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Female Big Bang official name – ’21’


The official name YG upcoming group, also known as Female Big Bang to netizens, has been revealed.

YG Entertainment revealed on 27th March, “The 4-member group, known as female Big Bang, will be named 21 (투 애니 원).”

The meaning to the name is that the group will produce music that is fresh like the age of 21. And like the number ’21’ in a game of blackjack, it meant to never lose.

’21’will consist of members Sandara Park, Park Bom, CL and Gong Min Ji. And the team leader will be CL.

The group has already made topic amongst netizens when they did a CF for LG CYON with group Big Bang. Their CF was also revealed on 27th March. The group will debut beginning of May.

Furthermore, their debut album will have Big Bang GDragon as one of their producers, making their debut an even more anticipating one for music fans.

Well… at least it beats SISTA

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  1. thanks for a great post, i may put a link to it in my own blog.if thats ok with you?

  2. big bang is o hotttt lol

  3. how cute ^ ^

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  5. you are right blucrypto.. those peolpe who said words against sandara park are obviously filipinos.. you know the crab mentality of the filipinos.. they didnt know how sandara improved or may be it is hard for them to accept that sandara survived from criticism.

    by the way.. i like named 21.. yg always impressed me..

  6. […] credits to kbites for the news, mydaily for the photo and lesliesarang@youtube for the […]

  7. I’m actually surprised about their group name. I They will be called as “Sistah”…well their official group name is good and catchy…wahehehehe

    Good job YG!!!!

  8. Sandy’s hair is not an issue. I guess she’s not the one who decides what will be her hairstyle on the CF and here the Philippines she is tagged as “Pambansang Krung Krung ng Pilipinas” it means she is known here for her wackyness and weirdness. She’s the first Korean that became famous here in the Philippines.

    I really love her! I’m glad that she’s doing really good right now compared when she was still here in the Philippines. She improved a lot especially in dancing and singing.

    AJA Sandy!!! Saranghae

  9. additive

  10. ^ ah, koreans and their weird explanations behind a name

  11. the name is 21 and/or ToAnyone!!!!

    21 represents the card game blackjack, basically the meaning is “to never lose”
    and also, the songs they’ll sing is “to anyone” who’s interested!!! lol

    @ eden – reading the damn article, DUH

  12. Does anyone know why they are called 21? Oh and if you guys want to download it, I got it from http://rockromantics.com/?p=655
    They have 4 links in case one goes down. I love the song ❤

  13. what’s up with koreans and numbers as the group names? 2AM, 2PM now 21 (hey they all start with 2)

    what the heck is CL (she is the second from the left right?) wearing.

    they are really taking the non-cute concept to the extreme. is the concept for lollipop wacky/tacky?

  14. The names ok… but that girl who really whacked up hair.

  15. is it 21 or ToAnyone?

    either way..not really liking the name.. and the decision of the leader.. =/

    but either way, i’m gonna keep watching this group.

  16. huh… i’m surprised park bom isn’t the leader…
    although to be honest, i was surprised when i learned she was gonna be in a group… :p
    whatevs.. cl is cool with me…
    i like 21, though i do agree, its gonna be weird chanting it…
    but i’m sure it was like that with a lot of groups…
    i don’t really like the first reason though… minji’s 17-18 isn’t she?

    i’m so excited~

  17. i don’t know why some people here are blaming Sandara for her hairstyle, saying that she’s trying to fit in….
    As if they chose what to wear and right hairstyle for them…

    i heard that their debut song is “Madness”…
    i hope that this is just for cf thingy…cause they could do better and needs a better song although i’m starting to get addicted to this song..

    thank you for posting!

  18. This is a damn good song….loli loli loli pop~

    21 – I think when you explained the meaning of their name, it made me feel at ease. But I still think a name like “sista” would have been better.

    Thanks for posting!

    I hope everything is going well for you sookyeong….hwaiting!

  19. I don’t know, I think that CL has more of the gumption that would come with being a leader of the group, rather than just having good vocals. Think GDragon. I wouldn’t give him the best vocals, even though I love him to death, but that doesn’t mean that he’s definitely the best man for the job out of his group.

