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K Bites – 13.03.2009 II

So Nyeo Shi Dae receive congratulation from Super Junior for 9th consecutive #1 on Music Bank


So Nyeo Shi Dae has continued to break the record on KBS Music Bank K Chart with the 9th consecutive #1 with their hit song ‘Gee’. ‘Gee’ had overtook Davichi‘s ‘8282’ to make it to the #1 spot.

Touched to tears, So Nyeo Shi Dae, “We want to thank all the fans who love So Nyeo Shi Dae.

Group Super Junior who had their comeback stage that day, also gave their congratulations during the encore performance. So Nyeo Shi Dae also shouted, “Sorry Sorry is ‘big hit’!” during the encore.


‘Female Big Bang‘ to debut in May and be active all the way till year-end


‘Female Big Bang‘ will debut and make their scene in the Kpop zone in May.

With their name not officially known to have decided, the group was called the ‘female Big Bang‘ by netizens.

YG Entertainment said,”We had plans for YG’s new female group to debut in April. Much effort has been put into the selection of songs etc hence the earliest that fans can meet with this group will be in May.”

“Right now, they have completed about 10 songs. We have also in mind what the title song will be out of the 10 songs. But until their debut in May, we will collect more songs for the album.”

The YG representative also added, “They will release singles and minialbums and will continue to be active all the way to year-end. There is a possibility they will release a digital single every month.”

21 Responses

  1. another snsd win
    yawn, congrats I guess

  2. isn’t that sandara park? the one who had been popular on the philippines?

  3. ALthough I’m looking forward to their debut.
    i have a feeling with so many singles they will be exhausted..poor girls

  4. so yet ANOTHER delay. some plans…you know with all the delays for this group, they better blow us away because of all the hype they are generating. well sandara wont live up to that though. she ll be the actor in the group. YG screwed park bom over. she wouldve been such a great soloist instead of being stuck in a group that gets delayed and delayed. YG should have solid plans before releasing any more statements about this group. i m disappointed in how they are handing this group. i was really excited for them but now i ll have to wait yet again.

  5. its okay YG…im still looking forward to the group.
    Park Bom should’ve went solo though =[ i love her voice andits better heard alone. heh. But anywho, i also like CL, whoa~ a rapping goddess.

  6. I do understand the delays since it wasn’t that long ago that they picked the last member and it does seem like YG is struggling to name the group. Plus the delays would at least get the girls comfortable with each other. I’m really looking forward to their debut.

  7. Wow SNSD’s outfits look so cute! x)
    & Yay i cannot wait ’til the female-group debut.
    I love YG (: & yeah. I’ve been waiting for so long!
    I can’t wait!

  8. you dont have to worry that..
    female big bang is only the name they give to the group
    before they have real group name.
    like happen to SNSD, female version SUJU.

  9. ahh nooo!!!!
    i dont want a “female bigbang”..
    whats YG coming to??
    i mean, i bet they arnt going to be as famous as bigbang are,,

    surely they cant take over THE ORIGINAL bigbang right??


  10. LOL… Srry for double posting.
    Accidently hit enter. XDD
    Anyways, she has AMAZING VOCALS.
    But Mr. YG knows best. ^^

  11. Whoo! Can’t wait for them to debut!
    I wish Park Bom went solo though.
    She has AMAZING

  12. seriously, it better be may. yg has so much talk, makes us fans so friggin anxious! but if they do as they say, then this is a nice tactic. releasing a dingle every month is a lot of work but it’ll keep the girls ‘in’. looking forward to everything.

    and congrats to snsd to winning #1 again. loll sry but it better stop now, give davichi an award before suju starts the #1 chain again ahahah. <33

  13. i look forward to this!! as usual coming from YG, yet another delay….. let’s hope this doesn’t turn into a SE7EN situation…

  14. awww….SuJu joined them on stage. =) that was really nice.

    Congrats SNSD for the 9th win! If there was a trophy for every win here in MuBank all nine girls would have one for each member. =)

    Now I’m really getting curious about YG’s new female group. Can’t wait to see them!

  15. YAY!!! Finally!!!
    …There is a possibility they will release a digital single every month…. AMAZING haha….
    10 songs WAOO!!
    GD is AMAZING!!!
    I really can’t wait, but seriously, May sound June to me T__T
    YG ah.. U r teasing us so much T__T


  17. it’s just around the corner!
    watch out!

  18. A digital single a month? Wow… that’s a lot.
    I just hope they debut soon!

  19. DAMMIT! They’re delayed again! >.< I’m really looking forward to their debut. I hope YG doesn’t debut the girls and GD’s solo album around the same time.

  20. I don’t know how many times YG always be like this
    I doubt ‘female big bang’ will debut in May.
    YG will continue to announce more & more again
    about their debut.

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