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Netizens compares China and Korean version of ‘Boys Over Flowers’


It was revealed on China portal site sina.com the uniforms that the main characters to China’s version of ‘Boys Over Flowers‘ and it has received various kinds of response from the Korean netizens.

There has been great interests in comparing the Japanese, Taiwanese and the Korean version of ‘Boys Over Flowers‘ so far. The comparisons were in terms of the appearance of the main characters, their acting and fashion.

As can be seen, it is the checkered style for the uniform fashion of the China’s version. And they also uses red colour for their ties.

The responses from netizens were mixed, “It absolutely cannot be compared to that of the Korean version”, “This looks like Korea in the 1970-80s” and “But still the female uniform looks nice on the female lead”.

The main cast to the China’s version of ‘Boys Over Flowers‘ were Jang Han (Goo Joon Pyo, Jang Han), Hwi Hao Ming (Yoon Ji Hoo, Yoo Ho Myung), Joo Tze Sao (So Yi Jung, Joo Jae Ho) and Wei Yi Cheon (Sung Woo Bin, Hwi Shin).

China’s ‘Goo Joon Pyo’


China’s ‘Yoon Ji Hoo’


China’s ‘So Yi Jung’


China’s ‘Sung Woo Bin’


China’s ‘Geum JanDi’


China’s F4


Korea’s F4


A comparison of manga-Taiwan-Japanese-Korean-China versions of ‘Boys Over Flowers’



236 Responses

  1. i love you….F4….muahhhhhhhh……

  2. korea ang pinaka the best …………

  3. mas gwapo si jiho……………

  4. THANK YOU PEOPLE FOR HELPING ME DECIDE WHICH VERSION TO WATCH! Im going to start with the Japanese ones first due to story and all you f*ktards who choose versions cause of looks with your little crushes dont know shyt as a whole. For those who did actually put the effort and without bias. Thank you.

  5. Taiwan’s meteor garden is really the best,
    since this was the first version who really made popular the manga series of japan! and Boy over flower of korean were good as well.. coz all members are handsome! we can’t deny that!
    Taiwan Meteor GARDEN is NO. 1
    Korean’s Boy’s OVER FLOWER NO. 2

    simply like that!

  6. we LOVE GU JUN PYO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ü

  7. for me, the Korean version is the best! the guys are so MUCH cuter and the acting is amazing! it had me laughing and crying and hyperventilating and feeling pain and desolation… and so many more feelings… not many movies/shows can get that out of me… :\

  8. I like the chinese version better than the korea one. Their F4 actiing and storyline are so much better than the korea F4! Chinese Jandi has charisma and prettier than korean jandi! If you want to watch pretty boys , the korea version is the one to watch. For better storyline and acting, watch taiwanese and chinese version 🙂

  9. Everybody here around very retard by saying Korean vers is the best is it because of the looks that everybody care for so much? I think they all are good
    along they stick with the story, it doesn’t matter who they choose to act or play the role of the character

  10. Дааа уж,после такого сериала весьма трудно возвращаться в rialность :(! Молодцы ребята, ОТЛИЧНЫЕ актеры (я про корейскую версию)!!!=))))

  11. Корейцы, вы красавчики! умеете снимать хорошие сериалы! у вас самая лучшая версия!!!

  12. i am the big fan of gu jum pyo. i like the version.i don’t know in my real life i can met you or not. i stay one day in my life i will come to korea i wish i can met u.n i fell korean boys are cute

  13. i watch all the version.. from 1st ep to the last one.. plus japanese movie version.. for chainese ver.(sorry) im just watch it until ep. 24.. ermmm, i guest..dont remember.. its boring.. i dont know why but i dont feel like i want to watch it more..
    so, the conclusion:

    for mature n gud looking hot guy : taiwainese

    cute and make u love them in just a flash: korean

    like a real in life.. i mean about the the house and other staf : japan (its really a huge different.. just look the last ep at the graduation night!!)

    my english is poor (so sorry) but im hope everyone understand what im trying to say..

    and I loved it<333 I actually watched BOF (Korean) version afterwards because I loved the Chinese version so much. Show some love to China!<3 & the actors/actress are all pretty cute, but the pictures up there are pretty bad.

  15. this is the most worst edition of F4….the cast are so big difference to the past…………i hope it’s not be screen on t.v

  16. 😀 korean is the best x D

  17. WTH. i’m not liking this. :))

    taiwan’s cool. japanese’s like, ooooooooook. KOREA’S THE BEST.

    you have tortured the image of my love, Gu Jun Pyo. hahaha!



  19. korea is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    china ver. ist so bad and all the actors is uglyyyyyyyy

    I am your no.1 FAN!!!
    Ang ga-gwapo ninyo talaga!!!!!!!!!
    lalo na ang KOREAN F4!!!!!!!!!!

  21. i love u all(korean f4) i love all and i miss u

  22. i love korean f4 i love them very much

  23. i don’t like artist like boys over flower
    but i want to go in Korea and China to know martial arts
    i like and i am interested to the cartoons anime

  24. heloooooooooooooooooo♥♥♥ u know kim bum i luv so much. when i look u, u is very cute! I LUV U♥♥♥

  25. koREA VeRRy GOoooooooooooood and i lOv u all lee Min HO,kiM Bum,Kim Hyun Joong,Kim joon,Goo Hye Sun
    anddddd LOVE YOU F4
    Lee Min NO Cut3 abiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis

  26. hi kaykay

  27. omg! npka cute tlaga!…. lalu na yng boys over flowers!!! hhhhuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!………………… grbeh!…. nkakaklig tlaga. first choice sa f4- kng ako ang tatnungin, cnu kina jerry yan,lee min ho,xi kien,shi lae,yi jeong,ji hoo at vaness ang pinka cute sa meteor na f4,? shi lae- sa bof na f4,?lee min ho! zyempreh! at yi jeong!!! e sa leading ladies?! sa bof!…,, geumjan di!!! at sa meteor garden?! shan chai!… okey!!! happy na koh dhil nkapag bgay na ko ng comment sa boys over flowers at meteor garden! we lve u all, godbless n’ gudluck!, mmmmmmmmmmwwwwwwwaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………………!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehehehehe! dameh noh!… ok byebye!!!……….

  28. hehehe….ang sasawangit ng version nla ng f4 para sa akin d best parn ung korean version….umfp….wala nba clang mgawa???????

