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Netizens shocked, “YoonA is not natural beauty too?”


A netizen has recently posted photos of YoonA comparing her in the past and present time and saying that YoonA is actually not natural beauty after all.

After the post was posted up, the topic was one of the posts which is most hotly debated. The netizen had compared YoonA in Super Junior‘s MV and her currently in So Nyeo Shi Dae together, saying, “Is YoonA, by any chance, not natural beauty after all?”

Some netizens have agreed with the post while others thought the assertion was groundless by just comparing her in Super Junior‘s MV and her currently.

A netizen said,”She used to have joo geok (rice scoop) chin. If she hadn’t undergo surgery to correct that joo geok chin, it will appear often. So she is a beauty that is made under the knives.”

While most of the netizens said, “It is just because of the angle that she was taken in the MV.”

YoonA in Super Junior ‘U’ MVya_010309_6

YoonA now in So Nyeo Shi Dae



I personally feel that YoonA is natural beauty since she looks the same now as of then when she appear in Dong Bang Shin Ki ‘Magic Castle’ MV.

Looks like it is going to be awhile before all these talk about her not being a natural beauty is going to be stop.


On a side note, man, it feels so good to be looking at the old SuJu and DBSK MVs!

247 Responses

  1. I think she has her natural beauty by her own .. I don’t know about Yoon plastic surgery , because I’m not her family actually .. She is beautiful by herself .. 🙂

  2. Who care if they did or did not undergo plastic surgery. If ya’llthink it’s wrong why the hell are some girls so fricking obsessed with guys with hot bodies??? When I say hot bodies, i meant STEROIDS!!! There’s nothing wrong with fixing your face, I would’ve done the same thing but I’m too scared of needles….LOL

  3. Wow…after glancing through the comments i’m just mixed emotion. But all those does not matter to me. To me I am the biggest FAN of SNSD especially Yoona. True that i don’t buy all SNSD merchandise or go to every concerts they have. But natural beauty or not to me they are the BEST. Concerning the video from super junior’s U if you think about it she was not that well known yet of course her appearance does not really matter and she had less make up, but now she/they are well known appearance is everything. So please just support them/her to the extent that you can and don’t mind bad rumors about them. True or not its for her/them to answer not ours.

  4. She didn’t have plastic surgery ok poeple can get slimed and there chin can go slimmer my friend use to have fat in her chin butshe lost weaght and now her chin can slimmer duh u guys think before u write these idoit things u stupied u idoit poeple so shut up!!!!!

  5. wow guys. everyone says shes a natural beauty like they know 100% everyones getting so pissed off. and even if she didnt get plastic i dont what the big deal is about her. i mean compared to the other soshi members shes kinda plain.

  6. I don’t kno why fans have to be so in denial. Just b/c you adore her, and she’s your favorite, it doesn’t mean that she hasn’t had plastic surgery. People don’t wanna believe it b/c she’s been marketed to be this “natrual beauty”, but just b/c you haven’t had anything drastic done, it doesn’t mean you haven’t been tweaked here and there.

    I’m a fan of Yoona. I really like her, and actually, I think she was pretty BEFORE the plastic surgery, but I DO think she’s had work done. Something about her face is off, and I’m sorry, but puberty cannot make your nose smaller/higher, so I definitely she’s done that, at least. I’m not sure if she’s had anything else done, but the nose I’m almost positive about.

  7. I see nose job done from the very beginning since they debuted…..

  8. She didn’t have a surgery… Probably she lost some weight… plus! She was younger back then… of course she would look a bit different… everyone looks a bit different when they’re younger…

  9. honestly, its SM entertainment..what’d you expect. and u naive fans seriously suck at telling a difference. she obviously had her jawlines fixed. but im not positive about the nose.

  10. Well, I think she can be proud for herself that she’s the natural one. Well I don’t give a crap about her. I just came here to see if you guy can confirm it for me. Too bad she didn’t have PS. Because I cannot stand that “tofu” face. And her voice is really mediocre. I take over Jessica any day.

  11. I’m not into Kpop that much so I don’t dislike nor like SNSD. I was curious about Yoona’s plastic surgery so I watched the Suju video. She is a natural. It’s not plastic surgery. We have ugly angles, admit it. It depends on the lighting and angle. She looks the same. It’s just the angle. And her “smile” is a huge factor to change the shape of her face.

    I took this screenshot when I watched the Suju video above. Is this not the same Yoona?

    My judgment, it’s her face’s bad angle. And her not smiling makes it worse.

  12. no offense but she sort of looks like a man. atfirst i thought yoona was natural until i searched this up and found out the video. long face, she sort of looks like she has a mustache, and maybe the nose. but the eyes and r that r normal

  13. Hi everyone,

    I am speaking up because people who are defending Yoona are saying hurtful things to others who don’t hold the same opinion as them. The proof is in her profile – you have to look at her face from the side to see that her nose was extended and her jaw shortened.
    Go to the Suju MV at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yrLHPdZf-t8 and pause at 0:10. Then compare with the picture of her and Taecyeon at http://idanshinlocks.wordpress.com/tag/yoona/page/2/
    In both views she’s not smiling but in the photo, her nose goes far beyond her upper lip while her lower chin is no longer the same length as her upper lip as it was in the old MV.

    I hope we can put this debate to rest and I’m truly sorry for destroying the image that so many of you hold so dear, but you were starting to become cruel to others in your ignorance.

  14. Umm well it could lead to many things, 1st of all it could be makeup because u can contour ur nose and chin are, or it could be plastic surgery, also this was two different lightings which cant always be true to what they really look like
    But if she did get surgery i probaly wouldnt care, I mean its her own body she has free will

  15. LOL @ the fans in denial. She did plastic surgery, so what?
    My God, I thought Sones loved the girls because of their music and personality, not their appearance. Otherwise you wouldn’t like SNSD, only Seohyun didn’t have plastic surgery.
    I am not sure Taeyon, I think she had double eyelid. Baaah, whatever.
    I don’t know why this only happens in girlgroups fandom, it’s pretty easy to admit one had plastic surgery in the boybands fandom. So what if she isn’t natural?
    So many rude people here.

  16. ehh. she’s so-so right now, and looks like a hag before then. idk why ppl are so obsessed over her being the “ideal girl” … if anything, the ideal girl should be Yuri… yoona’s just so plain…

    yuri –> prettier, sexier, better dancer
    all around better. yoona can get all the plastic surgery she wants, but she’s still plain -___-

  17. I think her chin is done a bit :/ she does look diff
    But doesn’t matter since it wasn’t like they ripped off her face and put a new better looking yoona XD

  18. baliw ba nag gawa ni2 ala naman syang pinag bago ah , xempre lumalaki rin tau kaya nag babago face natin

  19. honstly i was shocked when i saw Suju’s MV
    i was like it’s this really yoonaa…noway
    i tought she was naturel!!

    Haha, you funny one. I agree with you. I hate celebrities that get criticise because of a particular photo. It’s just so low, just think on the bright side that she actually is doing all of this for her fan.

