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K Bites offline today!

Hehe. No more updates for the rest of today, because SooKyeong is going to have her 21st birthday celebration for the rest of today! ^^

Meanwhile, will continue kpopping tomorrow!


113 Responses

  1. Happy Birthday :>

  2. Happy happy belated birthday!

  3. I’ve missed your birthday T^T sry;
    Happy belated birthday !!

  4. HAPPY (belated) 21st BIRTHDAY!
    love your site ^^



  6. hey happy birthday! (:
    hope you had a great party! (:
    thanks for your hardwork and keep it up!!

  7. Happy 21st! Get tipsy, but don’t get smashed! (:

  8. Happy 21st birthday πŸ˜€
    Party hard and party safe.

  9. happy birthday!
    may all your wishes come true πŸ™‚

  10. Happy birthday!


  11. happpppppee birfffffdaaaaay!

  12. happy birthday to u ^^, i love all the useful info you often posted :x, thank you so much 😑

  13. Happy Birthday!!
    Your site is my favorite πŸ™‚
    Hope you have a great night!

    you deserve many days off for all your hard work πŸ˜€

  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! =) thanks for always updating with the latest kpop news, you are awesome!

  16. happy birthday ^____________________^

  17. HAPPY BDAY!!!
    have a good one

  18. whoa!
    happy birthday!!~
    my sister’s birthday is today too!!! 03.07 haha

  19. Woo 21!
    Happy Birthday ^^ and may you have many more!



  21. happy birthday!
    you are my fave k-pop blogger<3
    thanks for everything!

    hope all your wishes come true!
    and hope your year will be full of happiness<3

  22. hope you have a great bday!!!

  23. Whoo, Happy 21st birthday!! ^______^ Hope you’re having a great day. C:

    Thank you for all your hard work! ❀



  26. Happy BIrthday Sookyeong!!!
    Thanks for all the info u give us!!!

  27. Happy Birthday Sookyeong!! I remember it was just last year when I first saw your blog in Multiply and it was your bday then. Now your blog has become so big and popular. More happiness and success to you!

  28. AAAAAAAAHHH we got the same birhdate !
    It was my 19th… i’m young ! But in France, don’t need to be 21 to get drunk SO… Haha ! Happy birthday !

  29. happpppy birthday!

  30. Happy birthday!!

  31. Oh really? Happy Birthday then.

  32. Happy Sweet 21st Birthday. Hope you have a great day and may your wishes come true. Best wishes ❀

  33. happyhapyy birthdayyyy! πŸ™‚

  34. HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY!
    have fun tonight!;)

  35. Happy 21st Birthday~~ x3

  36. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! thank you for doing all this work for us! hope you have a fun day πŸ˜€

  37. Happy Birthday~

  38. 21?!


  39. Happy birthday πŸ™‚

  40. Unnie!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

    Best wishes from your sister!!

  41. happy birthday!! hope you have a blast!


  43. happy birthday! i hope you have a good one πŸ˜€

  44. happy 21st birthday, and if you live in US, you are legal to drink now ^^ lol

  45. Oops, lol, Happy Late Birthday.

  46. Happy 21st Birthday! I hope you have a great birthday – and thanks for updating us with news everyday ^_^

  47. Happy Birthday to you.

  48. Happy 21st Birthday!! πŸ™‚
    Have a good one! ^^

  49. Happy Birthday! ^^
    Don’t get TOO crazy though >.>

    Hope you have a great 21st!!!

  51. Best wishes for U ^^

  52. Happy Birthday!! and have a fun day.

  53. Happy Birthday! I just turned 21 a few months ago πŸ˜€ It’s a good age.

  54. saengil chuka hamnida….
    wish u healthy always and may ur dreams come true..

  55. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!.. woohoo..

    happy happy birthday and wish you more birthdays to come.. ^^

  56. daebak on ur 21st birthday!

  57. Happy 21st Birthday Sookyeong!

    May all your dreams come true and be healthy >.<

    Thnaks for all your hard work and keep posting great articles.

  58. Happy Birthday!

  59. happy birthday!

  60. Happy birthday ^^v
    Saengil chukae x)

  61. saeng il chukhae sookyeong !!
    have a blast 21st birthday

  62. Happy 21st~! πŸ˜€

  63. awwwe.
    happy birthday!
    …& may all your wishes come true. :’D

  64. dang.
    the big happy 2 1
    don’t drink too much now haha

  65. Wow ^_^
    Happy Birthday Sookyeong xD ..~
    i hope this year 4 you 2 be come more good with more happenis in your real life (Family life) & your K POP life (Like 2 meet BigBang in person) xD ..and hope your wishes come true , have a nice 21st celebration ^_^

  66. Happy Birthday!

  67. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great one

  68. μ–Έλ‹ˆ, μƒμΌμΆ•ν•˜ν•΄μš”!
    For many happy and healthy years to come!