  29. if u would prisoned the korean bof lovers in 1 day, u’ll see how the aliens would take over from the BILLIONS, TRILLIONS and GOGOLPLEX of people that was imprisoned in outerspace

  30. people who think korean F4 has plastic surgery is so idiotic i typed BOF korean version billions of times and look at all the pages BILLIONS of times and i think there r no plastic surgeries & stuff. nway, i personally think korean people really look good. i love the korean version, but the taiwanese version was the first ever drama i watched when i was 5 and the only one where there is drama besides dora the explorer. if i told my frend ’bout people bashing BOF korea, she wouldnt think twice to hunt them down xD im with her, the whole school in fact xD

  31. hay…………………………………………………………………………………………….

  32. Nothing can compare to the Korean version. Especially in the looks department. Nothing.

  33. hmm mas maganda si jandi noh!

  34. hmm di naman sa panlalait ah!

    ,.,ang pangit naman ng F4 ng china?,.,alang panama sa korean eh,.,

    ,.,pareho lang cla ng face ng Japan?,.kaya di ko pinanood yun eh,.,

    ,.,mas maganda pa rin ang korean ta taiwanese F4!

    ,.,hmm eh sa philippines kaya?,.,

  35. holy
    can everyone just shut the fck up about the korean version

    look, the taiwan, japanese, and korean f4s werent ALL hot either.
    taiwan= only zaizai was hot
    japan= only ogurishun was hot
    korean= only hyunjoong and kimbum were hot
    the rest were UGLYYYY
    but i still loved all versions.

    the guys arent actually all that bad in the chinese version
    2 of them are hott/cute 😉

    anyways, moral of the story:
    dont judge till you actually watch it.
    of course its gonna have its flaws,
    but seriously, which version DIDNT have flaws, huh?
    i found manyyyyy annoying flaws in all 3 versions so far
    but i still love them.

    at least give the chinese one a fair chance

  36. hay naku ang pangit ng china’s f4.da best p rin ang korean f4..ang gapo lht ng korean f4…ang pangit ng china..hhehehe…

  37. hay naku alang cnabi ang mga taiwan japan at china sa boys over flowers sa korea ang laki ng lmang walang mga binatbat sa korean boys over flowers

  38. gwapo mo

  39. All of them are like Korean version very much but it is not very good. All of this are copy by cartoon . And they are very popular because of the cartoon.But I think Japanese version is the best and it is like cartoon!!!!!

  40. the cast from japan kinda gives me the creeps…i dunno why…

  41. korea guys are the most hott….but i think the girl from china is the prettiest among them all…

  42. grabe.. ala kwenta china’s boys over flower…

    taiwan versus korean…


    grabe.. panalo f4 ng taiwan and ng korean..

    alal cast ha…

    appeal, looks..

    china’s f4 nothing to deal with…


    it just an opinion for audience…

  43. wow

  44. Taiwan all the way! but i guess taht twill be interesting to see the chinese.


    da best ang KOREAN HMMM……..
    pa’no kya qng magkaro’n ng


    me n lng c JAN-DI HUH!!!!!!
    …………. JOEWK ssssss! ………….

  46. hahahahaha,……………I read all the comments and they’re very funny…..whahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!For those people who cannot decide which one is the best, I have a few advices to all of you, firstly, watch each of the versions, from the first one that was made til the last: meteor garden 1 and 2, hana yori dango then BOYS OVER FLOWERS ( don’t be bothered about the chinese version). Then decide which one is the best. As i’ve seen all of them I strongly believe that BOYS OVER FLOWERS(korean version) is the best be cause of many many many reasons that i cannot mention all. Furthermore, just look at their fashion styles, castings, soundtrack/music, and they also went to quite a lot paradise-like places, and they do a wide selection of activities such as basketball, volleyball, hockey, swimming, swordsmanship/samurai (junpyo), skiing, gun shooting lessons, horse back-riding, car racings…… and ji-hoo is not only good in one musical instrument but almost in all instruments that we could see in an orchestra and take note, he’s a maestro as well. On the other hand, Yijeong is also a good potter. So you see, this series did a great job to emphasize how rich the korean f4 is and how talented, cool and handsome they are…..
    and look at their phones, they were all touch screens(i’m jealous) ” (>………………….

  47. the best ang version ng taiwan syempre …

    trip kodon si le …

    tapos sa japan … ung kulot …

    tapos so korea …

    si kim bum …

    ung sa china … WALA …

  48. taiwanese & japanese version !!!!!


  50. gusto ko talaga ang loveteam nina jun pyo at jan di……sana ma met ko si jun pyo para masabi ko sa kanya na love ko siya,,, I LOVE YOU GOO JUN PYOO…….



    and i watch japan version i really love it but they are looking girlish after that i watch the korean verson and im crash in them.
    after BOYS BEFOR FLOWERS THE KOREAN VERSION i don’t think i will watch the Taiwan or the Chaines version loool -_- .

  52. i really like the version of korean bof!!!
    goo jun pyo is very handsome!!!!!!

  53. China’s ‘Yoon Ji Hoo’
    China’s ‘Sung Woo Bin’
    I do feel like to vomit in their faces

  54. A yes, I really the Korean Version, the cast of there F4 and Jan Di. Taiwanese version was also good. I really hate the cast for china, I hope they change the F4 characters, or maybe we should wait for it to be broadcasted.

  55. We’ll those of f4 from china we’re not goodlooking, they are indeed not that good looking celebrities to be an F4. I suggest they change the main characters!

  56. i’am vote f4 taiwan

  57. no one can bit the korean version

  58. KOREAN is the best!!!!

    lav u yi jeong!!!!

  59. i dont think that china’s version can surpass the other version of f4’s phenomena…the taiwanese and korean version was the still the best!!

  60. boys over flowers jun pyo i love you sana magkaroon ako ng letrato nyo at gusto ko may pirma nyo jun pyo

  61. boys over flowers jun pyo i love you sana magkaroon ako ng letrato nyo at gusto ko may pirma nyo jun pyo

  62. hellow

  63. hoy mas maganda naman ang BOF kay sa iba no
    wala paring tatalo sa BOF NO!!!!!!

  64. the korean version of the f4 was so much better than any other f4 remake even if its not the first but will be first in my heart

  65. your fans

  66. i love the korean version all of the cast of f4 r really good looking… i love them all for sure……
    i dnt like the rest…..

