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‘Female Big Bang’ and Big Bang do ‘Lollipop’ together!


Fans will finally get to see ‘female Big Bang‘ for the first time together this weekend!

With their group name not yet decided, ‘female Big Bang‘ is a name that netizens gave the 4-member group under YG Entertainment 4 years in preparation.

They will released a digital single ‘Lollipop’ on 27th March through sites like Melon and Mnet, and on the 28th, they will appear in the CF for LG Electronics CYON. They will appear in a new ‘Lollipop phone’ MV for LG CYON. And they will be working together with fellow colleagues Big Bang for this project.

‘Lollipop’ MV will be revealed around end of March to beginning of April.

The members of this upcoming group consists of Sandara Park, Park Bom, Gong Min Ji and CL. YG Entertainment said, “Big Bang GDragon has a part in the lyrics and composing for ‘Lollipop’ CF. And from March, the group will officially debut. Because of the amount of time into preparing this, we have many good songs for them and they will be promoting till the end of this year.”

LOL. So exciting~~ ><

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  1. […] The members of this upcoming group consists of Sandara Park, Park Bom, Gong Min Ji and CL. YG Entertainment said, “Big Bang GDragon has a part in the lyrics and composing for ‘Lollipop’ CF. And from March, the group will officially debut. Because of the amount of time into preparing this, we have many good songs for them and they will be promoting till the end of this year.” source: kbites […]

  2. I love bigbang
    i come from the Netherlands but i don’t care
    sometimes can i don’t understand it bur i like it verry verry much

    love you bigbang

  3. OMG it’s really you sandara ^_^ when do you plan to come to the philippines again???

  4. Have you seen the CF?!

    They will not have the cutie concept as they debut, this is only for the Lollipop CF.

    Just look at the CF and see CL and Minji’s Gangsta vibe!

    Oh, and Sandy’s partner is GD!!!! *faints*
    I can hear the Sandy’s haters now…Just because she came an inch close to their precious Bong. Haha.

  5. so excited for them girls! the much awaited debut is finally coming!!! ^^

  6. i’m actually curious and excited to see this!
    i can’t wait!!! 😀

  7. even big bang did cutesy concept & always wear pink lately.
    I don’t mind if they do cute concept.

  8. i hope they don’t do the cute concept coz a lot of girl groups have already used that….. hope to find something different and unique from them…. ^^ I’m excited!

  9. @min
    What other group promoted themselves with Big Bang? Just curious… because I can’t think of anyone, or I’m not thinking hard enough ._.

  10. @ Vicky

    I wasn’t talking about the ‘Female Big Bang’ name thing. Being in a CF before debut, and just not by themselves but Big Bang, YG obviously have no faith in them that’s why he featured them in a CF with Big Bang. I know the girls are talented so I wanted to see them rise up by themselves and not use Big Bang’s name (like a certain group did)

    btw, who’s who in the picture? i know it’s sandara between gd and taeyang.

  11. @ min

    they’re not ‘riding’ on Big Bang’s fame
    it’s just that they’re from the same company and since YG hasn’t release the name of the group yet, netizens are calling these girls ‘Female Big Bang’ at the moment

  12. here goes another group riding on big bang’s name/fame. i rather they come out in top by themselves and not use big bang.

    is this the end of wonder bang?

  13. Thank you Dysphoriia ! 😀

  14. i’m gonna cry.

  15. thanks alot. i think i already have a fav. judging from the looks only.

  16. ^ l-r: CL, Sandara, Minji, Park Bom

  17. Can someone tell me where are Sandara Park, Park Bom, Gong Min Ji on the picture ? I’m so excited for their debut but I don’t really recognize them…

  18. asfasfasfassssssasfasfasfasfasfsaf

  19. EXCITED. This is gonna be awesome!!
    I wonder what their concept will be… I hope it’s not the cutesy-girly thing… I hope it’s a bit edgy and confident, but not typical. Haha in other words, I hope it’s similar to Big Bang or that they have the same kind of energy as them~!
    And wow YG, two days till their debut and we still don’t know what their name is ^^;

  20. This is really exciting…

    Seungri and Top looked like they were in a different dimension! Haha.

    Deasung, got two girls! He always gets the girls!