    21? That’s a very.. hm.. the name certainly didn’t live up to all the hype. Since this group is getting extremely good marketing and advertising before they’ve even debuted, they have an immense amount of pressure to live up to the high expectation that everyone now expects from them. The name was essential to it, and I’m not sure if that was the best choice.

    But better than Sista.

  20. Kinda shocked CL is the leader, I mean, I love
    her and all, But Park Bom has the vocals down and
    she was WAY more experience then the other girls.
    And I don’t mind 21 that much.. I just hope Mr. YG
    let’s them debut with a better song then this one.
    I’m hoping R&B?

    Can’t for their debut 🙂
    21 FIGHTING~!<3:)

  22. CL ! ❤ I can’t wait for 21.

  23. I like 21 than SISTA. We must support them. YG family is the best… FIGHTING…
    I’m excited for their debut….!!!!

  24. anyone’s thinking of clothing brand Forever 21? hehe..
    anyway i dont know them yet, who is who?anyone care to tell me?
    btw,anticipating their debut. hope they do well.^^

  25. anyone’s thinking of clothing brand Forever 21? hehe..
    anyway i dont know them yet, who is who?anyone care to tell me?
    btw,anticipating their debut. hope they do well.^^

    For sure you are all from the Philippines…that’s one sure thing…if you hate her, then don’t stress yourselves too much…give her a break and let’s give her the benefit of the doubt…we haven’t seen the new Sandara yet but I’m quite sure YG wouldn’t gamble this much if they don’t believe in her capabilities. It’s true that when she was still in the Philippines, her dancing and singing skills were not that good…but her acting was very cute…anyway, let’s just wait and see if her talents improved. When I saw her in Gummy’s MV and “The Return of Iljimae”, I would say that her acting improved a lot (maybe because we, Filipinos, haven’t seen her in a more serious role).
    I am very excited to see the new and improved SANDARA! SANDARA FIGHTING!

  27. I love 21. I’m 21 years old and this age is great lol. Can’t wait for their debut.

  28. whoot~~~ whoot~~~
    wish 21 the best of luck…
    i’m eager to know what is the 21’s fans club name….
    blackjack? wahahha…

  29. the hype killed it for me… it’s been a whole year worth of hype, now i’m just blehhhhh…. hope their debut song is good though, cuz lollipop is annoying and a bit unoriginal…sigh

  30. hm,, this time did YG pick good girl singers or just the girls with the looks but no talent??
    i hate groups like that..
    they need talent not just the legs or the body..

    anyways cant wait till they are out on the music programmes!!!

  31. ^Maybe Park Bom DOESN’T WANT to be leader.
    I’m sure YG talked about it with the girls, and they decided CL was best.
    21 is not that weird, get used to it (just like other group names)
    SANDARA better sing good LIVE! She worries me, A LOT.

  32. 1) Park Bom deserves to be leader.
    2) What happened to mystery 5th girl, cos I would be willing to lend a hand!

  33. Ew, i wouldnt name Sandara the female GD. She looks like she’s trying too hard with the hairstyle and outfit. Im no anti..i guess i was just angry that someone had said Sandara is the female GD.

  34. aiyooo~
    I feel like Sandara’s trying too hard to fit in. Just look at her hair. &nd her attitude. AgH! (i gotta get over myself)

    &nd lol, I just LOVE CL’s outfit!!!! It rocks! XD
    She fits as leader because she trained longer ne?
    Just like GD trained longer. They get what they deserve or worked for.

    Gosh, i feel indifferent for the group. I love YG and i hope that his is a success. I onno, its the age differences and the whole Sandara-Cant-sing-well thing going around.

    Ganbatte ne~21!!!
    [Seriously, i also have a hard time searching fro Big Bang on the net, now 21? Lol.]

  35. sandara~ the one i breathe

  36. 21! I hope the fanclub name is going to be Blackjack.. and wave cards!

    CL and Minji ❤

  37. waaaaaah, I can’t wait for theeeeeem!

  38. Well, at least the cat’s out of the bag now! All we have to wait for now is their debut and I really can’t wait for that.