  67. korean version is the best

  68. well,as far as i am concerned,the Taiwanese version was the original tv series and it was great,i really love it!!!it seriously convinced me as a viewer…but as I’ve watched the Korean version,it was a great hit too!!!it’s an awesome remake & i really love this one too…these two versions are already enough to please me…=)

  69. i lyk taiwan and korean vrsion!but korean is the best of all..espcially yi-jeong!!!the chines one?EEEEEWWWW…

  70. hahaha..
    so many of you guys that love Korean version…
    and so do i…
    I love Ji hoo sunbae very much!!!!!!!
    i think the worst of all is Japanese version…
    But the China’s version also looks so silly
    Maybe they should make another story

  71. ohhh…OMG….WE LOVE THE KOREAN VERSION… they were handsome, and cute… and jun di is the most beautiful……muwah….

  72. korea is de best lol!!
    no one can fight them..
    but f4 taiwan is the original,korean,japanese and chinese is the copy..
    omg,chinese f4??
    why they look so no good looking?

  73. …..wHaA!!!!!

    …i dont lyk the chinese f4…
    ..dont better persons?..

    .the uni4ms r eww…
    …poor design and color!!!!
    ..OA ribbons!!!!!

    Kim Bum’s da best!!!!!!!

  74. korean version is the best…
    their characters in the show really suit 2 them…

    guys, you did a good job…
    yehey!!! the filipino people really likes you…

    uhmmm., chinese version??? well. no comment…
    i haven’t seen 8 yet…

    taiwanese version is good also., they have the looks but they are already mature…it doesn’t suit being a high school student…


  76. taiwanese f4 is still the bestttttt!!!

  77. oh no!! im speechless, taiwanese, japanese and korean versions are all fantastic but chinese version? i don’t know..

  78. for the past days i’ve been watching boys over flowers….korean version….
    and i may say….THEY’ve done a very excellent job…
    a salute for the ARTIST and their DIRECTOR and CREW….

    i felt i’m teenager again…although im not that old…hehehe

    i love gu jun pyo….and geum jan di….

    and additional on that……CONGRATULATIONS FOR A GOOD JOB….you made every FILIPINO happy…..and for a minute forget our problems…..thank u and MARAMING SALAMAT!……..

  79. KOREA is the most pretty boy ever……………..
    Luv dat 😀

  80. korean version is d best! ive wathed taiwanese meteor garden b4 and i like it. but korean is mch better than taiwan and d rest of other version.korean is more fashionable,eye catching coz of their looks.gosh theyre xo cute!

  81. Korea is the best among them all..

    `chinas F4???..DUH?????…
    `japans F4 its ok..
    `taiwans F4 is the orig.and we cant replace it..


    for me???

    the KOREA is the best..

    the F4 and Geum Jan Di are good looking and the best..


    -Goo Jun Pyo
    -So Yi Jeong
    -Yoon Ji Hoo
    -Song Woo Bin

    -Geum Jan Di..

    I liked it so much..

    so??if your saying that the korean version story is not good enough,u better watched it before you say any comments to them..this is only my opinion..:-P..

    KOREA is the best…go!go!go!


    BOYS OVER FLOWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. Korea is the best among them all..

    `chinas F4???..DUH?????…
    `japans F4 its ok..
    `taiwans F4 is the orig.and we cant replace it..


    for me???

    the KOREA is the best..

    the F4 and Geum Jan Di are good looking and the best..


    -Goo Jun Pyo
    -S Yi Jeong
    -Yoon Ji Hoo
    -Song Woo Bin

    -Geum Jan Di..

    I liked it so much..

    so??if your saying that the korean version story is not good enough,u better watched it before you say any comments to them..this is only my opinion..:-P..

    KOREA is the best…go!go!go!


    BOYS OVER FLOWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. Korean is t best
    China sooo insane !!!

  84. korean is de best….
    go korean goo….
    lee min ho is the best 4 eva…

  85. korean version is number one

  86. i haven’t heard about the Chinese version.. maybe because the Taiwanese(Meteor GArden.. i love jerry ang vaness..!!). Japanese(i love JUN MATSUMOTO.. matsujun..!! :D) , and the korean version( of course kim bun and jun pyto!! ) is enough to drive me crazy..!!:D

  87. foe me!

    da best is da korean version y??

    not just becoz da actors and actrezes are cute and attractive but deir also good in acting (not saying the taiwaneez or the jap didnt perform well….so peace!!yo!) and the story line its great!!

    well the 3 version of hanayori dango are great,awesome!!
    i hav a good news!

    philippines will have their version!!

    hhaha lol!! just kidding guys!!

  88. I have done watching the Korean version in 4 days,,,,
    …..this is the best version among the others…
    …..I really love the characters….
    …..good looking,,,perfect setting…
    …..i love it,,,,
    …..Kim Bum makes my heart beat so fast lol…
    …..no comment with the other version…
    …..i stick with the korean version…

  89. Back in Papua New Guinea, my friends and I love the Korean version of BOF. F4 boys are fantastic. Junpyo is outstanding with Jandi.

    It is very touching and can’t miss watching every sunday for about 3 1/2 hours.

    PNG Fans of BOF.

  90. korean is more professional

  91. uhhmm well
    taiwan,korea,and japan’s F4 are all very good looking

    but in china i think uhmm theyre only cute but the other versions of F4 are perfect and HOT…

    but i like hanayori dango
    boys over flowers and of course


  92. just wondering them……
    whatever dude they such a handsome boys… its they’re awesome… hehehe

  93. OH MY GOSH!!!!!……..is this for real…..chinese ver. r they out of there minds BOYS OVER FLOWERS is best than china’s f4…….but for me JAPANESE VER. is th best!!! tnx for YOKO KAMIO for for being creative so arigato YOKO KAMIO……..:]

  94. Maybe most the viewer agree the korean ver. Is d best, but don’t forget: the newest ver.must be learned how make it work from d 1st success version(taiwan ver.) Isn’t?;-)

  95. I think when it comes to Tsukushi role Makino or Inoue Mao is a stand out as well as Jun but when it comes to Tsukushi friend I prefer Ga-eul and Yi jung of Korean. I just like the chemisty of this So-eul couple which makes me love BOF korean version….Is there a chinese version of F4 too ???

  96. in my opinion korea version is better..

  97. what the hell??? are chinese F4 making themselves FUNNY??!oh my god!!! but still KOREAN version is the best!!! & what’s with the uniform?? hahaha…& they keep on comparing the korean vrsion??!! 4 me…KOREAN VERSION is the best!!!

