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JanDi and JiHoo’s wedding photos?


Wedding photos of JanDi (Goo Hye Sun) and JiHoo (Kim Hyun Joong) were released today, teasers to the episode of Boys Over Flowers on 17th March has caused another topic on the internet amongst the netizens.

One of the photos even featured JanDi kissing JiHoo.

On this episode, JanDi had wanted to give the 2nd prize of a wedding photo conference to her sick younger brother, and she and JiHoo had taken part in the wedding photo conference together.


However, JanDi and JiHoo got the first prize which is a trip to JeJu island. JanDi was obviously sad with the results and JiHoo had pleaded the group who got 2nd price to exchange the prizes.

Some of the comments by netizens, “It is shocking to see that JanDi and JiHoo actually go well together”, “HwangBo said before, ‘HyunJoong ah, you said you won’t bring another woman with you to JeJu island'”, “what about JoonPyo and JanDi γ… γ… γ… ” etc

The pictures had me jump off my chair in my school library, spazzing big time ><

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  1. its nice 2 c that jan dia nf ji hoo are married

  2. I love Ji hoo πŸ™‚

  3. i love you ji_hoo u r d best.u r very cute

  4. jihoo i love love love love love love u u u u u u u u u you are my dream

  5. when u have new song tell me my superstar in my dream i hope u replay to me

  6. i love u jihoo i want 2 listen music u i love u very much

  7. aduhhhh mereka bnr2 serasi bgt dech

  8. hi”””” ji hoo ur so wafoh” i lve u


  10. …hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…..ji hoo, do you have a YM plz add me up …………thx first……………..much love EL_MAURAH187………….

  11. em rat thich anh ji hoo

  12. sorry yach semuanya atas coment yg di atas.
    kirain yg komen reply semua.

  13. idddddddddddd

  14. eh,reply jgn songong ye jadi org. masa 1 blog,yg komen lw semua .emang udah bener2 setres lw semua.dasar reply jlk.

    ga tau malu

    nie sich nama nya penghinaan luar dalam

  15. i lke it but,i like the most is jun pyo and jan di

  16. hello jan di!

  17. omg!!!!! i love these two together… kim hyun joong plays such a great character…..i mean to love some one knowing that she could never love you in return and still be happy to have her..thats such a great role to play…jandi an ji hoo are soulmates of friendship…..tnx…

  18. Why is that Jandhi kissing Ji Hoo?…I thought Jun Pyo and Jandhi are ment or each other?…..

  19. hai
    i love
    so mUcH
    u r mY IdOl…..
    bOyS OvEr fLoWeR ArE tHe BeSt……………….
    JiHoOo…I LoVe yOu So mUcH………
    Jun pYo….IlOvE YoU So mUCh………
    woo bim..I LoVe yOu sO MuCh……..
    Yi jUnG…….i lOvE YoU So mUcH…………..JEJEEJEJ
    jAn dI UrE dA bEsT……

    F4 aRTe tHe bEsT oF My LifE……jejejejejE!

  20. hai jan di
    ang ji hoo………..

  21. hi

  22. what i can not belive that photos

  23. Naaahh~~
    JoongBo FTW!!

  24. hi!!!!!!jandi and ji hoo,im!! kristine mae,

  25. wow i like jandi an ji hoo……… mas bagay kayo heheh

  26. kamu pantes banged jadi f4 di flm boys before flowers

  27. kamu pantes banged jadi f4 DI FLM

  28. hello jandi i love you and ji hoo all amparo vellge we love you

  29. nakakaloka……!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  30. jan di pls reply

  31. u are not for each other promise…………………………………………..

  32. honestly, i prefer jihoo-jandi end up together but the manga is different from what we expect..BOF management wants jihoo’s fans to satisfied seeing jihoo-jandi pairing. They know already most of koreans love hyun joong that’s why they give KHJ’s long air time in the series..I also realized that HJL’s role from the beginning til the end is a leading role due to his long air time exposures besides many sweet scenes of jihoo jandi over junpyo jandi..anyway, thanks to BOF management for choosing hyun joong to be part of this drama..whole ASIAN people are starting to love KHJ as jihoo and ss501 as well..He’s the most popular in ASIAN now a days!!!!!


