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K Bites – 29.03.2009

Netizens, “Oh no. ‘Female Big Bang’ to be called ’21’, but isn’t there already a singer named 21?”


2 days back, it has been decided that ‘female Big Bang‘, a upcoming YG female group, to be called ’21’.

But netizens are now becoming concerned as there is already a singer with the name ’21’, who debuted in the year 2005.

21_290309There is a 23-year-old singer by the name of  ‘21(To Anyone)’ who debuted with a ballad album on 22nd May with the single album ‘My Soul’s Weight’. The name came from the theory by the American medical studies that a human’s spirit weighed about 21 grams.

Netizens, “There is a singer with the same name. YG don’t know about it?”

YG’s new group ‘21‘ was named that way to represent the fresh music that group will produce, just like the age of 21. Also it has representation of the number 21 in the game of Black Jack.

With members consisting of Sandara Park, Park Bom, CL and Gong Min Ji, the group will debut beginning of May.


Lee Dong Gun and Cha Ye Ryeon go shopping for couple Nike shoes!


Celebrity couple Lee Dong Gun and Cha Ye Ryeon was spotted in ApGooJung Nike mart for a shopping date on 25th March.

They were seen wearing couple sports shoes, and walking out of the mart together.

News of their love relationship surfaced beginning of March but this is the first time they were caught going on a date by the public.




37 Responses

  1. […] is similar to that of newcomer singers like 2NE1 who were known as 21 before but it was the name of another singer, and also BEAST Lee GiGwang who was known as AJ previously but fans of Paran AJ have caught such an […]

  2. […] **credits ko kbites for both news (2NE1 news, artist with same name news) […]

  3. […] effet, il s’est révélé qu’il existait déjà un chanteur coréen du nom de 21(to anyone). Par conséquent, YG Entertainement a décidé de changer la dénomination […]

  4. […] YG will change ‘female Big Bang’ English name from To Anyone to 2NE1 March 30, 2009 at 5:21 pm | In – 21 News, 21 (YG Girl Group) | YG clears up about the matter of ‘female Big Bang‘ group 21 having the same name as another singer. […]

  5. […] YG clears up about the matter of ‘female Big Bang‘ group 21 having the same name as another singer. […]

  6. […] YG clears up about the matter of ‘female Big Bang‘ group 21 having the same name as another singer. […]

  7. Aww but i was just getting used to 21/ to-anyone.
    I really thought it was unique and stuff for what it meant.
    I didn’t know there was a singer called that.
    Like there is some likes & dislikes about the name 21.
    but i will always be a fan cheering out for them! =]
    ughh if their names change to ‘SISTA’ then NAHH!
    unless their music makes me really like them. Ahas.
    So is YG gonna change the name or not?

  8. sigh, this name thing is so confusing…i’m just hoping that YG is thinking that 21 is only a temporary name that was made up just to stir up more interest…

  9. That’s what I thought too.
    I hope they change the name though.

  10. Also, I don’t give a shit what name they have, because what’s important is the songs/music/performances!!!

    All pop group names are LAME, all of them!
    We just get used to the names, and move on!!

  11. SNSD used to be referred to as female Super Junior
    CSJH/Grace used to be referred to as female TVXQ
    Now 21 is referred to as female Big Bang T_T

    Stupid NETIZENS need to stop the mad comparisons.
    YG never called them female Big Bang — never.

  12. I’m confused you wrote this:

    There is a 23-year-old singer by the name of ‘21(To Anyone)’ who debuted with a ballad album on 22nd May with the single album ‘My Soul’s Weight’.

    But, in a recent article you came out with about how all these groups are out, you put (To Anyone) on 21, so which one is it, does the 23 year old have the name to (To Anyone) or is it the female Big Bang?