  98. china is thinking that they could compete with the past boys over flowers! it is like a disaster! among the four countries who made the version of the manga story of hanayori dango or boys over flower, the most good looking casts are the koreans and the worst of all i china! ew, they suck! the girl from the japanese version is also pretty but the girl from the korean version is cuter than the others. i hope that china would not toleate this mess! hahahaha!

  99. china is thinking that they could compete with the past boys over flowers! it is like a disaster! among the four countries who made the version of the manga story of hanayori dango or boys over flower, the most goo looking casts are the koreans and the worst of all i china! ew, they suck! the girl from the japanese version is also pretty but the girl from the korean version is cuter than the others. i hope that china would not toleate this mess! hahahaha!

  100. KOREAN VERSION FTW!!! D: chinese version does no justice to Boys Over Flowers

  101. Hmm..i think all ver.(except china ver) has own time n charm..i enjoy them all..it’s all fun:-D


    but for ME, the best among the rest is my one and only favorite….HANA YORI DANGO (JAPANESE VERSION)….because all of the characters did an EXCELLENT job in playing their roles….especially the main characters….

    those version from -m2m- might be “THE REST AMONG THE BEST”…..wahahahahahaha…..XD

  103. i’m gonna have to say that i’ll give it to the korean version based on the following:
    1. f4 – korea has the best looking set. they all look oh so HOT, glamorous, and their looks fit the role. lee min ho was very good looking, though when i look at him he reminds me of jerry yan. the tai f4 looked too old to be high school students…
    2. acting – i think the jap actors werent newbies, whereas taiwan and korea used newbies.. i havent seen all the episodes of the jap version of BOF… so i couldnt really decide on this one…
    3. female lead actress – i think the jap version did best… i really didnt like barbie xu even before; geum jan di did ok… anyway, i think it’s ok if jan di’s character did not look exactly as in the original manga series because since it was korean-made then her has to fit the korean taste and since i’ve seen a couple of korean series i guess i can say that the females there act similarly (the childish facial expressions and all that.
    4. story – im gonna have to say that the korean one did the best… but well, it was a mixture of meteor garden’s 1 and 2… i should be giving this one to the taiwanese… but honestly, the taiwanese didn’t really move me the same way the korean one did… and the korean version is more romantic… but oh well, as i have said they copied both from meteor garden’s 1 and 2…
    5. soundtrack- so far, i think i like the taiwanese ones best…

  104. Korea leading role , look like 30 years old
    but the boys are so hot !!

  105. dat’s all cool but i think Korean is de best….2nd is Taiwanese, chinese n Japanese is de last

  106. I honestly have to say that Korea’s F4 matches the part with the looks…but I’m not so sure about the acting, since they have mostly rookies in that cast. Jan Di…eh. No comment there.

  107. BOF China? Saturated! Too ugly boys from China (I used to think that Chinese guys are pretty handsome, guess I was wrong after all. And the Chinese Jandi? She’s a failure! Ommi god!

  108. mainland chinese in china have all rejected and are dissapointed in the mainland chinese f4 characters. apparently, the director chose the actors based on their smile not looks. these were the characters that would have been used in the mainland F4

    with fu xinbo, Rui, Zhang Chao, Kimi Qiao Renliang ,Daoming Si

    with bobo boyband /kimi/LiYifeng

  109. no offense, the korean one can never be as good as the jap one. Jap ver has much better acting!!! and the characters are more parallel to wad the original manga intended. if ppl are really hana yori dango manga fan, they would know what’s the personality of each character. the korean ver totally changed the personalities!!! it has moved too far from the original draft. especially Geum JanDi, she’s revolting, stupid and totally suck at acting. the real maki is meant to be a smart girl, look at inoue mao and Barbie Xu, they reflect the true character. All the korean geum jandi knows is doing those childish mouth expressions and look dumb.
    as for the chinese one, no comment, at least the girl is pretty. the guys are ugly, and the uniform for boys suck. but anyway, i’ll give it a chance. most modern chinese drama seems weird to me cuz they speak the beijing mandarin accent, if they can do the ‘normal’ mandarin accent it would be a totally different effect.

  110. Honestly, the Chinese actors are really lacking. There are good looking Chinese men out there – why the hell did they cast these particular actors? I don’t think anyone’s heard of them before, so it can’t be their acting chops.

    Aside from that, I don’t care much for mainland dramas; personally, I think Hong Kong’s TXB would probably handle it better – both in actor attractiveness and talent. Also, it is FAR, FAR too early to be recreating another HYD. They’re just asking to be compared to the Korean version, which despite its flaws, obviously generated a very large fan following. The Chinese version is going to come off like some cheap imitation that leaves a bad taste in your mouth and heavily criticized from minute one from the massive gathering of fans.

    Retarded move, China. Just retarded.

  111. i like korea version more then others version… i good …

  112. ok boys over flowers korea very beautiful

  113. wow, i think it’s already been over-done starting with the koreans. honestly, it should’ve just ended with the Japanese because they made such an amazing job. the koreans should’ve never done a Hana Yori Dango. they should really stick to their on manhwa.

    plus, what the hell naming Domyouji “JunPyo”??
    the korean guy playing Tsukasa sucks.

  114. taiwan and korea’s version are the best so far. 🙂

    ~ oh! and they’re really making a Filipino version of F4? haha. i’ve heard it somewhere. aw, i wonder who’s going to be the thespians included.

  115. We have 3 versions of Hana Yori Dango and now China and Philippines wants to make their own version. I know they are milking the popularity but its going to be an overkill and how the hell are they going to make HYD better or special (do they know they will be compared to all 3 versions?)?

    China HYD –
    I don’t think they are targeting worldwide fame; audience = viewers from China. They need to hire a better stylist coordinator or designer. They need to sack their casting manager and director and producer for hiring 5 actors who will butcher the show. They better have great writers as well.

    Just my opinion!

  116. well as we can see taiwan version is the best……just see their faces their so GORGEOUS……AND HOT

  117. Taiwanese version was the best……. 🙂 Lei ❤

  118. geez…China really could have picked some better looking boys…

    They are so plain and the expressions are horrible.

    T-T there’s so many cute boys in China~ please recast!

