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K Bites – 30.03.2009 II

YG will change ‘female Big Bang’ English name from To Anyone to 2NE1


YG clears up about the matter of ‘female Big Bang‘ group 21 having the same name as another singer.

YG said, “It is such a shame that we didn’t thought of a singer with the same name. Even though we do not have any plans to change their name, we will change the English name of ‘To Anyone (투애니원)’ to 2NE1. “

“Though they have the same name, the meaning to the names are different. Hence we hope that fans will not misunderstand. Please continue to support the group.”

Meanwhile, 4-member group 21 prepares to debut in May.


Hyun Yeong takes on the runway


Broadcaster Hyun Yeong, who debuted as a model, models for fashion designer Ahn Yoon Jeong for Seoul Fashion Week F/W 09/10 in Seoul SETEC on 28th March.

Though I never liked her, I thought she rocked the dress.

31 Responses

  1. woooOOOOooow
    wery goOOod

  2. . . . . . . . i love big bang so much!

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  4. OH so HyunYoung was a model? I’m generally fine with her if I don’t have to hear her talk… XD She’s funny though. It’s hard to pull off that dress, but she looks great. And she’s toned, wow.

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  6. that lady got some awesome muscles. =D she looks nice in the dress. he leg muscles are wow. XD makes her look healthy.

    I like the name change. It’s still the same meaning that counts. 🙂

  7. YG jjang ^^ i prefer 2NE1 than 21 . 21 makes me wanna call em “twenty one” not ” To anyone”
    BTW , Big Bang is the same name of a Gasoo . I hav no idea about him but he did exsit . so this problem is solved
    2NE1 jjang , Big Bang jjang , YG jjang ~

  8. HyunYoung is okay
    as long as she doesn’t sing or try to be sexy

    cuz to me she’s a pretty awesome comedian
    and the fact that she’s dating Kim Jong Min won her points from me

    and she is rocking that dress

  9. Haha guys, stop freaking out. ;p It’s just a name. Kpop names are hardly stellar anyway.
    And if you don’t like pronouncing all the syllables in 2NE1, just say 21 fast. Same thing. But I’m happy YG cleared up the whole name thing. It was very professional of him. ❤

  10. AHHHHH

    SO CONFUSED. Can’t we just get a normal name? Not all of this fancy spelling and “hidden” meaning stuff -__-

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  12. i like it (:
    sounds more original & unique!
    fighting 2NE1 ! ;]

  13. ^well that’s just the spelled name,
    if you don’t like it then just use “21” haha.

  14. im annoyed with 2NE1 naming thing now…

    HyunYoung I can see your egg muscle. hahaha.

  15. About 2BE1?

  16. ^how about NEBANG? lololol

  17. 2NE1 + BB = 2BB1 ????

  18. 2NE1 is pretty good ^^

    To Anyone/21 was a bit plain.

  19. TO ANYONE!!!!
    woooop xDD
    i really personally love the name 21.
    its short and easily memorized

    hwaiting 21!!!!
    cant wait until they officially debut!!!

  20. they will retain the name 21 but only changed the English name from To Anyone to 2NEI

  21. i prefer 2NE1 over toanyone.

    It’s okay if it changed from ToAnyone to 2NE1, not horribly drastic.

  23. sookyeong may i have a request???

    could you translate the article from links that “nimco” gave?…thank you very much!!! 😀

  24. @nimco

    yeahh.. he changed only the english name

  25. yurp agree wid nimco 2NE1 does sounds much cooler…cant wait fur their debut….
    YG FTW! lol
    2NE1 FTW!

  26. my bad,he didnt change the “21” but changed the “ToAnyOne” to 2NE1.sounds cooler too.

  27. OMG just heard he did change the name to 2NE1.
    he said he wouldn’t be still did.

  28. yes YG i will support the girls!!!

    21 <333

    cant wait!!!… 😀

  29. this is a little confusing so they can’t be “ToAnyone” but they’ll only be 21 the number?

  30. I hope the other guy won’t have a big problem with this.

    YG 21, fighting!

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