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KangIn and TaeYeon – couple rings?


Heated discussion exploded on online discussion after it was spotted that TaeYeon and KangIn were wearing similar golden ring on the same hand and finger on MBC We Got Married aired 15th March.

Though it is not confirmed if the rings they were wearing are the same, one netizen commented, “Are they dating?”



One of the comments from netizens that actually caught my attention was,

Of course they are dating~ During their radio show, TaeYeon rested her head on KangIn‘s shoulders, and when KangIn and Lee Yoon Ji were kissing, TaeYeon‘s expression isn’t a joke~

Lee Yoon Ji and Hyung Don have become the fools


Trust the Korean netizens on that.

I don’t know, I found the 2 cute together anyway.




This is just like the Xiah-TaeYeon scandal back then, no one can confirm any of the rumours except for themselves.


58 Responses

  1. I really like your blog friend. I like how you write and express through your post… 😉

  2. I found your blog from google and read your posts. It’s fun and I just add your blog to my Google Reader. Keep up your good posts friend. I’m Looking forward to read more fun from this blog. Thanks…

  3. this makes more sense than taesu, which we all know by now is FAKE.

  4. it they are really together i would mind cause they are both nice to each other and suit each other.

  5. i dun mind if they are dating ~!!

  6. never agree .
    tae just go with junsu .

    kangin ❤ yunji *4evereverevereverevereverever*

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  8. Lmao. Korean Netizens really are XDDDD. But I love these two together! If they are really dating, then I wish them the best of luck :)~

    the whole Junsu and Taeyeon thing .. that was even more pathetic than this.

    Wearing a gold ring means you’re dating kangin?!?
    Oh right. must put it on the same finger too.



  11. yeah i must be dating kangin too because i have the same ring as he does…<_< stupid netizens

  12. ^
    just because kangyeon now doesnt mean no taesu back then

  13. taesu never happened -_- this is more believable since they are close

  14. wow,,
    alot of comments on this article,,
    well anyways, its surely none of our businesses if they are dating or not, if they wish to keep it private or keep it public,
    we should have no rights to say, they dont suit or why her or why him.

    celebs have their own decision and their own life.

  15. theyre more of a brother and a sister from what i see. kangin takes care of tae like a sister and even if they were relaly dating, they’re cute together

  16. Taeyeon and Kangin would be such a cute couple. I love her and he’s such a goofy, fun guy. I know most ELF hate the idea, but they do seem to be dating…..Like someone mentioned above, its a bit too much for a bro-sis relationship, shit I don’t treat my brother like that.

  17. i wouldnt mind if they were a couple xD

  18. that ring kangin bought with yoonji not taeyeon

  19. Korean netizens has no lives…

  20. o god… Korean netizens… no offense but some of them need to get a life for them to actually find those small little details. taeyeon and kangin are cute together, but i think they look more like bro-sis. plus the ring that kangin got, isn’t it the one he got with yunji when they had to get the signatures. i’m surprised that the netizens were able to get the small details but not the big one which was like the whole ep (ep 40 or 41)if they ever saw it.

  21. netizens=craaaazzzyyyyy
    i doubt they’re dating. it really is more of a brother and sister relationship, i mean those are very simple and easily attainable rings, it won’t necessarily mean anything.

  22. they would look cute together
    and they do look cute the way they interact in the gifs

    but even if they are dating, they would never admit it
    so netizen should just drop it and let them be

  23. they are so dating! people say they act like brother & sisters, but the way they act together are more than just brother & sister acts..

    so whatever… they probably are together.. they should just admit it…
    they are lame anyways..

  24. Kangin and Taeyeon are really cute together..
    SM family jjang!

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  26. they look adorable together, but it’s more like brother/sister for me.

    but the last ep of WGM was rather intriguing… there’s some scene where the two seemed to be jealous at each other. didn’t Kangin “scold” TaeYeon by saying something like “what are you doing? are you start to love him (HyungDon)? just date him casually and then dump him!” lol

  27. Credit : Allkpop
    “SNSD member Taeyeon cheer for her “husband” Jung Hyung Don, Kangin asked her: “Are you really in love with Jung Hyung Don? Why don’t you just have fun and leave [each other].”