  21. I would like to say, that was the past .. Now is now. Please don’t judge her for the way she looks before, because right now she is more than beautiful than ever. Still pretty ugly? I would like to see you put your face on the internet. Who would want to look at you? I used my real name cause i’m not scared of you. I have my own opinion so don’t get offended and cry. & Yes i love Yoona. I think her and Taecyeon are adoreable as couples. You know what “Eri” Do you think you can do what she can do? Do you think you can sing like her and act like her? I don’t think you can, so shut the eff up. Alright? Got it?

  22. Yeah, she looks the same. Still pretty ugly.

  23. Taken from the same MV, but she looks like the current Yoona, only younger. http://i45.tinypic.com/znws20.jpg
    I just wish whoever took the caps took this cap as well. It’s so stupid of that person to take only a few frames of the same scene.

  24. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_oHNNC_HO4gE/S4kjs611rZI/AAAAAAAAI4k/M_2oS5ayYnc/s1600-h/yoona.jpg Look at that photo. She’s younger there than in the video of U. Her jaw and nose are the same, and I agree with Sara?’s post. Look at her edit peple!

  25. ..yeah!
    and who cares if all of them had undergone plastic surgery?!
    ♥SNSD♥ is the best..
    love all of ’em!

  26. i love yoona!!

  27. Come on folks, majority of Korean female celebs have undergone surgery, what difference does one more make? You think SM Ent. would make Yoona the center of SNSD without making sure she looks flawless i.e correct her flaws using surgery?

    Yoona isn’t a natural beauty, even if she is, I say she isn’t a beauty at all. She just has an average face.

  28. her nose was done…u can tell. now, the tip of her nose is sharper than before.

  29. i see the difference if you dont thats ok its because you choose not to she the change
    so what if she had plastic surgey it made her look even moree prettier.
    i’m a fan of yoona
    not a fake fan
    yoona is a great snsd memeber
    keep up the good work

  30. common! Super Junir’s U is 4 years ago and Yoona was 16 when she stared in that MV. Of course now she’s more beautiful because of make-up or salon. so please guys, don’t be ridiculous. she hasn’t a dramatic change and still same.

  31. eh… i dun think she had plastic surgery although her jawline seems to be kinda wide in there.

    when she starred in dbsk magic castle in the music video, it was 2004, and that was before she filmed this video when suju debuted in 2005. she looked extremely pretty in the video, so she didnt have any plastic surgery.

    even if she did, she’s so sweet ❤ love her forever.

  32. i’m surprised 2 see some ppl calling her ”bitch” just b’coz she might have had a plastic surgery! 0_o
    .. heh ~ i don’t see any1 talkin’ about a male celeb having “fake handsomeness” !!

  33. Don’t be so naive, the whole SNSD got plastic surgery.

  34. wow, people, calm down. How is it our business if she got surgery or not? Doesn’t really matter, she was gorgeous before and still is now. just chillllll

  35. didn’t mind if she had it or not.
    if she had the plastic surgery, its for us, her fans. do you want to see an actress with an ugly face?


  37. Seriously. I don’t see a difference. Before (natural beauty) now (if you wanna argue still she is a beauty/ IMO a natural beauty.) So… all those smart ass. If you she really did went under the knife she is still considered a natural beauty cause she was born beautiful. Agree?

  38. There are several shots of hers so I don’t think it is the angle. Her face is definitely longer in the U mv. Her chin does look the same, I believe that she got her jaw line fixed maxillary surgery.

  39. Yoona is a fake. she is a bitch that act cute and act nice in front of ppl. She dont get her lines right, and she sings so little because her singing sux

  40. okay seriously, who cares, im sick of all this..first of all its not ‘natural beauty’ for yoona its ‘natural ugly’. that girl is ugly no matter how hard they try to make her pretty. i dont see how she is voted number one for everything and everyone goes crazy over her. when the other SNSD look so much prettier. if i was in korea, i would slap everyone who says Yoona has the girl next door quality and shes super hot. when Yuri has the best body, taeyeon has the best face, sooyoung has the height, tiffany/jessica has the best voice, sunny has the best boobs and cute voice, Hyoyeon is the best dancer…and yuri is nothing..shes just added for uglyness.

  41. kalian semua ke makan kecantikan nya !
    daripada sayaq iri dengan “yoona” lebih baik saya iri dengan “ariel lin” , karena dy cantik alami daripada yoona cantik buatan !
    saya juga bisa melakukan “operasi” dan mengatakan “saya tidak melakukan operasi” .
    mudah kan .
    daripada yoona , saya lebih memilih song hye kyo .
    F*** !!!

  42. Guys u know there is something called puberty and CHANGE u no. Gosh no big deal plastc surgery. ANwwayz she still looks pretty than u antis who r just jealoyus n stupid.

    • Jealous? Of Yoona? Puh-leeze, if you said I was jealous of Yuri, Seohyun, Taeyeon, or any other member of SNSD, I would concede to that, because they’re all pretty, but YOONA? She’s so overrated, her face is average but people like you go on about her “natural beauty”. Since plastic surgery is no big deal you’re admitting that she had it?

  43. So what u guys if she had plastic surgery??? U can’t just rely on stupid photos!! And anywayz plastic surgery is no big deal!! She might not even had plastic surgery. u can’t just hate her for that! Idols are known for having plastic surgery in korea so what its not a big deal!!

  44. Hi, this is the same Sara up there, the film major. ^^

    To demonstrate what I have explained earlier, I tried to screenshot a similar angle (it wasn’t that similar but it’ll have to do) and I added the lighting effect I have mentioned. Here’s the photo:

    As for the jaw, the Kissing You photo (the one with YoonA holding a lollipop) shows the same jaw line, just lacking the harsh shadows in the U video.

  45. The difference is slight, but definately visible. You have to look closely at how the way her nose used to be flatter at the tip and the sides used to be less upright. Totally different, considering the difference in Asian noses are slight in general. Of course she wouldn’t want to make it seem like there is a difference, who would want a plastic surgery scandal!? It is slight so most people won’t be able to tell, I’m an artist, and from the PICTURES, there definately is a difference. Although most of you people probably can’t tell. But her chin, I’m not so sure about since I’ve always felt her face was stretched in the mv…

  46. I think see did a surgery. coz if u see the jaw in suju mv is more squarish and in the previous one more round. Her head in suju look more long in front view and now it look more smaller and rounder in front view.

  47. I’m saying this as a film major.

    I’m not really a YoonA fan, I love YuRi more. ❤

    Have you even noticed that the light is very strong and is pointed directly at her face? That tends to minimize the shadows created by the face compared to normal far away lighting.

    Here's another fact, YoonA was still young when this video was taken. She was still undergoing puberty stages or whatsoever. She's still growing up at that time, and yes, major facial changes can occur while she's at that age. Besides, if she had plastic surgery, like jaw shaving as many suggest, then I have to say the surgeon did a really great job since it looks natural; meaning no loose skin or tight skin as the after effect, and whatsoever.

  48. Fyi , My email is Fake [Not main] .
    I am not a Fan of Snsd Girls generation but i was just wondering if yoona was plastic .
    Jugding By all ur comments .. I see that there are lots of Die hard fans .
    In my option , At the 1st glance , I can see that her
    nose was done . And that does not mean
    i have eyes that fail or am just stupit …
    Watever . You be fans of watever u want to be ,
    while i state the obvious .
    I may NOT know personally or even wat yoona looked like in other videos , I dun really care … so should u . Anyways this is stupit ..
    Writing messages that you support yoona or not .
    Perhaps not even yoona will read your Reviews.

