITS CALLED CHAMPIKS…….believe me because im a physician assistant.god bless you my dear min-ho.

  31. pleasee lah people actor and others are just the same,smoke doesnt mean anything okay?being an actor is stress enough & his responsibility is just act good in his drama.so stopp giving offensive comments! 😡

  32. Just Please stopmoking or else you would be ugly na…..


  33. I don’t care if Lee Min-ho is smoking….Basta, He’s still hot!!!! I still LOVE HIM!!! Don’t worry,

  34. oh please, stop smoking, it is bad for ur health..we really dont want a smoking idol.think about it please.we all love u,

  35. ..he xO hot .. bUt i dOnt likE wHen hes sMokIng yOu muSt sTOp it lee min ho .. anyway i loVe boYs over floweRs .. is der any part 2 oF it .. ?? loVeyOu guYs .. im uR biggest fan … i hopE i’ll see yOu =))

  36. OMG I’m soooo shocked. He kissed Koo Hye-Sun with that tobacco breath of his? This is bad. Both for his health and a horrible example to his fans.
    Every cigarrette decreases your life by seven minutes..
    Please, lee min ho stop smoking! Because of those pics, my image of you is tarnished! Yuckssss.

  37. baby lee min ho, i think you’re hot, and i think a guy who smokes a lot is cool though i know it’s not that good for health, but don’t you all realize? lee min ho smoking = HOT. ever. more than i cant tell. HOTTT BABY YOURE HOTTTTTTTTT i cant even thinking on the right way nowadays bcs of goo jun pyo’s hotness :):):) LOVE YOU. KEEP ON YOUR HOT BOD AND HOT HOT HEAT OF YOUR SOUL AAW AAAH AWWW LOVE YA!

  38. i Love guy who takes cigarettes datz why, OMG i Like you mCh Lee min-ho..!!

  39. Uh. I Don’t like when he smoke. please stop smoking lee min ho. 😀 ILY! :))

  40. it’s ok…he look so cute and a gentleman. i love you…. lee min hoo

  41. OMG i can’t believe this….anway im astill a big a fan of LMH

  42. he really looks cute when hes smoking, but then again we all know that smoking is bad for our helath.. but then again, jooj pyo would always be my number 1 baby.. lol

  43. look there is so many peoples who care about u ..
    who love u … i don;t want to say don’t but .. but u have to think ..
    i m not acting smart to say this … but there is lots of people who belive in you ! well, sometime we have to do something we don’t want to .. all people saying u that not to smoke .. it’s all for u .. for u to good .

  44. Please smoking can kill u ……
    i want to spent the whole life with u ….
    if u do smoke .. we can’t be long …
    saranghae … don’t break my heart ..
    u can date with other girls …..
    can get marriage with any girls …
    but if u get hurt i will hurt .. please ….
    i live for u … don’t smoke ..

  45. what the.. it’s a big NO NO! mr. lee min ho! if i were you, you should stop that. you’re a bit disappointing your fans who believes that you’re almost perfect! i know you dont drink liquor more than 1-2 glasses, but i bet smoking is as bad as drinking about 3-5 glasses of liquor you know. tsk3. very disappointing.. 0.o

  46. ……..wat the hey you stop that thing you now its to you

  47. Minho Stop….please!!!!!!!!
    It’s not good to health….
    Love u…MINHO

  48. pity Goo Hye Sun..i wonder if hye-sun n min-ho kiss scenes were after min-ho smoked?

    i thought athletic like min-ho (soccer and taek-wondo) wouldn’t into this kind of bad habit.

  49. Woaah there, smoking is not hot.
    But I still love Lee Min Ho.
    The image of him smoking still attracts me for some reason, hahaa. Especailly the eighth picture.
    But I wish he’d stop smoking ):
    It’s going to ruin his looks and everything.

  50. he should stop please
    i want him to be healthy!!!

  51. What a turn off ! But it just shows that he’s a typical asian in terms of following a common practice of smoking which I find disgusting. I don’t envy Hye sun for the kiss scenes with LMH anymore. I always thought kissing someone who smokes is no different than licking an ashtray. My dad’s a smoker and I just get headaches from the smell even on the smoker’s clothes. And talk about bad breath that makes me want to gag ! I’m getting sick just thinking about it. Still I love his ‘character’ on the show and think he’s hot at a distance. But, I’m glad to see here, there are so many smart people that realize it’s not cool to puff up. Well LMH I hope he can keep his looks with all the toxins. He’s a pretty good actor. Just hope fans don’t look up to him as a model in terms of smoking.

