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Kim Hyun Joong is Sherlock Holms for Seoul Fashion Week


2009 Spring Seoul Fashion Week (F/W 09/10) took place in Seoul KangNamGoo SETEC on 26th March.

And Kim Hyun Joong and Kim Joon of ongoing KBS drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’ were also present – Kim Hyun Joong modelled as the main model for Han Sang Hyuk‘s show and Kim Joon attended the show.

Some shots here.






Gosh. Now that I am looking at these photos, I can’t help but realised how skinny Hyun Joongie has gotten.

Do they even have time out of filming to do fashion show?

12 Responses

  1. he looks so old..

  2. […] credits : newsen (hyungjoon)+ sookyeong @ wordpress (hyunjoong & […]

  3. he’s hawt as always ^^ SS501 mangnae is also modelling for this event eileen dear ^^ thx 4 sharing πŸ™‚

  4. Heehee x) He looks so cute :]
    & So does Kim Joon!

  5. hehehee, Kim Joon ❀ πŸ™‚

  6. Umm… filming ended, didn’t it? The last episode airs next week.
    I forget how many kg HyunJoong says he lost during filming. It was quite a lot. I think the whole entire cast did.
    He looks more grandpa-ish rather than the private eye in that oufit.
    I love what Kim Joon is wearing. He looks so cute.

  7. yah. i feel so sad for my dear prince!!!
    they’ve got like.. 4 more days to film??
    must be filming.. even now 😦

  8. Oh Leader..you look terrible! :/

  9. Didn’t filming end….And I thought they were supposed to be going on a break soon…..

    Please get rest all of BOF cast!!!!

  10. the clothes don’t fit him, they should give him modern clothes, like jeans, but he’s still hot!

  11. kim hyun joong must take a general check up .maybe the reason of becoming thin is due to his last car accident..god bless him on his check up

  12. poor hyun joong.. he looks sooo tired…

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