    I guess only Yoona will know whether shes fake or not .
    Or her classmates , Relatives or some nozy stalker….
    I support the review Above . -.-

  49. Oh my goodness…
    Can’t you all just except this?

    NUMBER 1)
    You can’t base your assumptions on a couple of photos.

    NUMBER 2)
    Even if she did go through surgery. SO?

    What!? Korea and Japan have like…a plastic surgery fetish.
    My friends gets a nose job for their 14th birthday.
    Big deal. Michael Jackson did it.
    As if it’s anything new, stop overreacting.

    OMG news flash! she went under the knife :OOO
    So did half the people on Korea, you don’t see them making a bugillion dollars a year and getting famous.
    It takes skills and looks :DD

    NUMBER 3)
    You realize that you’re not gonna change anyone’s opinion on Yoona by making this?
    People should except the fact by now, that –

    Honestly even if it’s very very obvious. They’d be like
    “Nuh! It’s totally natural!”
    Because we idolize her.
    So why bother trying to change our minds?
    It never works anyway.


  51. Yoona’s so ugly back then (i watched the MV of “U” by super junior) i wouldn’t call her a NATURAL BEAUTY i’d call her an ugly flirt with surgeries

  52. Garret…ur the clown! LOL
    fking idiot who says ppl smile like clown..i tink urs is like a hppo’s mouth,smelly sh1t!XP


  54. ERm…even though she did plastic surgery,in my heart,SHES THE BESt!:)

    im not giving a dam if u stupid ppl say that she had plastic surgery..! XP.

  55. frankly, she really looks different with reference of both the pictures but it may be caused by other reasons which are quite prominent and obvious in this case. you cant really judge anyone without seeing her face to face to determine if she has undergone plastic surgeries. i don’t care if she is natural or fake. what else can people do besides criticizing? accept the fact that she looks really pretty in both the pictures.

  56. yoona you are the hottest ^^
    can i have you??

  57. why you cry for this threat news yoona? I believe you that you really natural not the fake beauty made under the knieves, yoona.

  58. natural or not …for men shes not pretty …..hahaha..there are so many beautiful girls out there…dun know why my eyes can see her beautyes[s-pecially when she laugh… huh looks like clown coz she got big mouth..

    ….( i said this coz i believe in freedom of speech and to choose)..

    bash me.. like i care..dun feel hurt at all…

  59. That’s just a whole heap of make-up. YoonA is a natural beauty! so pretty~

  60. I don’t think she had surgery. I think firstly, her hair in that mv didn’t suit her. Her face doesn’t match with that hair. She would have looked much better with straight hair, and she wasn’t smiling. She looks so much nicer when she smiles! And the makeup part. The lighting and angle in the mv was pretty bad. Her childhood pics looked exactly the same as she is now, I also think that the person who wrote this article only took the shots where she didn’t look so good in the mv…

  61. I think she’s still the same, check out the YOUNGER Yoona pictures, she’s as pretty as she is. It’s just that she’s not made up here, and the scene looks dark which doesn’t need any make up at all.

  62. yoona unni..just ignore those stupid idiot loser ppl…
    they envy your natural beauty…
    yoona unni…fighting!!

  63. I know for a fact a lot of things can change one’s facial structure. I used to be really really ..ugly but now no one can recognize me. My facial structures are so different that no one recognizes me. No plastic surgery done there, I just grew into my features and took care of myself a little more..I think it’s kinda the same for her. I’m not really a fan but I think she’s pretty. I think that those were just unflattering pictures. I take pics that look really horrible and some days they’re nice. If she did get surgery, so what? Media lies about everything..

  64. Yoona is a natural beauty. The lightning and angle doesn’t help her look good that’s all. Do you look the same in every pic/vid? Look at Jung Juri, she can look pretty and then ugly in the blink of an eye! And frankly if you look at Suju in the MV, you would say that most of them re-did their faces, they look so much better now lol!

    Seohyun is a natural beauty. Word. Taeyeon did only her eyes.

    The others I don’t know, but I think that some of them did do surgery….. I’m sorry but to tell you the truth, I think that Sunny did something but I don’t know what. Sooyoung & Jessica did surgery. I think Fany too. Sorry, fans but let’s be honest that they look different now than before. But anyways, a lot of korean females do surgery so I’m not surprised or anything. I mean, BEG and Go Hara already admitted doing surgery. Who would be next? (Not a SNSD member because SME is well managed–even if they overwork their artists!)………..

  65. Okay I don’t really get why people have to point out minor differences on a natural beauty. Even for me, I def have no surgery okay. My younger pic look hella different from now. My nose are pretty much freaking taller and my face got skinnier. but even for me right now, I see no surgery on her face. her jaw and nose and everything still look the same. the angle of her face turning with the smoothening of the MV effect. gosh damn like you guys have to point out the smallest thing to make a natural person not natural. watch when people call you a plastic person just because you look slightly different when you were young and you’re 100% natural. There are pictures of Yoona pinching her nose & even laughing like an alligator. There are also picture of her nose looking different in every angle and that was in the same day. Her nose is just more than natural. People these days are so freaking stereotype on korean people. if she wasn’t korean, people wouldn’t even bother saying this. she’s the most natural korean girl i’ve ever seen already and if she’s not natural, no one is.

  66. …hey….you!!!!!!!!!!!!…you stupid…YooNA IS NATURAL BEAUTY….just look the music video of OH by SNSD….in the end,,you can see that her face doesnt change,,,,because of the make up,,,her face change…SHE”s NATURAL BEAUTY>>…..you stupid,,,,f***….b*******..

  67. She did plastic surgery??????

    • Lol no she didn’t. I know that for sure. Anti-fans or netizens are just bored with their lives.

      **I look nothing alike or maybe a lil when I was younger. Does that mean I went under the knife? lol You get my point (:

  68. its clearly seen shes is natural..i have seen her 13 year old clip and she looks the same…every people dont look same in every photos, the hairstyle, makeup sure make changes in face, doesn’t means its a plast surgery aniway
    m a true fan of her..also i like her character the most..shes really funny

  69. her nose and her nose bridge,, just take a look. however if you think its a bad picture only,, then you really do have a bad eyesight,, and her cheeks was pumped,, while she has the same body structure in the u mv,, do it means its not because she had gotten fat..duh,, just accept it,, anyway just like her on what she is not on what she has,,,idiots

  70. she looks like a ghost……
    i think she change her chin…

  71. Yoona is gorgeous. That’s undeniable. She has flawless skin and the cutest smile.

    Judging from those caps, though, either the makeup artist was WACK, or she got her nose done to make it look… skinnier.

    BUT! That’s only if you judge from those caps. If you look at pictures where Yoona is a young child:


    –you can see that Yoona is definitely a natural.

  72. So what if she had surgery done or not……

    SO WHAT!!!!!?????

    If u reli are a fan of Yoona’s
    u’ll always b supporting her no matter what…

    Just ignore those brainless ppl!