  52. are u all stupid or what?
    duh! its just edited picture so don’t believe this picture of him smoking! urrggghh!

  53. it does look really hot, but it’s definitely not worth it.
    he’s gonna look disgusting soon, when he’s only a bit old.
    if he really wants to do it, then i hope he’ll quit after awhile.

  54. i am in sooooooooooooooooooo shock. i cant belive this. he is beond gorges. icant cant cant cant belvie that he smokes. this might lose his reputation. i am veryy sad. :'((. please stop smoking gu jun pyo. stop!!!

  55. omg i cant believe that he is smoking. i love him but now i dont think he should. i no i am being a little bit too judgemental but seriously id rather want him to take plastic surgery then this

  56. So unattractive. Total turn-off!

    But it’s not a surprise. 95% of the Koreans at my university smokes…which is a VERY SAD THING.

    Gosh, they don’t care about their health, do they?

  57. i don´t like that lee min ho smoke … because smoking is bad for his health … also he has many fans who emulate him and they can start smoking just for him …. he maybe looks hot for others but i prefer when he is with a “chupetin” jajjaja i better say candy … he looks so cute and so hot ….. no smoke … in korea make campaigns for no smoke …

  58. […] like the topic raised earlier on about Lee MinHo’s smoking habits, I guess we can’t be asking too much from him just because he is […]

  59. totally fine with him smoking!
    it shows that is more more humane?
    there are plenty of celebs who smoke too but just for image sake they have to smoke secretly.

    if you look up videos of him at the karaoke with davinchi, you can see that he is also smoking.

  60. he is perfect as gujunpyo.. n as actor.. smoking is his personal life 🙂 yet, i agree with eileen, it’s better for him to stop smoking though 🙂

  61. he is still perfect (L)

  62. DAMN no one has ever looked this hot smoking b4!!!
    ohhh god! hes so fricken sexy 🙂 mmmmmm

  63. he look really hot while smoking but smoking is bad thou…

  64. The smoking is disappointing.

    That curly hair….is FABULOUS!
    I happen to love those guys with the curly hair, Id like to run my fingers through ’em ^_^

  65. Gosh…smoking by anyone is so unattractive!!! I think he is such a cutie…but the smoking lowered the bar a little bit for me.

  66. kinda disappointed that he’ve not quit smoking. it’s been a long time..

  67. i dont think anyone can making smoking HOT… it is just a turn off.. why would you do something that can harm your health?? but i guess its his choice.. && undeniable he is a great actor

    but i still love him :]:]

  69. LOL @ the goo joon pyo look-a-likes!

  70. he should stop smoking!!!

  71. Smoking ><
    yes he looks hot but he should quit 4 his healthy ^^
    sookyeong can i take this pics & uploading it to put it in forums and translate it or not ?? ^^”

  72. i wish he quit smoking..since it’s not good for health. But yea, he’s free to do anything he likes..and he’s so hot. 😀

  73. smoking bad for him.
    his the ultra idol of everyone.
    If you want your future be good.

    stop smoking.

    it will hurt your image.

    by the way,he looks terrible when smoking instead of cool.

    anyone know which stars do not smoke,the best is not a drinker.

    What a perfect star will be if he do not smoke and drink.If there is astar i like and has aattidute like this,i will sure be a fan of it.

  74. I don’t think “smoking is hot”

  75. hahh it’s sad to see someone who has such strong personality smokes. even if you are too handsome but if you smoke, the handsomeness just fade away little by little…

    i wonder whether TOP smokes??
    (eerk sorry, i know it’s out of this discussion but can’t help it. the topic makes me think about him dush~) >.<

  76. @Mei, what’s wrong with tattoos?

    “I wish to be the cigarrette he is smoking,’ LOL! I wish to be more than that…. =)
    He does look hot when he smokes, I don’t dig smokers, but for him I’ll make an exception.