    I see someone is jealous lol ^^

  28. im all for onew and taeyeon haha. (kangin = bro.)

  29. they are together, watched Showbiz Extra and the couple said they were together

  30. netizens..=_=….what if they did date….it’s up to them….

    this reminds me of park tae hwan and WG’s sunye so called couple ring…..aah the netizens are just bored i guess

    eventhough i don’t like taeyeon (sorry sones since the blame-the-nurse incident i stop liking her even when i tried to..something bout her irks me the 1st time i saw her)
    but that’s not going to stop me from liking other SNSD.seo hyun~they make a cute couple….

    i don’t know but me and my friends have “couple” rings..when 5 of us actually but we’re not dating…….

    Maybe they are dating…but who are we (and netizens too) to know they date or not…..~

  31. idk ..but before i think with my weird fantasy that they are dating but they be in WGM so no one would found out that they are dating…. haha
    maybe that’s true hahaha

  32. they should be the one paired up in We got Married…!!… but I think the one Kangin wears is the one he and Lee Yoon Ji got…. after all, it is a marriage show…

    korean netizens sure have extraordinary eyesight to observe such things… >_< …. anyway, I do hope they date…. they look cute together…. =)

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  34. are they dating? im kind of hoping so

  35. aiyah, they know each other since trainee days, no doubt they will be close. abt the ring, anyone could get the same one?

  36. they faces look alike..if they were couple,, I’m not shocked.

  37. Ew…sorry but it’s like incest in my eyes. They seem so much like siblings.

  38. Isn’t the ring that KangIn is wearing from the set of couple rings that he recieved in the mall from the jewelry store owner? o_O? Little things like these are thrown way out of proportion.

  39. oh man, i totally disagrees with it, simply because everyone already know kangin has a ‘wife’ already uh. :/

  40. Are the rings from their respective couples of WGM?

  41. wow they both are my fav from suju & snsd.
    hope they are tgt , they make a cute couple XD

  42. i think they’re dating as last time Tae yeon say about she go clinic than they say is lunch time than she must wait that thing.
    than Kang Min agrees with her!
    if they’re not a couple,why does him agree with her~

  43. ‘The pig and the short’ OMG thats harsh..

    they’re cute together!

  44. what a cute couple~
    I think they suit each other :p

  45. they would be cute :]
    but…i just watched this episode of WGM and when they were playing games with the other couples, during kangins turn for the guys rope pulling thing, yoon ji said[during her cheer] something about their couple rings and he showed it…so i think its the couple ring kangin and yoon ji got as a present?
    o well who knows…

  46. They make more sense than Taeyeon and Junsu together, to be honest…

  47. they are such a perfect couple ..
    it will be more fun if they’re really together .
    i support them ! 🙂

  48. they’re both so cute! Seems like taeng has a lot of “scandals”.

  49. I actually love this couiple. They are so cute. TaeYeon’s ring looks a bit silver though, while Kangin’s gold. I wish also they were a WGM couple but few fans dont like them together.

  50. It would be good if they dated! They seem really close and do work with each other a lot.
    We I heard they were casted into WGM I thought they would be a couple…shame they werent

  51. aww they’d be so cute together!!! ^_^
    although it might be awkward if they were indeed dating and broke up…since they’re on the same label…

  52. ooo i’d love it if they were dating. it’s not like i have a chance with taeyeon. lols.

  53. I think they’re cute together. It would be nice for stars like these two to be able to be free in their expressions of love.

  54. Love them both.
    Does it really matter if they like each other?
    I wish the neitzens wouldn’t always bud into their life.

  55. The pig and the short.

    The suit each other.

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