  73. Oh! C’mon!!!! For Heaven sake!
    What the heck is wrong with u ppl who says she has surgery or not!?!?!
    What has it got to do with u anyway???????
    So y not jz keep ur mouth shut the fuck up?

    Yoona is has the most natural beauty in Girls Generation!!!!its OBVIOUS!!!!

    Get a life….
    Its either u support her of fuck off with the nonsense!

    Yoona is a human too….She has feeling too….
    All this comment her being ugly b4 her surgery reli hurts her!

    i sense JEALOUSY here….

    I aint a BIG FAN of Yoona.
    But for me…she’s jz Adorable in a way….

  74. hey u stupid…
    u r a fake fan….
    she is natural beauty….
    tats it…..
    so can u juz shut ur mouth….or
    u will die….

  75. I don’t think she’s pretty, her smile is so stiff! :O And she’s so skinny!

  76. she is definitely natural beauty….those who said that she did plastic surgery were just bcos of jealousy…

  77. Looking at the photos, she does seem to look different, but if you watch the full mv where the pics are taken from she looks the same as now to me.

    Besides, does it really matter? I think she looked pretty in the mv and it still looks pretty now. Everyone has ugly pics if you pause them on video stills, and I think her WHOLE face looks stretched, not just her chin, so it’s possible that it’s an effect of the camera, since it’s not just the chin that looks different.

    She’s also young, and still is, not like she can’t change with age, I certainly look different to my ID photos between ages 17 and 19. I think her beauty isn’t really in her facial features anyway, it’s how she looks so natural smiling and such, and no matter how much surgery one gets, you can’t ‘make’ a good smile like that.

  78. i DON’t get why the fans can’t admit she had plastic surgery, i’m happy she had she’s even more beautiful now! that’s not a crime

    • it’s not like we don’t want to admit that, it’s becuz she really didn’t do any plastice surgery..becuz i saw her pics when she was a kid and when she was younger on this pic, her face is still the same..don’t you see that,,she has a natural beauty..

    • I don’t get why people are thinking she is.

  79. oh come on ppl please look at her carefully…..she is not tat natural…omg i cant stand looking at her even for a second….she is not that innocent if u guys seen the episodes from reality show she was in……u will think twice before u call her the prettiest…please forgodsake…..she keeps flirting with the guys…proud of herself bcos everybody call her the prettiest….yeah i agree with ines here…she is just average..and she doesnt even have a talent so she should have gone under the knife to be in the same level of the rest of the member,can u guys show me when yoona sing solo a full song?or can she even dance solo?i still dont get it why ppl even like her…i thought she was all natural too in the first place..well …i thought wrong..

    • Not being able to dance solo hardly makes her a bad dancer, solo dancing and group dancing are different, as is solo singing and choir. Nothing ruins a good choir like great solo singers trying too hard to stand out, the same goes for dancing. I personally think yoona dances the best in the group, all her actions are clear, steady, distinct and with smooth transitions. No hesitation, no exaggeration.

      I don’t know if she’s overrated or not, cause I generally don’t follow korean music, stars, or forums. I don’t think she’s the best looking, or the best at singing, but I do think she’s talented and I think it’s her manner rather than her looks that make her the prettiest to me. You may disagree and think she’s arrogant, but I don’t think so, I think she’s confident but not overly so, and I like that she doesn’t put on as much fake modesty.

    • i thought so many times and still think she’s the prettiest and funniest and the best girl ever. now what. i’m sick of people who can’t stand seeing a perfect person. she’s natural so if you’re thinking that she undergone surgery, you’re actually praising how pretty she is now.

  80. She’s so OVERRATED. To me, she’s just average. Not that GORGEOUS. The girl looks innocent. And I’m gonna have to admit, when I first saw that MV (Suju’s), I didn’t recognize her but that doesn’t mean she had plastic surgery. People change.

    But what if she did? SNSD fans are always denying it, when we all know that most of them are not natural.
    But she does have to take care of her image, I mean, she’s not popular because of her talent..

    • Yeah I agree with you ines, she’s EXTREMELY overrated. Everytime i see something about SNSD, it’s always “Yoona’s so pretty, the only natural one out of SNSD!”

      She gets lots of attention and everything because of her so-called innocent and pure image. I remember the first time i heard about SNSD and saw their pictures and stuff, Yoona didnt really stand out for me. But either way, im not an anti or anything LOL.

      IMO, i think that the only people who can actually sing in SNSD are Tiffany and Taeyeon. But seriously, SNSD try too hard to act cute. T__T” I actually wonder if they’re still gonna act all cutesy when they’re like, 30 or something ..

      • not standing out to you doesn’t mean not to majority people. Majority thinks she is the prettiest and most innocent so deal with you’re being not one of them.

  81. I dont think its the angle or the lighting! Something is actually different and i think it the tip of her nose!

    Who knows if she got surgery or not . . .

    Loads of idols would most probably want to keep it as a secret because they dont want to have anti fans or anything.
    & who knows she could have gotten surgery only changing her appearance little by little.

    However i think she should confess if she gotten or not to stop all this controversy about her having surgery! If she tells ppl whether or not shes gotten surgery all these articles bout hur would stop!

    & just to add if she has had surgery, she shd confess instead of getting alot of praise that shes a natural beauty wen she aint!

    But if she hasnt then she needa let ppl know so they can stop ruining her image!!!!!!!!

  82. its just de make ups

  83. jeezz fans can get so intense -_-
    lol but then again doesnt matter if she got plastic or not shes soo pretty now xD

  84. It’s the nose. They straightened her nose bridge, you see it?

    And they shortened the chin.

  85. Lightings dont change the shape and size of your chin so drastically…

  86. She did not get plastic sugery it might just be the light or growth

  87. Crazy fans-.- Stop deluding yourself, it isn’t bad lighting or whatever, YoonA DEFINITELY did work on her chin. Her nose is natural though. I agree that you have to look pretty in the first place to have good surgery results, but its a fact that she her surgery on her chin.

    • your the one who is crazy…go to the doctor and have a check up.. your just jealous…

      • @isabel, wow you must be yoona’s biggest fan or something. you reply to everyone who says that she has gotten plastic surgery. get a life .
        even if she did get plastic surgery (which i think she did), fans like you probably wouldnt want to accept the fact that she did.

    • you’re the one who’s freaking crazy. her chin has no work done. gosh how many times have you watch Yoona to even judge her like that. poor person.

  88. Her mouth was half closed that’s why her face looks longer.

    I believe that she is natural !

  89. people, makeup and hairstyle can do things beyond your belief. obviously idols look differently as they go through their styles for their albums. Suju also looked a little different years ago then now because of their hairstyle and costume

    • your right..becuz it happened to me also my face is really really different when i put a make up and they change my hairstyle it’s was very different,hahaha…yoona jjang..it’s only the make up but yoona is still pretty even she don’t have a make up or she have it..

  90. her face is still the same..i don’t see any different..ur just making a fake story..the different is she is not smiling in that picture..she has a natural beauty..yoona jjang..your just jealous of her that’s why ur making a fake story..