  34. the pictures gave me hope for a jihoo jandi ending but now i found out the pictures weren’t real : <<<<<:OO

    ps. it’s 3am so sorry for overdosed hyunjoong fangirling

  35. wow!! amazing wedding luv it!!!

  36. ji hoo always remember you are handsome than gu jun pyo pls. say to jan di will you marry me

  37. but they look good together!!

  38. it’s just a contest scene

  39. gooooooh….jihoo,,,

  40. the ending of boys over flowers is
    jandi and junpyo will engage

    but this pics who is it edit
    it’s ok
    beautiful it’s nice to see that pics:-*
    i love B:-*O:-*f:-*

  41. until now, i can’t get over with jihoo and jandi love story. i hope in season 2 they twist the story ending. jihoo deserves to be happy

  42. “supp, on March 17th, 2009 at 1:14 pm Said:

    ahh hwangbo reference! joongbo! damn i wish hyunjoong and hwangbo ends up together in life hahaha.”

    me tooo…vote for JoongBo!!!

  43. hi i love lee min ho i wants musik boys over flowers im vants downlod musik lee min ho ooooh soryyyy do you help mi im veri hard spik engilish

  44. oooo gosh! hwang bo should be veeeeeeeeeeeeeery sad

  45. i WANTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT ending jihoo-jandi…plzzzzzz…jihoo is always there for jandi….jihoo-jandi plzzzzz…

  46. […] more info, visit https://sookyeong.wordpress.com/2009/03/17/jandi-and-jihoos-wedding-photos/ Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Boys Before Flowers Episode 20BOF 18 thoughts 1 […]

  47. where can i get the other pics?

  48. yeahhh i’m sorry the ending couple will still be the same xD
    you can’t fool me screen writers! the next thing more predictable than an american movie is an asian drama

  49. FUDGE. i hate spoilers.

  50. OMG they look so gud together!! I love jiho. Sumtimes i wish that jandi and jiho cud be a couple cuz they look so gud together!!!
    I feel bad for jiho when jandi goes to joonpyo later. =(

  51. nvm… theres nothing on their official site about it so forget i asked xD

  52. btw.. BOF is supposed to be 24 episodes right??? i was on their wikipedia page and it changed to 25 episodes… but then again, wikipedia isnt always right (no matter how much we students deny it) so i was just wondering if that was true…..

  53. i am so confused now. when i see jandi and jun pyo together, it’s like “omg! they are SO meant to be” but then when i see jandi and ji hoo together…. i’m like “omg!! they’re so meant to be as well!!! wth!!” gahh! i love both of them!

    but i was so excited when this part came in the episode. they look SO GOOD! espeically ji hoo!!!!!!!!! so AMAZINGLY HOT!!

  54. OMG ehjoehjsrh
    I’m so pumped now πŸ˜€

  55. I think the ending has been set since the very beginning..So there won’t be another version of BOF ending..JiHoo-JanDi wedding photos is just ‘a compliment’ in order to get BOF love story more interesting..All i care about is SeoEul couple love story..Sorry Goo-Geum fans..

  56. oh damn, theyre cute together ^^

  57. HyunJoong sure gets a lot of wedding photo shoots. XD lmao and JeJu Island of all places.
    I loved that scene. They were so cute!!!!
    It makes me kinda sad that they won’t end up together. I feel bad for JiHoo because I want JunPyo and JanDi together, which is most likely to happen.

  58. ill kinda be sad if they end if they end up together

  59. out of all places.
    jeju island.

  60. […] sookyeong.wordpress.com For more information on this (and more pictures), visit her blog:Β https://sookyeong.wordpress.com/2009/03/17/jandi-and-jihoos-wedding-photos/ Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Boys Before Flowers Episode 20How to Take Pictures […]

  61. I want the Jihoo-Jandi ending TT____TT

    But yeah, if they did go that way it wouldnt be HYD anymore.

  62. I dont care abt JP-JD or JH-JD, I’M ROOTING FOR SO-EUL MATE HERE XDD!!!

  63. AGREE with ayoepan.. I love this pics of them.. JD and JH forever….

  64. i though they end up together lol!