  69. today is ur b-day? happy b-day ^^ ur b-day is da same as Jong Hun form FT Island xP

  70. Happy Birthday ! ~ may all your wishes come true πŸ˜€

  71. 생일 μΆ•ν•˜ν•©λ‹ˆλ‹€~!!!

    all the best wishes :]

  72. saeng il chukhae eileen!!!
    have a great one!

  73. Ha,happy birthday Sookyeong ^^

    Thanks for all your updates!

    Keep on your good work,hah!


  74. Happy birth day! you are one year older!

  75. Happy 21st Birtday to you !!

  76. Happy 21st Birthday to you!
    may you have the best day ever!

  77. Weeee! =) Now you’re legal to drink in the US too. ^^

    Happy Birthday Sookyeong! thank you for all the Kpop updates. =)
    I’m happy that a Kpop blog like yours is still standing. Clean, not much bias. =)

    Have fun on your special day! ^^

  78. happy birthday~ ❀

  79. Sookyeong 달링~
    생일 μΆ”μΉ΄μΆ”μΉ΄~~β™₯β™₯
    항상 κ±΄κ°•ν•˜κ΅¬ ν–‰λ³΅ν•˜μ„Έμš© ^^
    쒋은 λ‚¨μžλž‘ 빨리 사귀면 μ’‹κ² λ‹€~
    예λ₯Ό λ“€μ–΄μ„œ μ§€μš©μ΄λ‚˜ μŠΉλ¦¬μ•Όβ€¦ *^^*
    μ•„λ‹˜ 두λͺ… λ°›μ•„μ€„λž˜?? γ…‹γ…‹
    μ•”νŠΌ, 생일날에 많이 놀ꡬ 즐거운 μ‹œκ°„ 보내길 λ°”λž˜~
    21살이 λ˜μ§€λ§Œ λ‹΄λ°° ν”Όμš°μ§€ 말ꡬ 술 λ§ˆμ‹œλ©΄ μ ˆλŒ€λ‘œ μ•ˆλΌ~
    β™ͺ 생일 μΆ•ν•˜ν•©λ‹ˆλ‹€~
    생일 μΆ•ν•˜ν•©λ‹ˆλ‹€~
    μ‚¬λž‘ν•˜λŠ” 수경이~
    생일 μΆ•ν•˜ν•©λ‹ˆλ‹€~~~β™ͺ

  80. Happy Birtday! πŸ˜€

  81. Happy Birthday!!

    Hope u will have a nice 21th birthday !

    Let’s party!!

  82. happy birthday!
    wish you all the happiness^^
    have a fruitful k-pop year!

  83. happy birthday!
    we are at the same age!

    wish all the best for you!

  84. happy 21st birthday! ❀

  85. YAHH!!! ONNI HAPPY BDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and btw.
    like the new banner.

  86. happy birthday~!!!!!!!!!!

  87. Happpy b-day ^___^ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  88. happy 21st birthday!!!! πŸ˜€

  89. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!

    happy birthday!
    have a 21st sweet birthday,ya ^^

  91. happy bday πŸ™‚
    best of wishes!

  92. Happy Happy Birthday!

    I hope you have a blast! Partay hard!

  93. happy birthday sookyeong! πŸ™‚ Enjoy this day as much as you can!! πŸ˜€

  94. Happy Birthday ;D

    Thanks for providing us with so many up-to-date news ❀
    Stay happy & wonderful ;D

    Fighting ~

  95. happy birthday!
    welcome to the adult world!
    enjoy your day!

  96. hi, I’m from Philippines. I wanna say happy bday and god bless!!!



    best wishes.

  98. your birthday on march 8 right????? tomorrow ?
    happy 21st birthday~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ^^

  99. Wow XD
    Happy Birthday to sookyeong 😑
    Best wishes for you XD
    P/S: Your birthday is the same with FT Island’s JongHun, right? 😑

    Anyway, happy birthday Xd

  100. Happy Sweet 21st Birthday!
    i hope you have a wondeful day full of lots of love!!
    everyone here really appreciates your site =D

  101. Party it up!

  102. Happy 21st Birthday ^___^
    Hope you have a great day today ~

  103. Happy B-day πŸ˜€
    hope you have a wonderful time ^^

  104. Happy birthday!!

    many thanks & love for K-Bites!
    this is my definitely favorite place to get updates on news (:
    have a good one~

  106. happy bday!!!enjoy urself!!!

  107. hi there
    i would just like to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAYYY~
    i visit ur site every single day,
    and im soo thanskful for u because u keep me updated with the kpop world

  108. happy bday!! πŸ˜€ wish u all the best..have fun!! πŸ™‚ GBU

  109. happy birthday 21
    have wonderful birthday
    god bless you
    I hope your wish will come true

  110. Happy Sweet 21st Birthday! Your big day! Enjoy to the fullest! ^^

  111. Girl, take the whole week off!
    It’s your birthday and you do whatever you want toooooo!

    Happy 21st, get drunk (legally) and come back k-poppin’!

  112. happy birthday!
    yes, you should definitely get to your 21st birthday party,
    have fun πŸ™‚

  113. HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY – may all your wishes come true!!!

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