  91. oh God she look same from how she looks in z past & nothing is changed.she so talented & natural

  92. Natural or not, it still doesn’t change the fact that she is beautiful, talented and good in singing

  93. y shld we care abt this? i mean if we rly lik yoona we wldnt even care abt all these… bt she lks natural to me… i dun tink there’s much change to her face…

  94. After watching the mv, i notice the part somewhere at 2:25 when there is a very short part which Yoona face appeared and the face was exactly the same as now, this proof tt with lighting the difference is rather big since the top photo was all taken from the same mv so u can,t jus say tt she had plastic surgery! Those hu said tt are a doob!!Infer from the source completely and not jus the front part..DOOB!!

  95. Its the lighting and the make up…stop making a fuss…can’t u see tt she put make up and the lighting is brighter in the photo compared to the in super junior! Seriously both pictures of her are equally pretty, try taking ur photo using a camera at home and at a studio, u will see how much difference is there without the lighting, needless to say the make up

  96. This is all bullshit, if she doesnt have natural beauty she wouldnt look pretty no matter what kind of plastic you put into your face. Plastic surgery wouldn’t make you turn into a goddess. If you’re beautiful , it’ll make you look more beautiful. If you’re ugly, it will only make you look mediocre. No such thing as from ugly > pretty.

    • I agree and if u saw her video during the audition, when she was in primary school, for SNSD u will see tt her face is still the same =.= the one hu posted this mus be jealous of her beauty..JEALOUS~

  97. And to the moron “akdfjdf,”

    Plastic surgery definitely can cut bone. I know people who have gotten it done. The most popular bone-cutting procedure is the cutting of the jaw bone, which, it appears, YoonA had done.

  98. You guys are all either blind, stupid, or stubborn. Just because someone was born with eye folds doesn’t mean she didn’t get plastic surgery elsewhere.

    Her current jaw has a much more pronounced angle, since they SLICED OFF THE BOTTOM OF IT. DUH.

    Why do you think she looks younger now than she did three years ago? Because she had her jaw reduced to give her more of a baby face.

    I think she looks a lot better now than she did, but she is DEFINITELY not natural or beautiful. She looks like she’s 10.

  99. the shape of her face is definitely different..

  100. funny how so many people are criticizing her. whether she got plastic surgery or not, i still think she looks pretty/elegant in the music video from before. i don’t think people who say otherwise look prettier than that anyways…

  101. this photo is soooo photo shopped. Her jaw has been stretched, its obvious and plastic surgery cant mend bones. The person who photo shopped this is probably some anti snsd fag.

  102. those idiotic netizens are turning things out of proportion. I hate them so much. It’s obvious that Yoona doesn’t have a single surgery on her face nor body. gosh they don’t have eyes to see? it’s obvious that the camera angle. I have good eyesight so I can see that she’s natural. those who think she has nose surgery need to see the doctor. check her photos when she’s just a kid and you’ll see

  103. She’s not all natural. If you look closely, there was a bit of change on her nose. I saw one of her appearances in one of the DBSK MV’s when she was younger. She’s naturally pretty but I think they enhanced her nose. Come on people, lots of other artists have “jobs” done on their faces. Cut the girl some slack.

  104. i heard she cut her jawline.

  105. I think it’s odd that people will criticize someone for not being pretty, or if they have a little weight, but then they will also criticize people if they become skinnier or get plastic surgery or whatever reason to please the people.


  107. SHE LOOKS THE SAME AS HER BABY PICTURE. ugh.. i wish people would stop saying she did surgery because she really didn’t.. if you see her eyes.. one eyelid crease is bigger than the other and she really doesn’t look fake at all -_-;

    so please stop saying she did plastic surgery .. i hate when people assume every korean artist/celeb did plastic surgery.. seriously, there are many pretty/handsome Korean celebs who did NOT do any surgery so just sthu and just admit that you’re jealous.

  108. She looks the same to me.
    I think Yoona is definitely a natural beauty! :))

  109. pshh Yoona being plastic or gone under knife is all BS.
    she’s like probably the only natural beauty in SNSD.
    if you’ve never seen her pre-debut or her past yearbook picture then google them. she’s the same !

  110. hmmm i really want to believe shes a natural but there is quite a big difference in her nose, not that much on other parts of her face. i think shes pretty but not drop dead gorgous

  111. Hmmm.. her face shape and hair line and nose has definitely changed a lot.

  112. I wanna be like her!!!
    i wanna Be yoona T_T

  113. hmmm
    women are born pretty
    whether having plastic surgery or not
    so to me
    whatever her face was, she is always look gorgeous to me
    (btw, if she’s not that pretty, she wouldnt pass the audition for those 2 boysbands right?)

  114. i think it’s the make up …

  115. that is true, i think her features became more refined after the puberty,
    I meet nicer that it(he,she) does two year (notably better) and I did not do any surgery to myself and I dress photos of her’s mother and they really look alike, HAVE THE SAME NOSE, I do not believe that it is produced

    Personally I admire to yoona, she is so nice and has them same knees that I xD, it gives me hopes

  116. It(He,She) is for the age there is an age as thirteen years in which one sees one very badly (my thirteen were not my better age xD) but now I meet nice without need of very much arrangement, believe that it is the same thing with yoona, and dress photos in her(it) in friends before snsd and even in when she was a girl and she(it) seems precious(beautiful), I if I believe that it is a natural beauty



    GO TO HELL YA!!!!!!!!

  118. YOONA is naturally beauty……
    only those who don’t know what the beauty is will say that yoona is ugly……huh
    i already saw her face and all snsd members when they are young…..
    nothings differ….

  119. Even if she’s natural, she’s definitely not a beauty.

  120. I don`t believe that Yoona undergo surgery,she definitely NATURAL BEAUTY!!!

  121. omg…she is a plastic!
    its not about the angle..if it is an angle mistake,
    why did the picture with snsd dont have any mistake?
    the pix when she’s 12 same time her look on ‘U’

    • dude shes not plastic. in the u video she def. looks odd but there are parts where shes not
      check it out

      times where she looks exactly like herself
      0:54 2:09 2:27 3:05

      its just bad lighting angles. this anti fan only posted pictures where she looked odd. and in the dbsk magic castle vid she looks exactly the same and that mv was made around the same time

  122. Angle and light.
    Well. When you do nose job, you break all nose bones and cartilages and sculpt the new one.
    I wonder, how it is even possible to change line of chin? To make it BIGGER – yes, it’s partly possible. But smaller? What will you do with lower jaw bone? Break it, you don’t need all those teeth anyway?
    If anybody tells me how it is possible I will be SO thankful, lol.

  123. Well..all of us growing up…in her appearances in mv U..she look younger and not too mature her compare to her recent appreance…i once watched her video without wearing make up..she indeed still look pretty to me…i guess when she growing up…she become more pretty and mature as she already know to take care of herself..so in my opinion..she still natural beauty..=)

  124. sheesh….what’s wrong with these ppl?

  125. she definitely went under the knife. if you look closely there’s a difference. and its NOT just cus of the angles or lightning either.

    but it doesn’t really surprise. i mean.. all of the SNSD members are plastics. not trying to offend anyone..but it’s true.