  119. This is so far down the comment page . . . but LUV the collage (saved it to my computer), if you did it, thanks.

  120. Up till now, ALL the three leaders of F4s are very good..I love Dao Ming Shi, Domyouji and Gu Jun Pyo(kya~).. San Chai is a good actress but I like Makino more than her..Jandi?? I love her acting..As for Hua Zhe Lei, Hanazawa Rui and Yoon Ji Hoo, i don’t know whom I like the most because all of them are HOT! Among Xi Men, Soujirou and So Yi Jung, maybe my heart cries out for Yi Jung the most..While, Meizhou, Akira and Woo Bin, my eyes can only see Woo Bin..All in All, Korean version is the one at the top of my ranking..and i don’t see any chance for Chinese version for now..

  121. props to the manga author, I know you’re so dang rich right now

  122. one more important thing…
    WHY is that guy who plays RUI for CHINESE version really not suitable to be any of F4 members????Who knows……

  123. well..I’ve watched Taiwanese and Japanese version..Still watching the Korean version..i like all of them..Everyone have their own specialties..But maybe I love Korean version some degrees more as compared to the other versions..because I’ve been anticipating them for quite some times, and it appear to me that they have the best F4 among others..CHINESE version????? WELL….nuthin’ to say!!But by looking at the picture, i don’t think they can even be compared to ANY of the other versions…

  124. Made in China …how could they compare anything make in Japan, Korea or Taiwan ….

    I don’t like anything made in China …because they don’t have quality .

    Sorry no offend but I am speaking the truth

  125. F4 Korea is the best OVERALL!!!!
    the expensive fashion clothing, quality of what is in the manga, in TW & JP versions & what is not, physical features, the sceneries, the talents of F4, the cars!!!, everything!!!!
    although there’s more chemistry in ga eul and yi jung couple than jun pyo and jandi couple..! Love it!!! SoEul hwaiting!!! ajah!!

    F4 Japanese is the 2nd best!!!
    they did the 1st & 2nd as a drama and the 3rd as a movie!! they stick to what is in the manga.. and makino and tsukasa couple has the sparkle!!! ahhh!!

    F4 Taiwanese is well the 1st one who did it all..so I guess it’s like the original in my heart..but I like Korean F4 better..

    no offense but somewhat I feel pity for the Chinese version, I mean the uniforms brings tears to my eyes, the one who will play makino/jandi is wayyy to pretty seems fake unreal.. the one who will play tsukasa/jun pyo — he doesn’t have curls & rui/jihoo — is so0o ugly & just like some said it will NEVER capture my heart..


  126. overall , including the wardrobes,scenes depicting the wealth of the
    f4,i regard the korean version as the best in all terms.physical features , sceneries, esp.the wardrobes, one could readily say that the korean f4 are really portraying rich people.unlike the other versions, they wear casual clothes and showed basketball as their passtime, whereas the korean showed expensive clothings,car racing, snow skiing,horseback riding etc.all of which are believably for afflluent or moneyed people only.

  127. I have seen all the versions, and I’m not from one of any countries above.
    To me, each version has its own charm.

    Taiwanese – Surely, I’ll never forget the striking Taiwanese F4.
    Japanese – Very fun story, it kept me involved from beginning to the end. The leading actress is the best of all.
    Korean – Nice adaptation plus very good-looking guys.

    But for Chinese version … I think I will give it a pass coz’ the castings and costumes are really disappointing… T^T

  128. of course korean ver is the best!!!!!!!!!!

  129. Hana Yori Dango FTW

  130. Korean version is way, way, way better than China’s.

  131. Yeah I heard about this even before the Korean version was aired ..but until now, I can’t still get over to the fact that these F4 guys are well…….NOT SO GOOD LOOKING??

    they are like just like “random” students …

    No X factor! and F4 should have a lot of it!

    and about the uniform>>>>> hmmm…….it’s like designed for a cheap cabaret performance!

    *this is coming from an avid HYD of all versions!*

  132. Korean version is the best.

  133. gosh goo junpyo’s china is so not hot..his hair doesn’t curly..korean one is the best..but we cant says anything bad before we watch it right?? but what ever it is korean f4+jandi is the hottest one^^

  134. OMG LIKE KOREAN ONE IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    look at the F4~!! ISN’T F4 supposed to be HANDSOME?????????????
    like only the KOREAN one is the HANDSOME one here!!!! (not being biased but it’s just the truth)
    and jandi is the CUTEST looking lolz…(btw i’m not a korean)

  135. to me,japan 1 looks like a ghost!
    i don’t know where you are from but i only know that my country previously has been bully by japanese during world war 2~
    so i really hate them~~~

  136. p.s. debu noto
    I think it is insulting to say that.
    i know you like japan 1 very much but only koreans have plastic surgrey?
    hey,even japan also have.
    take a closer look you may realize that your favourite japan stars may also have plastic surgrey!
    (don’ be sad when you know )

  137. no one beats uri yoonjihoo in terms of physic ^^ yet, for overall casts appearance i think korean version is the best.. thou in acting ta s is best as sanchai ^^ but, as leader.. leeminho attract me in terms of physic and acting.. , china’s jandi is too pretty.. but, the leader is handsome..all china’s casts are too pretty n handsome except for the yoonjihoo cast .. he’s shud be the most good looking rite ?

  138. Overall, i like BOF Taiwanese version story: Meteor Garden..It was the first version of BOF…F4 Taiwan swept away all the girls’ attention from all around Asia..I also adored their actings although the were just new comers at that time..But in term of good-looking of course the winner goes to F4 Korean..

  139. korean F4 = best plastic surgery money can buy!

  140. I like the Japanese version most. Taiwanese also good and Korean too. I don’t know about China’s 🙂

  141. yo! i’ve watch that taiwan one and its not that bad but over all i like the JAP version it is soooo …………….. and chinese one they have bad uniforns

  142. Gosh! China’s F4 looks so horrible. I just hope the execution would be great to compensate for the ugly casting.

    Oh well.