    GD’s pose, OMG that’s awesome with one of his feet on air. Too bad he blocked half of Sandy..

    and speaking of Sandy look at that hair! it looked crazy-cute on her!

    Taeyang and CL looked like a pro with those poses.

    Did I miss anything? Oh, the background looked like the side of the CYON LOLLIPOP Phones!!!

    Sooo CoooL.

  21. OMO CANT WAIT !!! but only 4 members?! awww….
    btw jiyong is once again the apple in the eye XD

  22. @BBTVXQLOVE…haha, yeah,,… :))

    im back cuz im sOOO xcited …anywayz it seems that some people r misunderstanding this as their debut concept…GUYS THIS IS NOT THEIR DEBUT CONCEPT,,THIS IS JUST FOR THE AD FOR LOLLIPOP!!!…THEIR DEBUT IS IN EARLY MAY OR LATE APRIL,,THEY DON’T EVEN HAVE THEIR NAME YET!!!…OK?!.. :))

    gaahhhh…cant really wait!!!!…. :))

  23. Oh mah god. Im so excitin. They makes me go craze.
    Waitin waitin!
    Fightin female bb!

  24. lol, you guys don’t have to worry about WONDERBANG.
    it still exists, because YG girls are BB’s sisters! hehehe!
    they can be like WG’s in-laws! rofls.

  25. whoa! can’t wait.
    i hope its not like u get so hyped and expect a lot and when they debut u just get dissapointed.
    ohh i agree with coolsmurf.

    still hoping ^^

  26. they look so pretty! can’t wait for their debut!
    SERIOUSLY this is the group that I’m anticipating for the most! XD hurry up and debut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    AHHH I CANT WAIT!!!!!!

    i reallllly cant wait till they debut!!!

    wow i love how they took the picture xDDD
    its very colourful and retro?


  29. From left to right
    CL,Sandra,Minji& Park Bom ??

  30. GD dear…the hair has got to go.
    Looking forward to their debut ^^

  31. it’s coming!
    can you feel it??


  32. can’t wait ><

  33. this MARCH!!~
    really ?
    OMG finally THEY WILL DEBUT!!!!~
    oh I been waiting for this time for long, more than year



  34. hmm.. not really liking the concept..
    but i suppose if they truly are the female big bang, we have to deal with some odd outfits every once in awhile hehehehe..

    top and seungri looks so awkward, i can’t even explain… hehehehehehe


    thanks for blogging (:

  35. @J-G-RILEEN, you said what I was gonna say!

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I love Big Bang, they look so friggin’ cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee. I seriously can’t wait. ‘Female BB,’ looks so retro and cute. Love ’em already. =D

  36. lol only Big Bang can pull off such colorful outfits XDDD

  37. I`m looking forward to this ! (:
    Just reading this makes me so excited !!

  38. LoL.. They will do cute image too..hahah.
    cute can sell in korea.
    So they wait all popular girl group stop promoting,
    then they will debut.. Good Luck !
    I hope they will anounce their official group name

  39. Finally.
    I’ve been waiting for them.
    Andand this is weird but I seem to really like them already. I don’t feel any jealousy (finally, I grew up) with them. It’s like they arent one to be envious or be jealous about.

    Looking forward to their MV!

  40. this is notttt their debut concept! this is for the ad.

    i got so excited when i saw that photo! gahhh, so much to anticipate for the next few days. the girls are looking gorgeous!


  42. ahhhh im super looking forward to their debut! sandara!! park bom!!! their gonna blow everyone away! best new girl group of the year forsure!

    i totally agree with COOLSMURF! wonderbang yay 🙂


  44. YAY~~! SO excited! : D

  45. FINALLY we get to see them =)
    female big bang ftw!


  47. i can’t wait!!!!!!!!…but if this is thir concept i’m a bit disappointed, cuz i was expecting something edgier…. oh well, i’ll wait until i actually hear the song.

  48. not 5 but 4 girls only? wonderbang is still viable then!

  49. EEEE. I am so excited.

    Thank you :D!!


  50. *squealsss (:
    eeeeh! i cannot wait :]


    CANT WAIT!!!

  52. SooKyeong, do you mean ‘And from May, the group will officially debut” not ‘March’?

    this weekend???
    that was fast

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