  77. Well i still love him even though he smokes.
    at least he don’t have any tatoos.

  78. lee min ho and goo jun pyo are totally different. i don’t know much about lee min ho. so, i’m not that crazy about him. i am crazy about the character he plays though. =)

    also, i agree with fabulicious. “here they say they don’t like people smoking and how its bad image, but if the guy is hot then IT’S OKAY??????”

  79. that’s so retarded of the netizens~
    here they say they don’t like people smoking and how its bad image, but if the guy is hot then IT’S OKAY??????

  80. i agree with you, sookyeong.
    he has the right to choose to smoke but now,
    considering his fame and even the influence he has, he should consider taking it down a notch.

  81. oh p.s lee min ho is really the only person that can pull off that ridiculous hair cut xD

  82. fans need to calm down he probably has stress, but i also do hope he stops or at least cuts it a bit and wow im jealous of his legs ! i feel bad for ghs i mean shes lucky to kiss him but kissing a smoker is like licking an ass tray

  83. …but I also don’t think it’s right to use LMH as an excuse to smoke, if they haven’t before or quitted. That kind of decision isn’t supposed to be made on an idol’s preference.

  84. I know many are disappointed with Min Ho smoking…

    …but isn’t it worse that someone did all the “effort” to take these pics of LMH smoking in his PRIVATE time?

    I prefer to let him be. Smoking was really not a big turn off for me. Besides, with the very stressful schedules these celebs and artists have I wouldn’t be surprised if they smoke or drink to destress… and I would prefer those than doing drugs.

    Some netizens are also outraged when they saw this. But I agree with the others…he makes it look hot. hehe.

  85. ahhaha i bet he’s been smoking even more w/ the filming of BOF

  86. i don’t really mind him smoking, do whatever you want LMH,
    but i wish he would be considerate of the influence he has over korea… :/ i mean, he is the next big thing, so people will be copying left, right, and center.. already proven by the hair..

  87. Wow..this isn’t good…
    But what can we do about it…
    We just gotta let him be…Which is sorta sad..

  88. He may look hot, but he lost some points with me. I hope that his idols/fans dont imitate him for this kind of thing….

  89. Anyone who smokes looks cooler/hotter in pictures but the reality is that it really is an awful habit to have… I hope people don’t try to be like him in that aspect

  90. something about the image connected with smoking can be hot…but i really dislike it. its so gross & dirty & bad for you. ridiculously unhealthy.

    & uh…as much as i love lee minho/goo joonpyo…that curly hairstyle is so…gay. only lee minho can pull it off in character without looking stupid.

  91. he smokes?? he just lost major points with me… i still like him, but definitely not as much… smoking is something i really can’t stand.

  92. AHHH YUMMY!!!
    omg he dazzles me xDD

    damn it he has great legs ;D

    but true, he should quite smoking,,
    not healthy ;[

  93. i’m afraid that minho smoking will make other guys start smoking x.x

  94. smoking is bad LMH!!hiihihih

  95. i’ll still kiss him, if i was ever given that chance hahaha.

  96. take a chill pill, how can he be perfect? he’s good looking and a talented actor but besides that, his personality itself is still vague. fans go crazy for the way he portrays goo jun pyo not for lee min ho himself. whatever, smoker or not i love lee min ho as an actor because he’s undeniably talented.

  97. AHH He does look hot,
    but stop smoking :] Please?
    Haha, whoa, look at all those
    “Goo Jun Pyo” hair-look-a-likes.

    • what?////////// i don’t like seeing him smoking..
      it not make’s him hot.. duuuuhhhhhhhhh:(
      he should stop it.. for his own sake

  98. lol, &nd he’s kissing w/ GOO HYE SUN??????!
    Man, i wish he would stop cuz its unhealthy and really disgusting. I dont think its hot at ALL! He was my favorite character…-___- One thing i hate about a guy the most is that he smokes .

    • ta réson mwa c idem packe mwa je sui de frnace é g regardé boys over flowers ki é ossi mn film préféré é depui lee min ho c mn acteur préféré … mé je sui deg mé a mor ki fume je ve tro ki arete 😥

  99. he DOES look hot
    …. on the outside that is,
    i doubt his lungs look any better than 30 days old meat if he keeps going.

  100. why?

  101. omg i thought he was perfect Ç___________Ç

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