    • dude shes not plastic. in the u video she def. looks odd but there are parts where shes not
      check it out

      times where she looks exactly like herself
      0:54 2:09 2:27 3:05

      its just bad lighting angles. this anti fan only posted pictures where she looked odd. and in the dbsk magic castle vid she looks exactly the same and that mv was made around the same time

  126. I think that if she really did undergo plastic surgery, she should come out and say it like JaeJoong did. At least he admit that, “Hey, yeah, I had my eyelids done.”

  127. She looks the same to me as pretty as she’s ever been…

  128. website beautystars.co.cc

  129. […] Min Ho went under the knife too? Posted on March 6, 2009 by sookyeong After the case of So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA, here’s yet another wave of speculations by netizens about Boys Over Flowers Lee Min Ho […]

  130. Ehr, her nose looks different? That’s the only difference I can really tell. But anyways, she looks good now.

  131. Never like SNSD, all of them have undergone plastic surgeries… who ever said SNSD are all natural beauties, this is SM. worst investment, they should break that group..!! they even have more antis than fan…urgghh!!

    • dude shes not plastic. in the u video she def. looks odd but there are parts where shes not
      check it out

      times where she looks exactly like herself
      0:54 2:09 2:27 3:05

      its just bad lighting angles. this anti fan only posted pictures where she looked odd. and in the dbsk magic castle vid she looks exactly the same and that mv was made around the same time!

  132. oh and i agree with deek… i think overrated is the perfect word for all girl bands lol

  133. i’d like to think she’s not natural.. only because she’s so goddamn gorgeous! but truly, she’s all natural damn 😦 haha

  134. i don’t know, i mean she looks different (way different, in my opinion) but i’m not gonna call her out and say she’s plastic or anything.

    personally, i think she’s overrated – and nowhere as pretty as a lot of the people make her out to be.

    i’ve seen her in real life, and if it wasn’t for the fact that she was signing autographs, i would think she was an average pretty korean girl :/

  135. she looks so UGLY in “U” mv
    she is pretty now
    but before? she looks different

  136. She’s pretty. But i still think it was just a bad
    photo taken or a wrong angle.
    It is good looking back at the old MV’s of theirs.
    Just the other day i was looking back at
    H.O.T’s Candy, Outside Castle, Full of Happiness
    & of course Shinhwa’s.

  137. lol everyone looks almost the same in korea.

  138. She may look natural but she’s no beauty.

  139. I think she’s a natural beauty. Your features slightly change as you get older and in some cases become more prominent as you lose some of the baby fat.

    Even if she did get plastic surgery, I fail to see how that matters. Plastic surgeons can only work with the bone structure of the patient. There is only so much plastic surgeons can do. Case in point, Tori Spelling. People seem to think that those who acquired plastic surgey can suddenly morph into someone completely different. Something like the movie Face Off is completely unrealistic. Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with someone wanting to “tweak” their features.

  140. Um, she looks pretty much the same. It’s called aging and newsflash, it happens to all of us.

    This shouldn’t bother me, but it does. Just because the Korean entertainment industry is known for stars going under the knife, it doesn’t mean everyone does!

  141. she looks the same to me! I think she’s a natural beauty, YoonA is love ❤ People need to stop looking at things so hard….

  142. well, DBSK’s Magic Castle is BEFORE Super Junior’s U right? she looks the exactly same in Magic Castle… and her kiddie picture in Dear Mom performance just like confirm everything.

    I think she’s natural. =)

  143. i guess..that time the mv of suju, yoona was still thin that’s why her face looks longer but now she gained some weight and you can see that her face is a bit round now than before.. i don’t think she undergo into a chin surgery..

  144. Definitely not a SNSD fan, but I seriously think that the old pics of Yoona in the Suju MV were taken at really bad angles. Her face was tilted too high. Yeah, don’t think she went under the knife.

  145. well i think she looks fine in those mv.. its just that her hairstyle doesnt suit her ,thats all 😀

  146. hmmm. i’m indifferent about this.
    what i’d really like to know tho is how do doctors do chin surgery? do they shave off parts of the skull? o_O

    • Yup. Just something I’ve heard here and there. I’m not really sure tho, but they shave off parts of the jaw, put in some steel until the bone grows and joins together, and take out the steel.
      I ono, it’s pretty gross sounding to me. But if people wanna do it to make themselves pretty, then it’s their choice. Just like it’s up to us whether we like them despite of it or not.

  147. wow, I thought she was a natural beauty. Come on.. it’s obvious that she had gone under the knives.
    The difference is pretty drastic, if you really look at it .
    And it’s not about her with or without make up now
    cause we’re talking about how she looked now and BEFORE she debuted. And IT IS different. people are just too biased or sorry, too blind to see.. But I don’t blame her or anything. she KIND OF looked like a male before in those pictures.. now she looks really cute and pretty, I must say, great doctor for making it as natural as possible.. and it’s not a bad thing, I guess. it’s just her chin, and even a little bit on her nose, and I’m not pretty sure about anything else. Wells, everybody does it. and I’m a fan of her drama, so it’s not like I’m an anti or anything, I’m just telling what I see. 🙂

    • dude shes not plastic. in the u video she def. looks odd but there are parts where shes not
      check it out

      times where she looks exactly like herself
      0:54 2:09 2:27 3:05

      its just bad lighting angles. this anti fan only posted pictures where she looked odd. and in the dbsk magic castle vid she looks exactly the same and that mv was made around the same time!!

  148. Maybe she is a plastic beauty but just think,there is so much plastic beauties in korea until it is uncountable.

    But some of the people although got do plastic surgrey don’t really look nice.
    She look nice after dong that.

  149. ^yoon eun hye and jun ji hyun are overrated too imho but i agree with song hye kyo.

    i also agree with your last paragraph. ^^

  150. aah….bored netizens strikes again~and over defensive sones too^^…..

    IMO, yoona is an average korean pretty girl,as everyone said,her face is overrated…..

    i think she may have go under the knife for some minor surgery…..

    i’ve met her before in real life and she’s nice….

    she’s pretty but not beautiful…not ugly too~

    for me what we can call beautiful is like Song Hye Gyo,Jun Ji Hyun, Yoon Eun Hye…etc

    c’mon,who are we to know she did it or not…she might have.So?Many of celebs done it too and some overdone it…=_+

  151. i suggest u guys to watch snsd Jungeun every morning n u can see yoona’s face without make up . its look the same

  152. she looks the sameeeeeeeee . its just a make up .
    if u guys look ur old picture u guys must be like ‘OMG am i this chubby or ugly ? rite? everyone gonna feel this when they see their old picture . same as yoona maybe she looks alittle bit pale in suju mv but when she has make up its just look the same .

  153. i dont understand why people would say “she has overrated pretty” (@Nami, on March 2nd, 2009 at 5:21 am) WHICH DOESNT EVEN MAKE ANY SENSE. overrated pretty? wth. she isnt overrated b/c one, she is pretty and two, majority of people AGREE.

    @cindy–rox, on March 2nd, 2009 at 2:22 am
    makeup can, but have you seen yoona w/o makeup? she looks realllyyyy cute. a very angelic image, especially with the expression when she laughs (mouth wide open).

    @lala, on March 2nd, 2009 at 2:22 am
    i agree. people dont realize this, but lighting and the dynamics of color reflecting the lighting and everything truly distorts the appearance sometimes.(the black walls in SuJu’s MV)

  154. she does look pretty different.. dont know if the chin is the reason but theres something ..

