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‘Lollipop’ CF released!


LG released the CF ‘Lollipop Project’ to promote its CYON series (Lollipop, model name :LG-SV800, KH8000, LH8000).

‘Lollipop Project’ is said to be not only a CF that introduces the produce but also features music, choreography and fashion that reflects that of the young generation. And it is a collaboration between LG and YG Entertainment.

It features group Big Bang and also ‘female Big Bang group’ SISTA who are set to debut. Together, they will promote as ‘Lollipop Project group’

The CF to ‘Lollipop Project’ will be released on CYON site (www.cyon.co.kr) on 28th March, and the concept to the MV will be its unique pop art. The CF will start airing on TV in April.


YG‘s Teddy did the lyrics and also Big Bang GDragon participated in the producing of ‘Lollipop’. With its stylish music and repetitive beat, the song said to be a type of Hook Song. And Big Bang and SISTA did the dance to ‘Lollipop’ in the CF together.

Meanwhile, the MV to ‘Lollipop’ featuring Big Bang and SISTA will be released on 3rd April on CYON homepage.

Right. Now they are telling us the group is officially called SISTA?

37 Responses

  1. okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  2. t3 amoooo

  3. From what i heard, their name is written 2NE1. (To Anyone or Twenty-one)

  4. […] Korea – Female Big Bang made debut [Kbites] […]

  5. […] Korea – Female Big Bang made debut [Kbites] […]

  6. YG Entertainment revealed, “The 4-member group, known as female Big Bang, will be named 21 (투 애니 원).”
    The meaning to the name is that the group will produce music that is fresh like the age of 21. And like the number ‘21′ in a game of blackjack, it meant to never lose.

  7. ahh good song ;DDD
    but still i wanna hear more of them!!!!
    i cant wait!! ;DDDDD

    hwaiting and the CFs awesome xDDDDDD

  8. Hello!
    YG Girls are named “21”, and CL is the leader!
    I can’t wait to have their album 😀


  9. oooh
    i like 21 A LOT better…
    although it depends on the meaning of it… :p

  10. sista?? not really digging it..
    its sounds so… wannabe..

    g-dragon looks so girly with that hair and eye makeup.. -__-

    just when i thought bummie was taking over, here comes top, his aegyo, and eyebrows… kekekekeke

  11. Last rumor says they going to be called 21.

  12. I thought that wasn’t the official name…SISTA really? Now I hope YG wasn’t pressured to name the girl group that…I hope that SISTA is just a temporary name…

    But I am so excited!!!! Is there a full MV also to Lollipop? hope so. ^^

    The Lollipop Project…so cute…and lollipop is my fave type of candy.

  13. I know netizens have been refering to female Big Bang as SISTA from the beginning but until it’s officially said by YG, I don’t think its the official name.

    Anyways, if “sista” (not sure what to call them XD) is the “female Big Bang” than Sandara Park must be the female G-dragon when it comes to the hair! I can’t believe she really had that hair!

  14. i blame the netizens for coming up with that name…

  15. Good CF. Loving BB in it~
    A lot of TOP screen time(me love it~~)
    This makes me wanna buy the phone~
    I agree that SISTA is really a bad name, sounds like some ah lian gang…urgh…i hope its not official

  16. can’t waaaaait for Lollipop.

    but the name SISTA need some time to get used to.

  17. SISTA…ahhh why that name?
    but since this Lollipop CF is AWESOME,
    i know they will be awesome too,,,even
    though…that’s their name.
    it’s so cute! i love it. it’s like stuck in my head.

  18. i hope they are not too depend on big bang’s fame.
    I afraid they will become another DBSK-CSJH.
    YG please let the girls promote themselves.

  19. i cant wait for the song to come out too! 😀
    i’m missing big bang..
    and i’m curious about the female big bang…

  20. omg cant wait for the song to come out!!
    the cf is wayyy to cute
    yg ladies && bb boys = LOVE<3<3

    there is nothing wrong with sista
    but i really hope yg picks a different name..
    somethin stronger && different && one of a kind.. ^_^
    sista is just sooo blah to me.. =/

  21. I don’t like Sista, but it doesn’t matter, I won’t be paying attention to that, I’ll just enjoy the music!

    I LOVE the CF, it’s perfect, so catchy, so cute, so perfect. I so want that phone too.

    Big Bang is just too adorable and sometimes too good to be true!

  22. I hope it isn’t Sista.

  23. I hope it isn’t Sista..

    Also I’m gonna advertise…
    Join http://ygladies.com/forums/
    A forum for the girl group!

  24. OMFGD$#@$^&*^$$#@!!
    This is happiness.
    I can’t stop watching the CF.

  25. Huh? Sista? But I never see Allkpop mentioning the group’s name. Could it be a mistake?

    Whatever the name is, we will all get used to it as the time goes by.

  26. SISTA will be the biggest stain in their career!!


  27. AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!….I CANT WAIT!!!…thats all i can say!!!.. [speechless]… man <333 YG Girls and BB!!! 😀

  28. i like the song, really catchy g-dragon did a good job.
    whats wrong with SISTA ? i like the name sista nothing wrong with that 🙂

  29. no not sista pls…

    i’ll just call them lollipop.. hahaha.. XD

  30. Their name can’t be SISTA officially… I’ll wait to hear what YG says.
    But I am loving this CF~! So fresh, so cool LOL XD The boys and the girls look really good, and the song is catchy. I love TOP’s voice in the beginning, and I can hear Park Bom! I love her~ seriously looking forward to this group!!

  31. T__T SISTA ?!?! wahhhhhhhh ?!?!

    other than that, THIS CF IS THE FREAKING BOMB !!!

  32. Oh geez, I hope not sista. Please YG, come up with a better name! Cool CF though, cute, but the girls hair…interesting O_O.

  33. Sista? Really? :3

    Love this CF and song ~~

  34. sista isnt that bad as everyone is making it. i dont see a big problem b.c everyone is already calling them sista so..

    i cant wait for the full CF 🙂

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