  65. huwaa~~~
    love the pics…

    JD-JH forever~~~

  66. no….its not ji hoo and jandi wedding photo….its just a game that jandi and jihoo participated…this is because the present is expensive meat..so jandi want it….and the game is about a couple wearing a wedding dress and give a beautiful pose….

  67. cute couple. πŸ™‚

    • i love them both……….so sweet and good to look wearing their wedding dress

  68. eileen, i don’t get this part of urs : On this episode, JanDi had wanted to give the 2nd prize of a wedding photo conference to her sick younger brother, and she and JiHoo had taken part in the wedding photo conference together.

    means ? it’s in eps 21 rite.. yet, the drama ends in eps 24.. so it shudn’t be the ending.. i love jihoo, but, the manga isn’t ending this way T_T i mean, if they change the ending, then it’s not a manga turn drama anymore…

  69. oh no!

    I am into JY-JD but they looked good.

    Hwangbo would think “ah hubby is making lots of cash…very good. ^^”

    Can’t wait to see tonight’s episode!
    Oops…forgot to say great post! Looking forward to your next one.

  70. oh no!

    I am into JY-JD but they looked good.

    Hwangbo would think “ah hubby is making lots of cash…very good. ^^”

    Can’t wait to see tonight’s episode!

  71. I loves JiHo oppa, but I prefer Jan Di eonni with Jun Pyo oppa. Sigh.

    But I so cannot wait for this..thrill eh? LOL


  72. 100% agree on the pix that both look so good & nice =)

    • hi ji hoo Im your avid fan here in d phils.Im gen u can reply on my friend’s account

  73. lol i can’t they look so good together. XDDD

  74. what??!!!
    i thought junpyo and jandi…
    but i like jihoo for her!!!

  75. i like the picture. simple.

    im certain it’s a joon-pyo and jandi ending

    but it’s nice to see ji hoo.


  76. aww i wasnt expecting an ending like this…
    ima GOO-GUEM!!!
    lol they go well together and are hilarious xDD
    thats what i like in a couple ;DDD

    i cant wait to see with my own two eyes what happens later on!!!


  77. i’m shocked!!!
    thx god… hahahahah…

  78. Goo-Geum!

  79. lol its not a different ending. If you watched episode 20, you can really tell Joon Pyo still really loves JanDi. &nd besides, JanDi and Jun Pyo went to so much suffering where they thought of each other. The good thing about love is that you learn to fight for it. Where would the suffering and pains place if at the end JD and JP doesntend up together? We’ll find out tomorrow ^^

  80. oh my.. this is just unbelieveable
    i will have hope… γ… γ… γ… γ… γ… γ… γ… 
    y do i feel so argh??

  81. Awwww……cute couple!!! Hyun Joongie isn’t even married. But at his young age, he has already taken wedding photos with 2 different women and both are his noonas….Now he’s givin hope to even more unnies and ahjamas….hiiiiiii

  82. awww i hope theres an alternate ending!

  83. Lol at Hwang bo reference, but anyway, Jihoo had pleaded to exchange the prize and finally, HJ didn’t have to go to Jeju with another woman!!! Love Joongbo :X

  84. Oh noooooo~~ no waaaaaay~~~
    λ―Ώμ„μˆ˜κ°€μ—†μ–΄~~ γ… γ… 

  85. lol at hwangbo comment.anyway if it has a twisted ending it’ll b cool hehehe

  86. Oooooh! (: Suspicious!
    AHH I cannot wait!
    They look super-uber cute.
    I love them!

  87. & why is that jandi kissing jihoo? @___@
    d other way around now…~~

  88. Joongbo, love them! I’m sure Hwangbo will be understanding because it’s for a drama πŸ™‚

  89. omgggg no way!!!

  90. Nooo Hyun Joong!!! JoongBo FTW! lol but seriously these wedding photos are shocking! lol I dont like reading spoilers anymore lmao.

    Hyun Joong looks soooo amazing in that hair cut!!!!XD

  91. ahh hwangbo reference! joongbo! damn i wish hyunjoong and hwangbo ends up together in life hahaha.

  92. its not exactly a different ending..
    its for the brother -_-
    dont get your hopes up.

  93. different ending .. i like

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