    QQ im so sad. yoona, from the first time i even saw SNSD, stood out to me for whatever reason to be really really cute.

    ugh, i wont completely accept anti’s claiming she did get surgery. the only way to truly know is if the words come directly out of yoona’s mouth. if it doesnt, then ill still believe shes a true beauty

  155. she looks.. exactly the same.. d: hahaha
    i see no difference in the chin…

  156. she did something to her nose.. man.. even yoona.

    but on second thought, it’s good to want to improve urself/look, whatever.

  157. i’m surprised no one has noticed that she had a nose job. it doesn’t look obvious here as it is in her older selcas.. she did something to the tip of her nose

  158. hmm… who thought she was just natural beauty??
    the people who think shes natural beauty,,
    whats wrong with you man!!

    gaa i hate people who go “no she/hes natural beauty”
    just because they are “in love” or a really big and massive fan of them.

    i mean, c’mon guys!!
    what are you on?

  159. ofcourse many netizens care about the looks and surgeries stuff…its because these artists are being praised like they’re pretty and so cute…but then they’ve done plastic surgery. Natural beauty does not come very often, so with SNSD, i guess they felt that they’re “too pretty” lol.

  160. she looks the same it’s just the light !!!!!!!!!!!
    whoever thought she had plastic surgery YOUR BLIND gooooooo get your eyes fixed please ~~~~~~


  161. she looks the same its the makeup

  162. It’s just the angle and the light.
    And maybe it looks diffferent because she dont smile (+ she was younger there) in those mv’s pictures.
    A nice smile and some make up can make huge difference !!!

  163. when I first saw SUJU’s MV.
    i thought ‘couldn’t they have found a pretty girl to be in this mv out of all those korean girls???
    & now i think Yoona is really prettiest out of SNSD.
    There is definitely a change in her face, maybe surgery or maybe makeup and growing up.

  164. i don’t see any difference between before and now o__o…
    maybe on the chin?
    but other than that, she is definitely a natural beauty.

  165. HAHAHAHAHA now that most scandalous people are having a rest, they start picking on SM again xD
    Geez,,, to me it’s the light and angle and maybe a bit of make-up, you know put some darker and lighter shades to make it look different. We’re not all Seo Inyoung >.<;;

    The good old days<333

  166. in the first pic from the u mv she looks like she has a dominant chin but frankly i dont really see the difference
    there are so much more older pics of her where, to me at least, she looks the same

  167. I just think the lighting’s really bad in that MV. I saw a younger picture of her and there she looks the same as now.

    Netizens sometimes needs to get a life too and stop these negative comments about artists and celebrities…sometimes they speak as if they are oh-so perfect and these people are not. sigh.

    YoonA will always be pretty for me. =)

  168. Why do the netizens care so much if she had plastic surgery? I mean, how come nobody’s freaking out about tiffany having surgery or hyoyeon or jessica or sunny? They’re all SNSD, so how come they’re only bashing YoonA?

    Seriously, netizens need to get a life. The stupid lighting in the music video is making her look like that. If you look at TVXQ’s Magic Castle, she looks exactly the same. When she auditioned, she looked the same too!

    Netizens should stop bashing on artists and just find something else to do!

    Anyway, it was probably an anti-fan who did that…geez…

    Just because their jealous of how pretty Yoona is doesn’t mean that they should bash her… D:<

    • o yeah!!! go man!
      HHHH I am Yoona’s fan too.
      and NObody should bash her. C’ mon..
      But seriously, how do you know about the lighting in the music video?

  169. *sigh* …those people really need to do SOMETHING with their life…I mean in this economic crisis [i know its not related but..] or just crisis how could they possibly still have time on this stuff???..SO WHAT if she had surgery or not???…I personally think shes a natural beauty just like Vicky said, and also agree that shes prettier to me without make up on…,,

    anywayz,,,i hope she juz laugh it off..^_^

  170. To be honest, Super Junior’s ‘U’ MV was a really crappy, low quality music video. Everyone pretty looked terrible in it due to the lighting.

  171. well she doesnt seem lke she got chin surgery, but i think she had nose surgery. you can definitely spot the difference.

  172. its just the beeping angle and the lightning plus the lip gloss or lipsticks wateever

  173. i serious see no difference

  174. I agree that it’s just the angle
    cuz I remember seeing a footage of her auditioning when she’s just 12
    she look the same to me
    so she really is natural beauty

    and after watching this week’s episode, I believe i like it better when YoonA doesn’t wear any makeup at all
    i don’t know why but I think she look prettier without makeup

  175. No wonder
    that’s fact 70% south korean peoples
    had plastic surgeries.
    She has overrated pretty.

  176. What can i say?
    Chin Surgery…

  177. She looks the same. There’s several factors that make her look different:

    -The lighting is awful (This is the main reason for me).
    -Her hair is down and she isn’t smiling; it makes her face look longer.
    -Her face looks a bit chubbier back then.

    Those are the worst YoonA pics I’ve ever seen though XD

  178. why does it matter if she got surgery or not? she’s still yoona and she’s still doing the same things she is doing, promoting the songs she’s promoting, part of snsd. she’s still the same person she is. -___- some people are just so bored with their life to be digging out these crap. why the hell does it matter so much if one is natural or not. some are just not fortunate as others to be born pretty and if they have the ability to change it then they will. who wants to be ugly in this world? hell if i were rich i’d get plastic surgery, too. natural beauty is not a talent, either you’re born with it, a little of it, or none at all. you didn’t learn to become naturally beautiful (physically and no i’m not talking about make-up).

    personally, i think her chin got more defined/longer ish. i don’t know if it’s part of growing up or she got it done. either way, i don’t care. she’s still yoona.

  179. its jus because she was very young…..probably no make up on !!!!
    yoona is totaally gorgeous and simply beautifulll…

    but dun really mind if she had any thing done..coz she is always the best for me no matter waht !! I ❤ Yoona!!

  180. ㅋㅋㅋ 동방신기 귀엽다..

  181. hmm when only looking at the MV it looks like she got a nose job, but whatever. she looks about the same

  182. Well.. I don’t remember her in DBSK’s video and I don’t feel like watching it.. and in SuJu’s video, honestly NO ONE looked good. I think the lighting or whatever it was was just awful.

  183. That’s an easy one.
    No one in Korea is natural.
    And nothing is wrong with plastic surgery, let’s just be thankful we have such a thing or else we have to look at ugly people on TV. Sorry I know, it’s harsh but let’s be real.

  184. um looking at her 10 year old picture she looks exactly the same as she did when she auditioned for sm. antis can go suck it okay seriously.

    • your right..she looks exactly the same..i saw also her picture when she was a kid,i think she’s only 4 or 5 on the picture..she’s so pretty since then..she has a natural beauty..

  185. make up can do wonders…

  186. Um, she looks the same, only the SuJu MV had really unflattering lighting, even SuJu themselves look horrible >__>

  187. she looks the same to me…
    even her in younger photos.
    plus that suju video is like semi black and white? with almost bad lights.
    umnn… maybe she weighs more then, well a little.
    now with less fat, if she still has any to loose, her cheeks and jaw line have become more prominent.
    it is possible, by proper diet or do eat-more-sleep-less diet!
    proven! even by me! kkk!

