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Captured On Camera! Big Bang TOP, “Oh. That hairstyle”


LOL. The caption is not really true, but it sure seems like GDragon‘s long locks that he has been showing on SeungRi‘s last solo stages of ‘Strong Baby’ was for a reason – the hairstyle that TOP was wearing during Big Bang’s press conference in Japan last March.


The photo was taken by a fan during the filming of Big Bang’s upcoming Hite Beer CF.

Check our those firefighter uniforms, and of course Kwon leadah’s new hair ^^












(LOL, I swear I can make a comic strip out of those solo photos of GDragon and TOP – their expressions were so tempting. )

TOP‘s hair during Big Bang‘s Japan press conference last March



The hair was why GDragon has been keeping his locks long these days.


LOL. But with all the hair tied up, GDragon looked like he’s in his elementary school days again.


C: bbvipz


28 Responses

  1. I was so suprised that RiRi will be excluded in this one part, but even me I wont allow RiRi to do the beer…
    How about sparkling water ne, can? hoho (^^v )
    Ehem, but FIGHT RiRi, next time lets do some more foods photoshoot or commercial.

  2. oo laitai ain GD sak garjaa tasarhai tasarhai

  3. and my birthday pass march 11 bye everyone love ya

  4. it’s was nice in cool

  5. Silly Baae’ goes with any hairstyles

  6. eileen.. OMG.. jiyoungee is always surprised us indeed.. he looks good thou..haha.. but, yeah, i feel like im in years back then seeing his new hair do 🙂

  7. i dun like dis hairstyle jiyong ah~~~T_T

  8. Doesn’t that hurt your scalp?o.O

    Oh well, of course Bong can and will do something surprising with his look as always.
    Is he eating his words now after making fun of Tabi’s hair last year? hahaha.

    So Baby Ri won’t be in the CF? awww, too bad…I really wanted all of them there, because I’ve been missing Big Bang as a group for the last few weeks.
    Though most likely many are happy because he’s “too young” to drink. hehe.

    But I am still waiting for that CF. ^^


    Tears are falling. I thought nothing could be worse than the weird mohawk.

  10. oomg thats the hairstyle thats the most funniest in bigbang yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i remember seeing that hair style first in their “with u” music video..
    lol now gdragon xDDD

  11. Lmao that does seem like TOP is saying that.
    NOOO, this time it’s a BIG NO-NO!
    please don’t tell me it’s gonna be for his album.
    Wahh, and he was making fun of TOP when TOP
    had that hair style. NOOOOOOOOOO!
    Please Remove that hair,wait don’t tell me that
    hair style is gonna be in the CF.
    Aww he looked cute with his hair like that in the
    green suit though. He looks cute,,even withh—nevermind.
    He does in a WAY!
    I miss his OLD hairstyle where he looked very cute in.

  12. […] Captured On Camera! Big Bang TOP, “Oh. That hairstyle” March 9, 2009 Posted by saymickey3 in Big Bang News, Big Wonder Shin Ki News. Tags: Big Bang, Big Bang’s JiYong/G-Dragon, Big Bang’s TOP, BigWonderShinKi News trackback Credits to: https://sookyeong.wordpress.com/2009/03/08/captured-on-camera-big-bang-top-oh-that-hairstyle/#more-67… […]

  13. jiyong ah jiyong ah please dont have that hair for your
    upcoming album T____T i really disliked it when top had that
    hair and even jiyong said it looked weird
    top looks <3333 his expressions are adorable

  14. lol cute. my two favourites. gd and top

  15. Oh leadah.. he’ll always be my favourite. ❤

    But TOP is looking soo jumpable in those pictures!

  16. yeup just keep experimenting boy! don’t stop at this hair please. hahah, wouldn’t he look like goo jun pyo when he takes all of them out. curlycurlyyy!

  17. Ahaha, damnnnn they look hot
    in those outfits. HOT HAIR also.
    LOL :]

  18. I agree that this look makes him look younger. When I first saw it, I immediately thought it was from his trainee days!

  19. erh. now i think of a tortoise shell when i look at GD’s head. ahaha. its cute though xP

  20. LOL! I love how he’s so daring with his hairstyles

  21. woahh Bong! he’s like the only one i know who dares to try every hair styles lol :p

    and Tabi! he looks cuteeee when he stands like that. ahh love him!!!

    hmm i think bae suits the firefighter role the best since he has his body hahh~
    and dae with the hose. looks cute though.

  22. GD, WHY OH WHY!?!

  23. I was so suprised that RiRi will be excluded in this one part, but even me I wont allow RiRi to do the beer…
    How about sparkling water ne, can? hoho (^^v )

    Ehem, but FIGHT RiRi, next time lets do some more foods photoshoot or commercial.


  24. Tabi is so so so Cute
    and G-D >O<

  25. hahahaha…now we all know that Bong was just jelous back then at Tabi!

  26. it’s bong as always. hahaaa

  27. oh.my….


  28. and he was making fun of Tabi’s hair back then too

    oh mai Bong.

    but it seems like Baby won’t be on this beer commercial afterall.
    keep my Baby out of alcohol’s way.
    please and thankyou.

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