  13. […] source: kbites Netizens, “Oh no. ‘Female Big Bang’ to be called ‘21′, but isn’t there already a singer […]

  14. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  15. isn’t gambling illegal in korea? just pointing out a censorship waiting to happen

  16. I don’t like this name and i don’t like its meaning even though it means never lose or anything else. I think 21 isn’t suitable for a girlgroup anyway. It reminds me about the girls in casino like in a Song Hey kyo’s series. They should have the orther name that can give them the better and the girly image not a girls gambling

  17. @littlebamboobutterfly
    LOL! yea you’re a bit outdated they broke up in middle of 2008 i believe hehehe…..

    about 21- i personally thinks it’s a very meaningful name, i like it but if YG can come up with something betta ill except that too coz da man is friggin awsome…

    uhrm…..do yoo even knoe wat da heck u’re talkin ’bout???? since wen did big bang COPY anythin??? they wrote most of their songs n. only 1 or 2 is a cover or redo of the original songs which they have PERMISSION to do so…so dont go blabbin ’bout things that yoo dont knoe the fur real k???

  18. i thought he was with that girl he acted with in Sweet 18? (or am i too outdated)

  19. @ Superwonnder
    How can you say that even before their debut ? My god.

  20. @ Superwonnder

    Why don’t you get your facts right first before saying anything?
    You’re really pathetic.

  21. Ooh it’s too bad it’s already taken. I didn’t like it but now people started to know them with this name, it will be weird to change their name if they are slowly gaining popularity… Wait and see… I kind of hope YG will change their name but I’ll get used to 21.

  22. @SuperWonnder… yah when did big bang ever steal and song and say they composed it? afoihsoirgh
    그리고, 미안 하지만 신발 추한~

  23. @SuperWonnder
    If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all.
    It’s as simple as that.

  24. @superwonder
    what’s wrong with you?
    you’re not allowed here.
    They will going to be awesome group..
    Just wait & see

  25. ohhh 21 are just coppycats like their male version.

    Hope they don’t steal a song and say that they compose it…

  26. I hope YG will let their fans to name the group
    so it’s more easy

  27. Who knows 😀

    But i would be weird to change their name now.

  28. About Queens.. like how Korea has Rain but when he goes to America it’s The Rain? So maybe in Korea, they can still have Queens but maybe use it different (The Queens.. meheheh) in other countries?

  29. really? What about Sista?
    Oh no no for sista..

  30. and OH!,,Lee Dong Gun and Cha Ye Ryeon so cute couple!!!,, 😀

  31. i dont really mind their name,,whatever it is, its not gonna change my ❤ for them bcuz I care about their talents and what theyre capable of!!!…my only problem w/ YG is his habit of announcing news about the debut then suddenly change again,,I’ve been really patient and still…so my only hope is that this time YG wouldn’t change the debut date again!!!…regardless of their music and concept,,we’ll just have to see.. 😀

  32. Queen is already pick by the famous english band so i think they can’t use it.

  33. I felt happy for Lee DOng Gun
    I hope that girl can bring happiness to his life
    since her brother died and his broke up to Han Ji Hye

  34. someone please pm YG to change the girls group name 21 to
    Queens so that the fanclubs can be called Kingdom..

  35. I hope YG uses this as an excuse to CHANGE THEIR NAAAME…

    Pleeeeease…I seriously can’t imagine cheering “21”…it sounds incredibly awkward. I just don’t think anyone should be named after a number…case in point: se7en and 8eight. Just plain weird.

    You’re more creative than that YG! You can do better….for the love of god, please change it!

  36. hmm,, ive never heard of another singer named “21”..
    i thought it was a real unique and original name but i guess im wrong..
    for the other singer, i really like it how its Pronounced “To Anyone” but is actually spelt “21” for short ^^
    anyways, are they stil going to keep the same name “21” or change it??

    i hope they dont change it cs’ i can visualize them being called “21” on music progrmaes, show progames etc.
    i really like it the name ;DDD
    ahh thats cute >w<
    going shopping for couple NIKE shoes..
    ahh xDDDD


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