  188. @ xXSujuFTIXx
    It’s not for sure all members had plastic surgery. Just bored anti-fans claimed that SNSD all had surgery. But I doubt they had plastic surgery.

    Frankly, I think she looks darn gorgeous. She looks the same from her childhood pictures, through the MVs before debut and the same now. Neitzens have nothing else better to do.

  189. and i’m guessing it must be an anti snsd that did this 🙂
    ah~ korean netizens really have no more lives, first the MR crap and now this? oh C’MON!

  190. er…she still looks the same, in the MV she had on make up when she’s with soshi she has on makeup…i think some ppl are blind

  191. Umm… I think that she has done plastic surgery. But, it wasn’t drastic. like, near her chin region only though.

    Do the fans in Korea have like nothing to do anymore? Why do the try so hard to ruin the image of someone?

    Didn’t everyone know that all of the members of SoNyeoShiDae have had one plastic surgery or another?

    Well, even i she did have plastic surgery, I still think that she really is a natural beauty. There’s not much of a difference.

    It doesn’t matter whether she’s done it or not! Other people have done it too and NOBODY freaked out about it when they fond out others did it too!

    Well, I hope Yoona just pushes this bashing aside!

    YoonA, Jjang!

  192. she’s pretty but not too much ^^”
    i think her nose is different now than
    before in super junior MV ..

  193. she looks the same to me…. lol

  194. Um…she looks the same…I don’t see anything that would make netizens think she had work done to her face. She’s really pretty ^_^

  195. ofcorse she definately is natural beauty! idiots who thinks she is plastic..

    • UHh well to tell the truth from someone who ISNT IN DENIAL.
      Im a big fan of cutsie Yoona she is my favourite in SNSD. The reason she was my fav is cuz i thouht out of all of them (seen all there before and afters) i thought she was the most natural.

      However im a med student, i know FOR SURE. She did Plastic surgury, her face structure and jaw structure is different your bone cannot change unless she got braces with elastics to change her overbite *IN WHICH SHE DID NOT* im a true fan so i know about this. And yes her nose is 100% different even found a pic of her the exact same pose not smiling. Her bridge and tip is diff. She got a material I-shaped in there now.

      • oh stupid just shut up..ur just a fake fan…ur just a spammer..maybe ur crazy u don’t know what to do in ur house that’s why ur making a fake story…u idiot.

      • Yo Truth or watever your name is..
        YOu spelled favourite wrong.. Its favorite

      • and dude,, you know that u are so dumb. Can you swear to god that Yoona did plastic surgury?? I bet you can’t and get a life dumbass. And mind ur own business. I am sending this message to False

      • Yoona is just overrated. There are so much more talented young korean stars out there, and i’m referring to her fellow soshi members like Tae Yeon and Tiffany. Looking pure and innocent isn’t going to last her a lifetime in the entertainment industry.
        and fans of SNSD or Yoona, don’t get too worked up over others saying she had plastic surgery, this is a forum where people post their opinions, they have their freedom of speech as well, so don’t scold or curse others just because their opinions are different from yours.

      • To ‘I can’t tell you’

        You sir, are an idiot. First of all, you don’t criticize people on the internet for spelling. Spelling doesn’t exist on the internet. Second, favourite is in fact a correct spelling for those using British English. You are just an ignorant American. Third, you are not in the position to correct people’s spelling. Think about it. You can’t even punctuate your sentences properly.

        Hate those avid fans who think people who have other opinions from them are inferior somehow…I become ashamed as YoonA’s fan at how stupid some people who call themselves ‘fans’ are.

  196. LOL the last pic is cute
    i think she’s a natural beauty. just the lighting + angles

  197. she looks the same then and now, i don’t see any dramatic changes in her face. definitely natural beauty.

    • if u cant see any changes..
      no offense..u have bad eyesight..
      her nose was done..

      • Her nose was not done, and I have good eyesight. A lot of things can change depending on the lighting, make-up, and camera angle. And funny that it never occurred to some people that she could’ve just lost some weight.

      • its just a bad picture of her for goddsake

      • if you can’t accept the fact that someone is naturally beautiful then stfu. there’s nothing that has changed from pre-debut and afterwards. I think ur the one that needs to get their eyes examed.

      • ur the one who have the bad eyesight..stupid..i don’t see any different..ur just jealous of her face..yoona is natural beauty..

      • Excuse me??
        i think u’re the one who have bad eyesight..
        there’s nothing that had changed.
        if u’re jealous..then do it urself..
        why criticize people?
        u guys are lame.

      • Her nose looks totally different…are you guys blind…!?

      • don’t be mad that she got work done. it’s very obvious from the pictures that she had plastic surgery, but who cares! She’s a good entertainer. Their job is to look their best. Plus most celebrities, not just Korean ones, get a little bit of work done.

    • UHh well to tell the truth from someone who ISNT IN DENIAL.
      Im a big fan of cutsie Yoona she is my favourite in SNSD. The reason she was my fav is cuz i thouht out of all of them (seen all there before and afters) i thought she was the most natural.

      However im a med student, i know FOR SURE. She did Plastic surgury, her face structure and jaw structure is different your bone cannot change unless she got braces with elastics to change her overbite *IN WHICH SHE DID NOT* im a true fan so i know about this. And yes her nose is 100% different even found a pic of her the exact same pose not smiling. Her bridge and tip is diff. She got a material I-shaped in there now.

      • she didnt get surgery you idiot. fail.

      • she didn’t get a surgery..stupid..i know that ur just a fake fan..ur just pretending that ur a fan of yoona…ur just jealous of her becuz she is so pretty..ur just making a story that no sense..stupid idiot..just shut ur mouth..

      • being a fan doesn’t mean you have to be stupid. It’s like saying “I’m a true fan of Tiger Woods – I don’t believe he cheated on his wife with all those women.”

        If you were a true fan of yoona, you would support her even if she had plastic surgery done. Not to mention what with your silly accusations with no logical argument indicates that you don’t really care what the evidence says.

      • i don’t think yoona is a preety just cute..

      • just cause you claim to be in med school that doesnt mean crap to anyone else…clearly you don’t know the power of lighting + makeup + photoshop…you can use makeup to cast shadows on a persons face and contour it to fool a camera to make a person look skinner/fatter, make their nose longer/narrower…it doesnt always have to be surgery..and honestly..even if there was surgery involved…its really none of your business…it doesnt really affect you in any way what so ever…so why don’t you look in the mirror and see your reflection before you start judging others.

      • i commented and then i saw your comment. i’m not the only one to notice the facial bone structure then. i’m guessing that she had maxillary surgery, what do you think? is there any other surgeries out there to reconstruct the face structure… like shorten it? i seriously want to know for myself. it is a long story with my orthodontic.

    • ya.. i support u

    • OMG!! u ttun nom ee,, ee lun sa gin oll lyu nwat su!!

      I bet this pics are fake. I mean only the pics on the top.
      Cuz I know Yoona nuna has a natural beauty:)
      Yoona fighting…

    • i totally agree

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