  39. I thought that the name 21 was pretty clever, but it’s really hard to search-as of right now. I don’t know how easy it’ll be to search later on once they debut.

    Hm. I was really hoping for Queens or Empress.

  40. They decided to stick to 4 members in the end?

  41. CL!!!!!!!!!!!


  42. @junrene

    Sandara is NOT half filipina..,,she lived there but her family is FULL korean.


    i feel yoh!..sOOO xcited too!!!..aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh hurry may!!! 😀

  43. The Big 21!
    LOL! Man if I can turn 21 again, my theme would be ‘The Big 21,’ LOL! I’m excited, a bit too excited.

  44. well..

    i’m shocked because of sanada park..

    sandara park is half filipina..

    i’m from philippines.!..well..hahaha..

    i’m shocked because i didn’t know that sandara is a member of the female big bang..hahaha

  45. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! =D
    Love it! Love it! Love it!!!!
    I love the name 21 too, very YG-ish, I knew he wouldn’t do Sista on us.

    Big Bang and 21 = ❤

  46. LOVE 21 alot better than Sista XD

    im kinda shocked that CL’s the leader..
    i thought it was gonna be Park Bom too..
    if not sandara
    but im sure CL will be a great leader XD

    anyways the girls finally have a name
    && seems like everything is done
    soo all we can do is wait for May<3<3

    21 FIGHTING<3<3

  47. Ugggggghhh…

    YG why? Yeah it might be a LITTLE bit better than Sista but it still sucks right you guys? I can’t be the ONLY one that thinks that YG could have came up with a much much much better name.

    Naming a group after a number is just so……boring. Like seriously, how am I going to cheer for them screaming “21! 21! 21?”…just sounds too weird.

    But I do wish them the BEST BEST of luck. It’s been a long time waiting for them to debut. Though I’m not happy that Park Bom wasn’t made the leader (she’s so much older than the others and deserve the respect) but CL looks ok too. Sigh…I hope things will be better here on out!

  48. [CF] lollipop full song
    credit lesliesarang

  49. 21 ist still better than SISTA. Think about how many people would be making fun of that name…. and making jokes about asian gangstas… ect.. yeah, they dont want it -_-

    And like I mentioned in the other thread, Sandara Parks HAIR o.o And yeah, if this is the female big bang, than Sandara is the female G-dragon -> crazy hair styles.

    I can’t wait to hear what they will debut!

  50. da name is very meaningful just like YG style hehehe…love it =D they’re all awsome & talented cant wait fur their debut!!!

  51. 21 new fan here [of course BB still & ALWAYS #1 :D]!!!.. ❤

    cant wait for their official debut!!!… APRIL or MAY HURRY UP!!!

  52. I think this name is awesome! But I might be biased because I’m 21, and it’s a pretty good age lol.

  53. i always thought that the leader would be Park Bom too, but i guess it makes sense since theyre supposed to parallel with Big Bang, whose leader is a rapper like CL

  54. although 21 seems fairly asdkja, the reason behind it “in a game of blackjack, it meant to never lose” got me, so i like it.

    even though a lot of recent groups include some form of number in their names

  55. me too!
    I mean sometimes it’s okay to not let the eldest one be the leader but usually they differ in age by a year or two. so no big deal.

    park bom is 25 or something… the age difference is too much.
    wonder how she feels…

  56. ahaha.
    like everyone else, i thought Park Bom would be the leader.

  57. WHoo, thank you for translating Sookyeong!!

  58. what the….! i thought Park Bom will be the leader…

  59. I like sista better , kinda get use to the name.

  60. What!! I thought Park Bom will be the leader O_O 21…

  61. wow!
    CL is the leader?
    I always thought it would be Park Bom..

  62. loving the song, looking forward to the actual debut.
    favorite part of the song: “Nah, that’s not how we do it.”
    that’s exactly why I love this group. 21 fighting!

  63. CL is the leader? There seems to be this trend with the oldest not being the leader ^^;
    Either way, I’m excited for their debut!! But I thought it was April and not May?

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