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K Bites – 23.03.2009 II

Helmet worn by Kim Hyun Joong in Boys Over Flowers costs 15 million KRW


You will never guess how much this helmet cost.

The price of the helmet that Yoon Ji Hoon, played by Kim Hyun Joong, wear while he rides on the motorbike in the drama Boys Over Flowers was revealed. The price of the helmet is 15 million KRW.

This was revealed by one of Kim Hyun Joong‘s representative, “The helmet that he wore in the show costs 15 million KRW. It is really expensive.”

With regard to the recent heated discussion by netizens when they found it funny that Hyun Joong would talk on the phone with the phone outside the helmet, the representative responded, “Actually you can talk on the phone with the helmet on. This has been a great curiosity for those viewers who are not familiar motorbike equipment.”


SeungRi being stalked by Kang Hye Jung?


It has been revealed that Big Bang SeungRi has received some love from actress Kang Hye Jung. And of course this is regarding the movie ‘Why Did You Come To Our House’ which the 2 are both starring in.

There has been much interest for SeungRi, where this is his first time acting on the big screen, and Kang Hye Jung to meet for the movie. And it has been known that Kang Hye Jung has sat in to see SeungRi’s audition for the movie.

In the movie, Kang Hye Jung plyays Soo Kang, who has moved from SokCho to Soon Cheon and to Seoul in the period of 10 years. And SeungRi plays her first love of one of her 3 love stories told in the movie.

‘Why Did You Come To Our House’ movie trailer

11 Responses

  1. i am so envy of motorbike that Hyun Joong rides..what is the model? can someone tell me where i can find photo of Jihu sunbae rides the bike? i’m really crazy about it

  2. since we couldn’t see him in sonagi…right?
    i hope to see this movie along with iris too

  3. SR has yellow teeth?

    thats sooo hilarious!!!!!!!
    lol no wonder he can hear his phone through his helmet!!


  5. can i ask when will the movie be out?, i mean “why did you come to my house”?

  6. lmao wow, you can actually hear it then? XD
    that’s a lot of money for one helmet.

  7. wah
    rich character
    things in a drama needs to be expensive for real too…
    why can’t they just use a cheap one
    and have a professional make it look like an expensive one

  8. Ooh first time I saw the trailer for SRi’s movie. o:

    Kang Hye Jung looks kinda scary in the clip. …. Stalker-ish for real.

  9. i don’t think it look weird .. since i used to talk phone like that when i was in vietnam

  10. I still think it looks weird. Phone on the outside! LOL

  11. yeah ~ number 1!!!!Seungri is cute

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