  143. i never knew about China HYD??? @___@

    well 4 me, d only character that all good looking is Hanazawa Rui + Hua Zhe Lei + Yoon Ji Hoo…=P
    but have to admit that Korean version wins d ‘good looking’ characters of all…except 4 d girl!!! i’m so wif the Shan Cai(Taiwan)..Barbie Hsu is cute!!^^

    i watched Meteor Garden 1st & bcoz of them i love Taiwan artist…it’s still d best after all bcoz it filmed 1st!

    i never watched HYD till d end bcoz of Domyouji & that Makino,freaking annoying!!~~ but Shun Oguri wons me thr…=) but d story seems really fine to me…

    as 4 Korean version,lots of lacking scene in this version plus unnecessary plot,but since i’m so into Korean rite now,it’s worth watching as they were all good looking…LOL

    China version,NEVER KNEW!!! ~~

    well now it seems like we have to wait 4 korean version of Hana Kimi after Japan & Taiwan also? can’t wait if they really have a plan to make Korean version of Hana Kimi…juz imagine how it will b when bunch of ‘kotminam’ in 1 drama?? *HEAVEN*

  144. Jap and Korean version FTW!


  145. WTF!!! i mean seriously..these chinese f4 didn’t have the right to compare themselves to other f4.. they look like cheap.. i like jap. F4.. but i loooovvvveeeee korean F4..they are so freaking HOT!!!! korean F4 the BEST good-looking F4 EVER…

  146. chinese f4 i have one word for you…. SUCKS!!!!

  147. taiwan ver. is the funniest.
    korean ver. best looking.
    japan ver. err… good acting? haha

    btw. i notice that all the hua ze lei very handsome. (xcept the china one)

  148. Taiwanese version has the original F4. I remember watching it around 6-7 years back, even. I forgot when exactly it was, but I was in China, and it was the craze. LOL.

  149. oh me me!!!

    I prefer!!!! korean version. LOL…tall and swave~~

  150. dream cast?
    Lee Min Ho, Oguri Shun, Kim Joon, and Goo Hye Sun.

    oguri shun is just so perfect as Rui..nailed it!
    Lee Min Ho is amazinggg as tsukasa
    Goo Hye Sun is darn cute.
    Kim Joon…? frankly, he’s the best looking out of the others in his role..

    the chinese actress of geum jandi is pretty… but doesn’t seem suited for the role.. she gives off too much of a standoff-ish vibe..

  151. dammet!

    Chinese version is the worst.haha
    the actors look weird…

    Taiwan, Korean, and Japan’s vesion are the best…

  152. Taiwan and Korean is still the best

    Taiwan’s version really touch people’s heart
    Korean’s version is so glamorous and filled with rich people’s atmosphere

    i also would not watch the china version….it looks like the worst among the four version

  153. I like the Taiwan version! ALOT
    (maybe because I wayched it when I was like YOUNG)
    It was funny, interesting and i dont need subs! (always a bonus)

    The korean one..I ‘ve watched maybe 3 episodes and I cannot go on. Too busy, it’s not bad, but I dont find it exciting or anything,
    I mean I know what is going to happen and I’m literally just waiting for it to happen……no climax, no emotions.
    Not watching.

    AND even though I’m chinese I’m not going to watch the chinese version, it’ll be too poitically correct

  154. Korea’s F4 was the best
    and Japans Jandi was the best
    she could ACT, she was cute, and she fit the part well.
    Jandi in korean one…. ahha…

  155. China’s F4 looks well…. cheap and unattractive
    why settle for less when you can have the real thing?

    Japanese Taiwan Korean versions are awesome!

    China could of waited at least a couple of years before they started their own version but i guess they wanted to hurry and rake in some money since they are seeing how popular it is with korea. knock off version anyone??

  156. I’m sticking with the Korean-version (:


  158. I like Japan and Korean version best among all ^^

  159. oh yea, the chinese version of ji hoo is just x_x

  160. Korean Version hands down. omg, korea’s uniform makes China’s uniform look kinda cheap. I just love korea’s style and the cast is simply perfect. (:

  161. First off people the original is JAPANESE so when using the characters names how about you all start using the original Japanese names instead of the Korean. Thank you..

    I think the clothing is hideous though! They could have done much better then that..

  162. okay, china’s yiJung is seriously giving me the creeps..
    HOW is he and bummie the same character??!! 0.0

    oh wow..goo hyesun looks like manga!jandi..

  163. the korean cast is the best. all the makino are pretty. japanese and korean domiyoji is good. i like the tawaniese f4 the band but i dont like how they look there. the chinese is a dissappointment it looks so old school

  164. the chinese one is i dunno

  165. only watched the korean and japanese one.
    Japanese one was clearly better. idk i think Jandi looks kinda weird and she’s like white persons pale, plus i know all of them begin with the materialistic ideals, but korea took it to a whole nother level which was a serious turn-off
    the only thing that i liked better is Joonpyo
    the japanese version is soooooo much better

  166. if i have to compare and make ranks for all hana yori dango version,
    im gonna put korean version on the top of the ranks.
    for taiwan and japan version, i don’t know which one is better coz for me both of them are great too.
    it just, i think korean is the best coz it has taiwan and japan’s element in it.
    i already watch the three of them and they’re all awesome:)

    for the china version, well…i don’t know what i have to say..
    i can decide it’s gonna be good or bad.
    but to be honest, i don’t like the idea of another hanadan version beside Kkotboda Namja (the korean version)

  167. ahahah!!!
    omg i dont know what to say!
    KOREAS F4 and geum gandi is the best looking!!
    but Japans is also good lookn as well.


  168. i like the korean F4 the best!
    but I like Makino much more than Jandi.

  169. In My Opinion..
    i love Korean F4 The Best!

  170. lol
    Korean F4 is the best!

  171. Hola Soy Latina y aca vemos y nos encanta los dramas de asía, pero debo decir que la versión coreana es la mejor super guapos me encantan, los japoneses no son guapos y los chino más o menos, me quedo con los coreanos,

  172. korean version has the best looking people overall!
    but their acting sucks. sorry but it really does!!!!!!!!!!!!
    also, the editing and the scenes don’t make sense. its crazy.
    there is no smooth flowing in one episode.
    F4 look very aloof along with each other.
    Geum Jandi girl, can’t act. im sorry but its really true.
    that new fiance girl is whole lot better in acting than her.
    i love this drama , and i am watching it, but i just had to let it out how they need whole lot improvement in acting

  173. for me the japanese version is still the best! matsumoto jun and inoue mao!! the korean version was funnier and has more handsome fashionable guys in it but it got boring after ep 10.. the taiwanese version was awesome(the very first asian drama i got addicted to!) and the chinese version,hmm.. i hope the storyline is good coz i’m gonna try watching it..

  174. wth?! China’s F4 is disgusting. How can they even compare with the Taiwanese, Japanese and Korean version? They are nowhere near them. Being a big fan of HYD, they will be the reason why I am not gonna watch the China version. I’m seriously grossed out. I think my emetic reflex just activated itself. I’m gonna throw up my dinner.

  175. Watched Meteor Garden, liked it but way way too much episodes.

    Watched HYD, LOVED IT! the chemistry was just really good between the actors.

    Watched Boys over flower, I have no idea why but I feel like the actress is really over doing her part. I felt that they should of hired someone young, she looks really old. I still think they should of hired the best friend has the main character.

    Going to watch the chinese version. And see how it’s going to go.

    Each version is different.

  176. Korean’s F4 the best!
    But Rui’s Japan is handsome and good cast

  177. If I would choose who’s my preferred cast among those versions, I would go for:

    Lee Min Ho – Domyouji (he was the good combination of Jerry Yan and Matsujun)
    Vic Zhou – Rui (for me he really was the perfect Rui from the start)
    Kim Bum – Soujirou (I also fell for Bummie when I started watching BBF)
    Vaness Wu – Akira (He was the perfect lady killer too)

    Inoue Mao – Makino (that’s how Makino should be, cute and sometimes beautiful and always endearing)

    And Japan’s plotline! =)

  178. I don’t mind the Chinese outfits that much.
    I liked the Jap. cast the most from those images. ^^

  179. as if a competition to see which version has most supporters~

  180. The China BOF uniforms looks like some school band outfit. And the guys look really yucks. The whole point is that the guys are supposed to look really good.

  181. The reason I managed to watch the last 3 remakes of Hana Yori Dango because they are not made consecutively, like there is enough year gaps between them for me to enjoy.

    I loved different aspects of those 3 remakes, like how Meteor Garden’s F4 really suit them in terms of looks and it followed the manga the most, and Hana Yori Dango’s cast really had chemistry and great storyline. I personally love Domyouji (Matsujun) because I think he captured the innocent side of Domyouji/Goo Jun Pyo perfectly.

    I love Boys Before Flowers because as I can see they are making a “Hana Yori Dango” of their own…they are gearing away from the usual plotline of HYD. =)

    After saying all these…and after seeing the Chinese version of F4…I don’t think I’ll watch it for now. Maybe later, like YEARS LATER. And it’s because of their Makino/San Cai version. She’s cute.

  182. to be very very honest: the China’s cast look crazily UGLY!

    no way I’ll watch Chinese version !

  183. i’ve seen TAIWANESE version first and all i could say is nothing beats the TAIWANESE VERSION next would be the Japanese version then the Korean..

    for those who haven’t seen taiwanese version try watching it again especially the second part the METEOR RAIN not the METEOR GARDEN…

    when it comes to looks the KOREANS still look the best but the woman lead in JAPAN’s.

  184. Japan version is definitely the one for me. The character development is very solid, the actors all captured the gist of the characters, the pace is nice and the chemistry is there. Matsumoto Jun and Oguri Shun might not be typically handsome but the charm is definitely there and evident from the very beginning.

    Can’t comment on Taiwan version coz I can’t seem to finish it no matter how hard I try (even the F4 are good-looking too).

    Korean version, even with the F4 looking really really good but the story is too slow with too many unnecessary scenes & montage! Chemistry is not there (maybe not yet?huh) and the ending for each episode seems unjustified. I understand some changes are made to suit the Korean culture + social understanding but I find some vital ideas are missing. Lee Min Ho does have the potential to become a better actor (which he might be at the end of the series) but I find Gu Hye Sun is trying too hard (even she does look cute but strong).

  185. the tai wan one is very old many years ago
    i like the Korea’s and japan’s and tai wan’s

  186. I still think Japan’s BOF is the best. The acting is the best amongst all of the versions. The Korea one is just too overdone, even if they have the best looking F4, their storyline somehow doesnt make me interested in it, cos i definitely lost interest ever since episode 9. Hate the OST too…bad timing, bad choice of genre to give the show a BOF feel.

    Taiwanese one…had lousy acting but the storyline at least didnt make me sleep (at least for the first season, 2nd one was just too far from the original to make it).

    China one….looks like it came from 20 or 30 years ago….it doesnt even remotely interest me.

  187. nope. the chinese one looks like a low class cheap commercial. aint got nuthin on us!

  188. ew..the uniforms (china’s) are super tacky.

    Anyways, i like japanese version’s the best. 😀 followed by korean one (but i have to say that the korean cast is the most good looking)

  189. This is K Bites.. of course people here will support the Korean version. But Taiwanese’ is the very first human version I’ve watched, and I love it the most (for human beings’ version). & because it’s the first human version I’d watched, I’ve always thought that Jerry Yan, Vic Chou, Ken Zhu & Vaness Wu are the origin human F4.. and no one can replace them.

    But I love the anime version more. I don’t know why but I remember skipping tuition just to watch it and I was a good student. LOL.

    • but they are NOT that handsome……
      i think the korean version is the best among the rest and they’re also good in acting lol

  190. Kim Bum wins. End of conversation.

  191. i still think korea’s version was much better ;x

  192. All of them are nice. except for So Yi Jung’s role, Kim Bum is the best 😀 And Hye Sun has got more of the Jan Di feel. But the china one doesn’t looks poor.

  193. my oh my
    how many BOF is there going to be….
    kinda getting bored of the same story…

    In terms of
    looks>>korea wins!!!
    acting & story arrangement>>Japan wins!!!

    i LOVE the taiwan the most lol
    since it was the 1st ever BOF
    and at tat time their acting was GREAT!!!!

    as for the CHINA one
    is too soon to judge
    i do wan to giv them a chance lol
    but most of the china drama is not tat good
    hopefully its worth watching
    go go go!!!!!!

  194. Korean Netizens had MIXED reactions? wow, thats surprising, usually theyre all soo quick to tear a new asshole.

  195. Korean version is the best and most interesting….great outfits, OST and F4 is way hotter!
    Especially Goo Jun Pyo! He has the best acting skills also ^_^

  196. Oh my gosh . I think korean version is Way way better can ?
    They are like much more handsome and pretty than other version . 😀 !
    Korean version rocks to the max yo ! (:

  197. the 1 who is going to act as china’s version of yoon ji hoo is so ugly lol ! This yoon ji hoo can NEVER CATCH MY HEART!IF I accidently watch this and i vomit,it must be this character lol!

    The china’s version So yi jung look as if he want to eat you up.1 look from it can know he do not know how to act as the facial expressions look very fake lol.

    china’s geum jan di is beautiful but does not look pure~geum jan di should look pure,like koo hye sun~

    China’s goo joon pyo is OK,but korea 1 is too good.

    actually the china woo bin seems quite good cool to me.for me till now,china’s 1 is actually the most handsome woo bin.

    china’s version uniform is really ugly lol!

    actually the main problem for the uniform is too much things on it.
    it has at least 3 colours on it already for the shirt.

    korean version uniform looks the best as it looks simple,the colours go very well.

    seriously,what i’m going to say is really no offence.

    i didn’t watch the taiwan’s version as i always hate taiwan dramas.the taiwan actors actress are pretty and handsome but i will fall asleep while watching!

    i never watch japan’s drama as the people from japan are too ugly!the story is quite nice actually,but the look really ugly lol!Actually to me,japan 1 look as ugly as taiwan and japan and china 1.

    the japan version i have been telling myself that they’re not ugly and my conclusion is japan goo jun pyo will look very good if he’s a girl.He is too beautiful.but he looks very ugly being a boy.lastly,japan woo bin is really ugly lol.no matter i left look ,right look,i tell myself he is really handsome but me conclusion is,he is way too ugly.look like a ghost.how can he be a idol when he is so ugly?

    Maybe japan story with korean actors look the best?

    by the way,i’m a korean tv series fan.actually i have miss a few due to my busy schedule.the more i look korea’s version,the more i like.
    they’re way too good!
    This maybe will be my favourite tv series!
    i love korea’s version ost!all are really nice!(at least to me~)


    • i beg to disagree to you dear..for being racist…i know that you love your own( your country and of course you follow what dramas you have) i think for being unfair and being judgmental your unfair…..YOU WHO EVER YOU ARE….SHOULD WATCH THE TAIWANESE ADAPTION OF HANA YORI DANGO….


      YOUR A RACIST…..

      WHO’S UGLY?

      UGLY begin in U!

      that….get it gurl?…………

  198. I will wait for south-east Asia’s F4

  199. koreas best.
    i dont mind rui in the jap one but i kinda find him short in the jap one.. im not too sure bout it in real life..
    the jap and kor jandi is the best.
    for junpyos char, i like korean and jap.
    the tai and the chinese char done even have the curl in their hair. they need to have the curl to be a junpyo char haha.
    i TOTALLY prefer korean for yijung and woobin..
    others are just dont look good to me.. i dont get y they are one of the f4.. but then this is just my opinion..
    maybe some find them attractive..

  200. Seriously no offense, but why does the Chinese HYD look like a fake Luis Vuitton purse that has weird coloring, artificial leather, and the wrong pattern printed on it? I know China is known for their replicating/reproducing skills, but come on….isn’t it time to break stereotypes? Products from China don’t have to be of reduced value or quality, nor do they have to violate copyright laws. The cast looks good but they need to scrap those UGLY uniforms.

    By the way, the Korean cast is the genuine leather Luis Vuitton purses that you get at the mall ~ they are all so smexy. And the Japanese cast – well, they’re the more avant-garde lines of L&V purses that look a bit bizarre, but are found exclusively in Paris.

  201. the chinese one looks silly! their uniforms are uncomparable to the korean ones!!
    the chinese female lead is pretty though…’cept makino is SUPPOSED to be sort of plain looking (technically)….so she doesn’t match very well.

    i don’t know…the japanese version was very good too…
    i think the korean one has better looking people overall, better clothes, and i like how they somewhat stuck to the manga.

    the japanese one has wayy better acting (which is weird ’cause i always considered korea to have better acting), better OST overall (sorry but the korean one got old fast since they overplayed it!), and better chemistry between the two leads.

    as for tsukasa/joonpyo, BOTH the korean & japanese actors captured my heart. both tsukasas were brilliant at their parts 🙂
    the korean uniforms are very cute, but the japanese one wasn’t cheesy or an eyesore…

    i dont know..so it’s hard to decide between the two versions!! the japanese one spawned a second series AND a movie!!! will the korean version?? we’ll see!!

  202. chinese f4…ARE THEY OUT OF THEIR MINDS?! what the heck are they thinking?…duh.. korean f4 is the BEST!!!!.

  203. The China version uniforms are horrible.

  204. overkill.
    like seriously, i love bof (manga) as much as the next person
    but damn, this is one manga that has been over done way too many times.
    i haven’t watched any, preferring the manga to drama
    but just from looks, i’d say the korean cast was very well casted. looks wise, they fit the characters.
    i think asia needs to move on from bof and find something new.

  205. korean f4 is way way waaaaayyyy better than anybody else…
    for chinese f4 um.. i don’t care..i’m not gonna watch the chinese version anyway… the korean version is enough for me.. go soeulmates!!! hehe

  206. KOREA F4 + JANDI BEST AMONG ALL!!! I’ve watched the taiwanese and Japan one too.. Korean one is the besttttttt.
    China… uhhhhhhh serious?

  207. Korea Version’s the best!

  208. korean version is wayyy better lol..

    i like both taiwan n japan version and i LOVE korean version..
    not sure i’ll like china version lol..

  209. korean ver. is better……………

  210. korea bestt
    exccept goojoonpyo in japan was better ^^

  211. In term of good looking,
    F4’s Taiwan is the best amongst them all

  212. i thought China couldn’t do their version because of the copyright issues .. like no one can do one for another 2 years ..

    • by the looks of some actors, im disliking the chinese version…ahehee! well, (in my opinion, taiwanese vs korean) if based on production, character development and story sequence, korean is the best.

      when it comes to acting, jerry yan and lee min ho both did good. just thought that the korean actors fit better in the characters coz they’re supposed to be high school students…and the taiwanese actors look more mature. i think barbie portrayed a better jan di…but i also love goo hye sun.

      all in all, thumps up to the story. love love love it!:) ive just finished watching the korean version but im actually having a hard time getting over it…i have the BOFsyndrome!

    • oh my!!!!!!!
      wat s ds????????
      a Chinese ver….???????
      i dont tnk so………
      d best pa rin ang korean 4 me….

    • sa lamat jum piyon at ni lig tas mo si jandi

      siyem pre salamat jan di at ni lig tas mo rin si jum pyo masa ket sa likod mo???????????????????????????????????????????????


    • maganda and korean version at taiwan version the best.. meteor garden and boys over flower

    • i thought that the love passion between jandi n junpyo not really reach out like daomingshi n sanchai, taiwanese is really clear that daomingshi will never leave sanchai and sanchai also have a power to love daomingshi..
      but korea ver. really cuter among that all…

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